JOBSCOPE | Material Control

Material Control
JOBSCOPE manufacturing software Materials system for Engineer to Order (ETO), Make to Order (MTO), Government Contractor, Job Shop and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul manufacturing consists of purchasing, inventory, issues, and material requirements planning, and will allow you to set up inventory records, assign bin locations, maintain vendor records, create purchase orders, receive orders, and display MRP. Within the Materials system, JOBSCOPE offers the following modules: Purchasing, Inventory, and MRP
Jobscope Manufacturing Software Material Control Features:
  • Provides separate "buy from" and "remit to" names and addresses
  • Automatically updates vendor history data
  • Stock Inventory , Lot Inventory, Job/Contract/Project Inventory
  • Tracks repetitive "stock" parts separately from "purchased-to-job" parts
  • Tracks vendor price quotations
  • Creates planned purchase orders (manually and automatically)
  • Creates purchase orders
  • Traceability of serialized inventory to customer jobs
  • Allows multiple stocking locations/Multiple bins
  • Provides Cycle counting
  • Reports monthly inventory usage
  • Updating and reporting online MRP
  • Reserves inventory by contract/job and requirement date