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Epicor Eclipse Overview

Epicor Eclipse— A sophisticated industry focused ERP Solution

Epicor® Eclipse™ has been developed to fit the specific needs of electric, plumbing, PVF, and HVAC distributors. Eclipse is continually improved with a focus on making it easier for our customers to grow their business. Eclipse is built upon the premise that your business systems needs to work the way distributors work — not the other way around— while also delivering best practices for distribution operations that help drive costs out of the supply chain, increase sales and margins, and improve customer service. Your distribution software must enable and simplify all your business transactions.

Epicor delivers flexible, industry-specific business solutions designed to ease complexity and drive growth for your distribution business. The strength of Epicor business solutions lies in a simplified approach to technology, with products and services designed to fit our customers and how they work. More than 45 years of experience is built into Epicor Eclipse. With more than 700 wholesale distribution customers throughout the world using the Eclipse system, Epicor is one of the leading technology partners for the distribution industry.

Optimize Your Entire Distribution Business with Eclipse

Epicor Eclipse provides tools to dramatically enhance productivity, while delivering process refinements to improve the business effectiveness of distributors. Eclipse features a unique, intuitive user interface that makes it easy to interact with your customers while conducting business. The system enables you to eliminate communication breakdowns in your organization through true task automation and digital to-do lists. Self-populating, self-cleaning work queues inform every employee in your company about important matters that need their attention — such as a sales order that may be held up because of a credit hold but is really of vital importance to a customer who is unaware of any account issue or thinks the matter has already been resolved. This allow employees to focus more time on the customer, get more done within the software and help increase customer satisfaction.

Designed for your industry

Acknowledged as a leading solution by top industry and buying groups, Epicor Eclipse is designed to streamline the various distribution processes in today’s dynamic supply chain. Epicor provides industry-leading solutions for distributors of all sizes. Epicor Eclipse has a long heritage of customer-focused development and has evolved to meet the needs of distributors in these core industries:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • PVF
  • HVAC

A comprehensive solution for distributors

Epicor Eclipse is a complete business management solution, with extensive functionality for key business processes such as:

  • CRM
  • Order Management
  • Commercial Job Management
  • Mobile Showroom
  • e‑Commerce
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing
  • Wireless Warehouse Management
  • Financials
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Document Imaging

Technology that enables transformation and growth

Today, you need a software solution that is industry specific and that you can implement quickly without substantial cost to your business. Epicor Eclipse system is designed so that your distribution business can scale, adapt, and grow without costly system modifications. Learn more about how Epicor Eclipse can help you grow your distribution business by contacting Epicor today.

Epicor Eclipse Advantages

In addition to a proven track record of helping distributors reduce costs, improve service, and grow sales, Epicor Eclipse delivers a number of competitive advantages to our distribution customers.

  • Nearly 50 years of experience developing distribution-specific software
  • Functionality that matches the unique and complex requirements of various distribution markets, including electrical, Plumbing, PVF, HVAC/R, and many more.
  • 64,000+ users on Eclipse
  • A proven implementation methodology based on more than 4,000 distributor implementations that gets companies live on time and on budget
  • Ability to easily customize the application to your company’s needs without having to perform development work or alter the source code
  • Familiarity of the Windows interface, resulting in a shorter learning curve for employees

Epicor Eclipse Technology

The Eclipse software utilizes a Microsoft® Windows® look and feel that is both familiar and extremely easy to navigate. Additionally, this interface can reduce the time and costs associated with teaching new employees function key combinations.

  • To put only the most relevant information at your employees’ fingertips, Eclipse features user-driven, customizable screens and toolbars. Modifications can be made to match the personal needs of one user or a group of users, providing you control over access to screens and related data.
  • Searching is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly in the Eclipse system, so you can look up customers, vendors, products, and transactions using any descriptive identifier, including phonetic matching, as well as string and multiple-field searches.
  • Eclipse offers comprehensive, integrated work queues. These queues help keep employees on task and moving through their customer service, purchasing, accounting, warehousing, and other duties in a logical and efficient manner to help you improve productivity and boost your bottom line. Additionally, all work queues can be user defined to match unique processes in your business.
  • The Eclipse solution has no buckets or day- and month-end summary updates. Instead, all summary information is selected and accumulated by date ranges and reported in real time, giving you only the most up-to-date information.
  • Through a robust suite of EDI transactions, Eclipse software allows you to streamline and automate many standard tasks, including purchasing and invoice reconciliation. It is designed to help you to more effectively manage complex tasks like advanced shipping notifications and vendor managed inventory (VMI).
  • The Eclipse general ledger updates in real time as transactions are processed, instantly giving you an up-to-date handle on your company’s financial situation.
  • In integrated imaging suite lets you capture and save reports, invoices, quotes, and any other important documents directly in the solution, saving time, paper, and office space.
  • Logical audit trails enable you to view modifications to maintenance and transaction records in your Eclipse system to see what changed, when it changed, and who made the change so you can retain accurate records.
  • With the ability to support a multi-company business model, Eclipse software gives you the option to combine multiple business segments into a single financial structure and to manage user permissions, inter-company transfers, financial reports, and more.
  • Eclipse offers comprehensive online help tools that can help you to resolve issues quickly and minimize problems and improve productivity. It also features an intuitive browsing interface that is designed to provide efficient access to field-level help, as well as an extensive how to” section aimed answering frequently asked questions.
  • The integrated messaging system within the Eclipse solution allows information to be quickly transferred between users and departments, facilitating communications and allowing for critical information to be put in the right hands quickly.
  • Eclipse software can help you increase sales and improve customer service and order accuracy by allowing you to link images, item codes, and specification sheets to items, quotes, and invoices.
  • Because the Eclipse solution does not automatically purge data, details and notes are always a click away — even if a task or transaction was completed a week, month, or year ago.

