JOBSCOPE | Barcode Labor Collection

Barcode Labor Collection
DATACAP is JOBSCOPE's web based plant floor data collection and bar coding system for labor collection and time and attendance tracking and material transactions. Using DATACAP, Engineer to Order, Make to Order, Job Shop, Government Contractor, and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul employees follow simple prompts to scan bar-coded information that is used to create transactions, which are uploaded to JOBSCOPE. This greatly reduces the burden of data entry, provides more timely information for management, and enhances accuracy through DATACAP's use of bar-coding and extensive verification procedures. Employees use DATACAP by scanning bar-coded work orders and employee badges into handheld devices or PCs. This data is sent over a network to a PC server running DATACAP. Here, the system tracks the time spent on jobs, performs calculations, and organizes the data into records. The process is completed when these records are uploaded to JOBSCOPE.

Jobscope Manufacturing Software Bar Code Data Collection Features:

  • Reduces data entry errors
  • Provides current availability of data
  • Provides exact distribution of labor charges
  • Online supervisor approval
  • Verifies data online
  • Allows automatic breaksProvides flexible overtime