Encompix | Customer Relationship Mgmt

Customer Relationship Management

The primary goal of every business must be to satisfy and retain customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important tool for Engineer-to-order companies to achieve those goals. That's because ETO companies interact with their customers through every stage of the business cycle. From the initial estimate and quotation, to design and manufacturing through installation, and finally, service and repair.

Most of the leading CRM packages today are designed for the company with a product catalog, sold by hundreds of sales representatives, to thousands of customers. Engineer-to-order companies typically work in a very different environment with a few sales engineers and a few customers working on projects with long lead-times and high value. In this environment many of the features provided by the leading CRM vendors do not add any value.

Encompix's CRM module was designed with considerable input from our ETO customers. Encompix CRM allows sales representatives, sales administrators, and engineers maintain a common history of all customer activities. Encompix CRM provides contact management by establishing the account/contacts relationship. All activities relating to customer communication (telephone, fax, email) are maintained in the customer history record. In addition to these traditional features, users can access service information as well as quotations and orders.

CRM empowers employees with easy-to-use tools that help them manage the customer relationship. They'll communicate faster, develop deeper understanding of a customer's business, and, ultimately, create a more profitable relationship.