Datacor ERP | Brown Chemical

Case Study: Brown Chemical

The Solution: Chempax
Industry: Chemical
Location: Oakland, New Jersey

About The Company
Brown Chemical is a family-owned company that specializes in distributing industrial, fine and specialty chemicals such as a range of inorganic acid and bases, food grade chemicals, latex additives, selected organics, phosphate derivatives. Brown also offers contract packaging, custom blending, and product search services.

As a regional distributor, Brown sells, and distributes over 1000 products representing 25 major domestic and international chemical manufacturers. Brown Chemical Company Inc. was founded in 1936 with only 4 employees. By 1980, Brown had grown to 15 employees with significant number of products and customers.

“The demands for our products and services were outpacing our ability to perform. We needed a way to do more with existing resources,” states Doug Brown, President of Brown Chemical. Brown began searching for a software supplier that would help integrate their business functions and be there for the long haul. Many of
their internal processes were labor intensive and they needed the ability to streamline work processes and satisfy their growing base of customers.

The Solution
The company chose Datacor’s Chempax software. According to Doug “Not only were we the first Chempax customer, but Datacor has been with us continually over the subsequent 23 years. Datacor’s Chempax software has evolved with the changes in the industry and our company to continue to meet our needs. We have grown
many times in revenue since we started using Chempax in our business and Datacor has adapted to meet our needs all along the way. The software is flexible, stable and powerful. Datacor is truly there for the long haul to support growing companies.”

“We have grown many times in revenue since we started using Chempax in our business and Datacor has adapted to meet our needs all along the way.”

Doug Brown, President, Brown Chemical