Epicor Eclipse Modules

Materials Management for Epicor Eclipse

Inventory Management Module

Inventory Management that allows you to maintain all necessary product information, including unlimited descriptions, substitute products, UPC codes, MSDS tracking, etc.

Proof of Delivery Module

Enables your drivers to view daily route information, maps, and access driving instructions from their cell phone. They can also access notes and drill into details for each delivery. Capturing the signature and name of the receiver is only a small part of the application. Drivers may also record any issues that may arise at a stop, i.e., location closed, no one available, etc. To ensure your drivers keep to their schedules, clock-in/clock-out functionality tracks how long a driver stays at each stop. In addition, Epicor Proof of Delivery allows secure Over the Air (OTA) delivery of lists to update drivers while still on the road.

Purchase management Module

Advanced purchasing and inventory management that helps decrease your inventory investment economic ordering policy while increasing customer service levels through order/line point considerations.

RF Warehouse Management Module

Epicor Eclipse RF Warehouse Management is a fully integrated real-time warehouse management system that improves warehouse productivity and inventory accuracy. Through the use of radio frequency (RF) data collection devices, RF Warehouse Management provides up-to-the-minute transmission of warehouse activity to your Eclipse solution. Use RF Warehouse Management to gain real-time control over inventory. This real-time data transmission gives the warehouse management system the ability to verify receiving, put-away, and picking activity; to set automatic replenishment and product movement guidelines; and to catch inventory discrepancies and perform cycle counts immediately. 

Sales & Order Management for Epicor Eclipse

Eclipse Forms

Eclipse Forms is an alternative business forms generation tool for your Eclipse system to render, print, send, and save documents in a PDF format.

Job Management

Job Management enables distributors to manage all aspects of a job, including bidding, bill of material management, submittal tracking, releasing material, customer billing, change orders, returns, and vendor invoice reconciliation.

Powerful Search Features 

Search features that allow you to locate any information you need from any screen using virtually any identifying element. Sophisticated indexing, merging, and phonetic matching quickly displays exact search matches or convenient browse lists to choose from.

Sales Order Management 

Sales order management features that enable counter and telephone sales personnel to perform everything from product look-ups to customer’s available credit with a single keystroke.

Transaction-based Architecture

Offers real-time indexing, updating and cross-referencing for each and every transaction that enters the system. You get immediate access to any transaction at any time. Just a simple keystroke lets you drill down to examine the underlying transaction detail.

Financial Management for Epicor Eclipse

Financial Management Overview

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Credit Management
  • Activity-based Costing

Time-lined Accounting

Means that every transaction enters the system intact, on-line, all the time. You can always position yourself anywhere in time and instantly access data from a specific date or range of dates.

Production Management for Epicor Eclipse

Job Management Module

Job Management allows you to manage all aspects of a job, including bidding and bill of materials (BOM) management, submittal status tracking, managing the release of materials, customer billing, and vendor invoice reconciliation. Processing change orders, handling returns, and paying engineering fees are also core functions of the software.

Work Order Processing Module

Epicor Eclipse Work Order Processing is a light manufacturing solution that lets you effectively manage the step-by-step conversion of raw materials into finished goods inventory. This conversion includes transforming a basic material or group of materials into a finished product by completing a series of steps that are value-added services performed in-house or provided by outside vendors. Typical value-added processes include: assembling a group of parts into one part, such as a sink, or assembling a circuit board for a piece of machinery. With support for both onsite and offsite light manufacturing processes, this solution allows you to define and monitor several value-added processes including repackaging, heat treating, plating, cutting, bending, welding, assembly, painting, and drilling. The result is end-to-end module functionality between sales/pricing and inventory/purchasing, eliminating inefficiencies in the light manufacturing process.

Additional Capabilities for Epicor Eclipse

Additional Modules

Automated Backup Service (ABS)

ABS is real-time, offsite data backup storage in the secure tier-one Epicor data center. ABS provides the first step in your business continuity plan — all you need is a supported VPN device, and Epicor takes care of the rest.


AutoOrder converts inbound purchase orders from any customer into standardized, structured electronic documents that can be automatically processed into Eclipse without needing to be manually keyed.

