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Datacor ERP Overview

Datacor ERP (formerly Chempax) is an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) application designed specifically for chemical process manufacturers and distributors. The solution can be scaled to meet the needs of companies of any size and offers both on-premise and hosted deployment options.

Datacor enterprise resource planning solution includes a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of applications that focus on all the unique requirements of chemical manufacturers and chemical distributors, from any automation needed to back-end operations.

In addition to robust CRM functionality, Datacor ERP also offers ERP features like MRP, MES, product lifecycle management, supplier and supply chain management, business intelligence, and more. The solution also offers accounting tools with both multi-language and multi-currency support for streamlined operations.

Features specific to process manufacturers include cfr21Part 11 compliance and Cradle-to-Grave lot tracking. Distribution-specific features include multi-source purchasing and rebates and price support (CUPS).

Datacor ERP users can raise their queries and receive support through phone and email service or can go through the exhaustive training course available on their website to better leverage Datacor ERP.

Datacor ERP Advantages

Datacor ERP is the leading provider of ERP and CRM software to chemical distributors and formula-based batch manufacturers. With its superior business intelligence features, Datacor ERP is the preferred ERP solution for many North American chemical and process manufacturers of any other software provider. Datacor ERP provides not only the software but North American-based implementation and support services from chemical industry experts. 

Datacor ERP is the #1 ERP solution built for process manufacturing and the chemical distribution industry. Datacor ERP is backed by its 40 years of chemical industry-specific expertise. This fully integrated enterprise resource planning software package covers everything from distribution and financials to procurement, CRM, blending, and manufacturing, business intelligence and offers a straightforward implementation process, all designed to help chemical manufacturers and distributors make smarter business decisions and develop efficient internal processes.

Datacor ERP is designed to streamline all business operations from a single source and ensure top-of-the-line products from formulations to shipments and optimize selling. Additionally, Datacor ERP can improve efficiency and inventory accuracy and aid in improved executive decision-making, as well as maintain data integrity and integrate government reporting requirements with business operations for hassle-free compliance.

Datacor ERP Technology

Datacor ERP is built on a configurable technology platform with industry-specific analytics and hassle-free fixed-price implementation options. 

Datacor ERP Modules

Materials Management for Datacor ERP

Datacor ERP Batch and Lot Traceability Module

Comprehensive Batch and Lot Tracking

Datacor ERP Inventory Control

  • ABC Analysis, Physical Inventory, and Cycle Counting
  • Product Forecasting
  • Purchase Order Recommendations
  • Wireless Inventory Control (Barcoding)
  • Centralized Inventory Capabilities

Datacor ERP Materials Resource Planning

  • Inventory Planning
  • DRP
  • Scheduling
  • Streamline Operations with Advanced Scheduling Functionality

Sales & Order Management for Datacor ERP

Datacor ERP Invoicing Module

  • Invoice Entry
  • Re-Invoice / Invoice Adjustments
  • Credit Memo Entry
  • Invoice Inquiries and Reports

Datacor ERP Order Entry

  • Distributor-specific order entry functionality
  • Manufacturer-specific order entry functionality
  • Up-Sell capabilities
  • Direct Shipments
  • Documents (Picking, Shipping, Confirmation, SDS, C of As)
  • Order Maintenance
  • Order Status Inquiries
  • Order Reports
  • Order Shipments
  • Quote Entry

Datacor ERP Pricing

  • Tracking vendor future costs, margin analysis, and distributor future prices
  • Margin analysis and go-to-market pricing analysis
  • Global Future Price Entry
  • Price Change Letters and Notification

Financial Management for Datacor ERP

Datacor ERP Accounts Payable

  • Invoice Entry and Inquiries
  • Check printing and ACH integration
  • A/P Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation

Datacor ERP Accounts Receivable

  • Cash Application
  • Credit Hold, Inquiries, and Collection Tools
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Aged Receivable Reporting
  • Statements

Datacor ERP Full Accounting Features

  • Invoice Entry
  • Re-Invoice / Invoice Adjustments
  • Credit Memo Entry
  • Invoice Inquiries and Reports

Production Management for Datacor ERP

Datacor ERP Formula-based Batch Manufacturing

  • Quoting New Manufactured / Packaged Products
  • Replacement Costing
  • Formula Setup and Formulation integration
  • Graphical Batch Scheduling
  • Batch Maintenance, Inquiries, and Reports
  • Formula Physical Property Analysis
  • Formula to SDS creation

Supply Chain Management for Datacor ERP

Datacor ERP Formula Management Module

Tracks product formulas and input ingredients with associated suppliers

Datacor MRP

Full Materials Resource Planning Module

Datacor ERP Purchasing

  • PO Entry and PO Print
  • Supplier tracking and supplier management

Customer Relationship Management for Datacor ERP

Datacor Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Daily Planner & Calendar
  • Order & Invoicing
  • Prospects & Contact Tracking
  • Opportunity tracking and funnel management
  • Price sheets
  • Customer management and order history
  • Full Mobile Access
  • Integrated Customer Portal 
  • Supplier management and supplier dashboard
  • Product Catalog
  • Streamlined internal processes

Additional Capabilities for Datacor ERP

Customer Web Portal / eCommerce

  • Allow customers to place orders directly on your website
  • Online portal for customers to see order history and available products
  • Improve customer experience

Manufacturing Execution System

  • Barcoding
  • Batch Ticket Creation and Tracking


  • Setup and SARA
  • FDA compliance toolkit
  • CFR Part 21
  • SDS tracking
  • Document Management

Quality Control

  • Quality Setup and Product Specifications
  • Quality Entry and C of A creation


  • Freight Control
  • Container Tracking

Services & Support for Datacor ERP

Education & Training

  • Training Programs
  • Webinars
  • Interactions (User Conference)


  • Discovery
  • Learning, Planning & Data setup
  • Project Team Training
  • Clean Up & Documentation
  • End User Training
  • Go Live
  • Post Go-Live


  • In-House Technical Support
  • Online Support Services
  • LinkedIn User Forums
  • Web-based support ticketing and tracking
  • Web-based help files and support videos

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