Epicor Eclipse | eCommerce


The Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) service is a key capability for distributors to modernize their business, grow by touching more customers, and get the productivity of a Cloud-based, fully-integrated business system. With ECC, distributors can communicate their unique value offerings and compete in today’s modern digital marketplace.

Fully integrated with Eclipse, ECC avoids multiple databases while delivering streamlined ordering, marketing, SEO visibility, rich information, and customer service?all in real time. ECC also provides added operational savings from flexible Cloud-based deployment, rapid implementation, and high scalability.
ECC provides responsive mobile eCommerce, easy extensibility from an app store, and a network of certified service providers for the Magento ecommerce platform. ECC can be your basis for continued business growth and a compelling, productive future. Your customers will experience a modern eCommerce website with shopping convenience, ease-of-use and easy repeat shopping.