Credit Card Processing With Vantiv 

Epicor credit card processing with Vantiv Integrated Payment is a PCI-compliant integrated credit card solution. Credit card processing supports in person transactions, commerce transactions, and cards stored on file using tokenization and encryption technologies.

Carton Packing

Carton Packing provides system validation during the packing process that allows the user to indicate what SKU and quantity are shipping in what package. Carton Packing provides a label on the outside of the box, pallet, bag, or bundle that clearly identifies the contents and quantities of each carton type and also provides the data required for the outbound EDI 856 ASN transaction.

Document Imaging

Eclipse Document Imaging is a fully integrated document storage and retrieval system designed to help reduce or even eliminate the masses of paper overwhelming your business. It converts paper documents into digital files that can be indexed to any file in your Eclipse system.


EDI for Eclipse is a fully integrated electronic document processing solution that lets your company conduct routine business transactions through an automatic computer-to-computer exchange of business documents without the need for third-party software.

Shipping Solution

Starship is an integrated shipping solution for Eclipse. Starship allows you to ship both small parcel and LTL shipments.

Web Integration

Eclipse Web Integration lets you or any third-party web developer customize your own Internet storefront while providing product and customer information from your Eclipse solution to your customers. Eclipse Web Integration uses XML as a path to Eclipse to query up-to-the minute product and customer information.

SQL Replication

Eclipse SQL Replication is a data replication engine created specifically for Epicor Eclipse that provides near real-time access to Eclipse data using Microsoft® SQL Server®.

Tax Connect

Epicor Tax Connect is a scalable, subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for sales tax calculation using Avalara. Rates are calculated behind the scenes” and are automatically applied to each transaction. Tax Connect continuously updates data, making accurate sales tax calculations available immediately.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) enables businesses to make more sense of your data — helping you grow by identifying new opportunities, improving productivity, and speeding decision-making. Instant access to crucial information is essential to making smart business decisions. The Epicor Data Analytics service provides interactive dashboards for easy comprehension and analysis of your business data from Eclipse and other sources. So, you quickly see how your business is performing, and can drill down” the details for the task at hand, in an always-connected, cloud-based service. EDA executive dashboards can be personalized to view critical information without logging into your Eclipse system. Access your distribution analytics anywhere, anytime, and continue to stay on the cutting edge.

Eclipse Mobile

Eclipse Mobile enables your field sales team and other remote employees to be more productive by providing them access to view, create, and edit commonly used information in Eclipse, such as customers, contacts, items, orders and dates, AR, pricing, and location availability. Designed specifically to display on tablets and other mobile devices, Eclipse Mobile is a browser-based application, available wherever you have an Internet connection.

Eclipse Solar

Eclipse Solar software is a graphical user interface that allows multi-tasking focused on ease-of-use and efficient processing. Based on the solid business principles and innovative solutions in Eclipse distribution software, Eclipse Solar software is designed to deliver break-through ease-of-use. The benefits for your business can include more productive employees and more efficient processes — along with better service for your customers The many innovations in Eclipse Solar software include widgets, personalized screens to fit each employee’s job and preferences, fast navigation with a lot fewer clicks, and a familiar Microsoft® look and feel.”


The Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) service is a key capability for distributors to modernize their business, grow by touching more customers, and get the productivity of a Cloud-based, fully-integrated business system. With ECC, distributors can communicate their unique value offerings and compete in today’s modern digital marketplace.

Fully integrated with Eclipse, ECC avoids multiple databases while delivering streamlined ordering, marketing, SEO visibility, rich information, and customer service?all in real time. ECC also provides added operational savings from flexible Cloud-based deployment, rapid implementation, and high scalability.

ECC provides responsive mobile eCommerce, easy extensibility from an app store, and a network of certified service providers for the Magento ecommerce platform. ECC can be your basis for continued business growth and a compelling, productive future. Your customers will experience a modern eCommerce website with shopping convenience, ease-of-use and easy repeat shopping.

Mobile Showroom

The Eclipse Mobile Showroom empowers a showroom salesperson to work the floor” with a tablet device. A salesperson can easily capture the order information and maintain bids for customers. This new application provides the ability to use the tablet’s camera to scan showroom barcodes to add products to the bid, in addition to letting you search the web, modify pricing, capture room tag details, print and email the bid, manage opportunities, and providing Apple® iBeacon™ support.

Product Data Warehouse™ (PDW)

Product Data Warehouse is a database in which you can efficiently store, manage, and search for detailed product information. From your Eclipse system’s point of view, you need to find a way to offer your customers the largest possible number of products without draining your system resources. Product Data Warehouse lets you do both with its e‑commerce solution.

The PDW Catalog can store millions of product records, each containing an unlimited number of descriptive fields. The PDW Catalog is independent from, but fully integrated with your Eclipse Product file. Utilizing leading- edge data transfer technology, the Eclipse PDW module automates the exchange of electronic product and pricing information from the Internet directly into your Eclipse system. Significantly improves internal productivity, streamlines your sales process, and delivers a better website experience to your customers.

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