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Epicor Eclipse Overview

Epicor Eclipse— A sophisticated industry focused ERP Solution

Epicor® Eclipse™ has been developed to fit the specific needs of electric, plumbing, PVF, and HVAC distributors. Eclipse is continually improved with a focus on making it easier for our customers to grow their business. Eclipse is built upon the premise that your business systems needs to work the way distributors work — not the other way around— while also delivering best practices for distribution operations that help drive costs out of the supply chain, increase sales and margins, and improve customer service. Your distribution software must enable and simplify all your business transactions.

Epicor delivers flexible, industry-specific business solutions designed to ease complexity and drive growth for your distribution business. The strength of Epicor business solutions lies in a simplified approach to technology, with products and services designed to fit our customers and how they work. More than 45 years of experience is built into Epicor Eclipse. With more than 700 wholesale distribution customers throughout the world using the Eclipse system, Epicor is one of the leading technology partners for the distribution industry.

Optimize Your Entire Distribution Business with Eclipse

Epicor Eclipse provides tools to dramatically enhance productivity, while delivering process refinements to improve the business effectiveness of distributors. Eclipse features a unique, intuitive user interface that makes it easy to interact with your customers while conducting business. The system enables you to eliminate communication breakdowns in your organization through true task automation and digital to-do lists. Self-populating, self-cleaning work queues inform every employee in your company about important matters that need their attention — such as a sales order that may be held up because of a credit hold but is really of vital importance to a customer who is unaware of any account issue or thinks the matter has already been resolved. This allow employees to focus more time on the customer, get more done within the software and help increase customer satisfaction.

Designed for your industry

Acknowledged as a leading solution by top industry and buying groups, Epicor Eclipse is designed to streamline the various distribution processes in today’s dynamic supply chain. Epicor provides industry-leading solutions for distributors of all sizes. Epicor Eclipse has a long heritage of customer-focused development and has evolved to meet the needs of distributors in these core industries:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • PVF
  • HVAC

A comprehensive solution for distributors

Epicor Eclipse is a complete business management solution, with extensive functionality for key business processes such as:

  • CRM
  • Order Management
  • Commercial Job Management
  • Mobile Showroom
  • e‑Commerce
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing
  • Wireless Warehouse Management
  • Financials
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Document Imaging

Technology that enables transformation and growth

Today, you need a software solution that is industry specific and that you can implement quickly without substantial cost to your business. Epicor Eclipse system is designed so that your distribution business can scale, adapt, and grow without costly system modifications. Learn more about how Epicor Eclipse can help you grow your distribution business by contacting Epicor today.

Epicor Eclipse Advantages

In addition to a proven track record of helping distributors reduce costs, improve service, and grow sales, Epicor Eclipse delivers a number of competitive advantages to our distribution customers.

  • Nearly 50 years of experience developing distribution-specific software
  • Functionality that matches the unique and complex requirements of various distribution markets, including electrical, Plumbing, PVF, HVAC/R, and many more.
  • 64,000+ users on Eclipse
  • A proven implementation methodology based on more than 4,000 distributor implementations that gets companies live on time and on budget
  • Ability to easily customize the application to your company’s needs without having to perform development work or alter the source code
  • Familiarity of the Windows interface, resulting in a shorter learning curve for employees

Epicor Eclipse Technology

The Eclipse software utilizes a Microsoft® Windows® look and feel that is both familiar and extremely easy to navigate. Additionally, this interface can reduce the time and costs associated with teaching new employees function key combinations.

  • To put only the most relevant information at your employees’ fingertips, Eclipse features user-driven, customizable screens and toolbars. Modifications can be made to match the personal needs of one user or a group of users, providing you control over access to screens and related data.
  • Searching is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly in the Eclipse system, so you can look up customers, vendors, products, and transactions using any descriptive identifier, including phonetic matching, as well as string and multiple-field searches.
  • Eclipse offers comprehensive, integrated work queues. These queues help keep employees on task and moving through their customer service, purchasing, accounting, warehousing, and other duties in a logical and efficient manner to help you improve productivity and boost your bottom line. Additionally, all work queues can be user defined to match unique processes in your business.
  • The Eclipse solution has no buckets or day- and month-end summary updates. Instead, all summary information is selected and accumulated by date ranges and reported in real time, giving you only the most up-to-date information.
  • Through a robust suite of EDI transactions, Eclipse software allows you to streamline and automate many standard tasks, including purchasing and invoice reconciliation. It is designed to help you to more effectively manage complex tasks like advanced shipping notifications and vendor managed inventory (VMI).
  • The Eclipse general ledger updates in real time as transactions are processed, instantly giving you an up-to-date handle on your company’s financial situation.
  • In integrated imaging suite lets you capture and save reports, invoices, quotes, and any other important documents directly in the solution, saving time, paper, and office space.
  • Logical audit trails enable you to view modifications to maintenance and transaction records in your Eclipse system to see what changed, when it changed, and who made the change so you can retain accurate records.
  • With the ability to support a multi-company business model, Eclipse software gives you the option to combine multiple business segments into a single financial structure and to manage user permissions, inter-company transfers, financial reports, and more.
  • Eclipse offers comprehensive online help tools that can help you to resolve issues quickly and minimize problems and improve productivity. It also features an intuitive browsing interface that is designed to provide efficient access to field-level help, as well as an extensive how to” section aimed answering frequently asked questions.
  • The integrated messaging system within the Eclipse solution allows information to be quickly transferred between users and departments, facilitating communications and allowing for critical information to be put in the right hands quickly.
  • Eclipse software can help you increase sales and improve customer service and order accuracy by allowing you to link images, item codes, and specification sheets to items, quotes, and invoices.
  • Because the Eclipse solution does not automatically purge data, details and notes are always a click away — even if a task or transaction was completed a week, month, or year ago.

Epicor Eclipse Modules

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