Microsoft Dynamics GP | Online Reports

Online Reports

With Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system, the Online Reports feature moves routine accounting tasks online with the eBanking and eExpense modules. Tight integration between modules within Microsoft Dynamics GP permits one-time data entry to provide accurate, real-time information throughout your financial solution. Reduce paper waste and repetitive manual data entry. Manage financials more effectively and reduce errors via automation of vital banking and reporting activities.  


The comprehensive tools in Microsoft Dynamics GP eBanking feature aids in improving cash management in a security-enhanced environment by automating critical banking activities. Increase productivity and reduce administrative expenses by streamlining accounting processes with easy-to-use electronic reconciliations, line-item level control, improved funds availability, and intelligent adaptation to individualized banking procedures. Access transaction information online and apply transactions to accounts as they occur. Automatically apply banking transactions directly to customer accounts.

Microsoft Dynamics GP eBanking module includes the following features:

  • Electronic Bank Management allows for easy setup, entry, and maintenance of all bank statement transactions including bank charges, payments to creditors, and cash receipts from debtors. Automatically reconcile the General Ledger account with the bank statement balance.

  • Electronic Bank Reconciliation automates reconciliation of transactions and adjustments of downloaded bank data.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer for Payables Management conforms to U.S. bank-industry electronic funds transfer (EFT) standards to securely transfer payments to the bank.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer for Receivables Management transfers sales batches with corresponding payments and automatically generates an electronic file for bank transfers.

  • Lockbox Processing processes and matches transactions from the lockbox file provided by the bank. Automatically import and export customer payment information between the bank and open accounts.

  • Safe Pay adds Positive Pay functionality and exports checks daily for comparison with the bank when presented for payment.


Microsoft Dynamics GP eExpense capabilities streamline expense management processes, enhance productivity, and eliminate the need for paper receipts. Employees can create and submit reports from any location, anytime. Expense data is integrated with General Ledger and Payables Management modules making it available across the system and providing a centralized view of data and trends.

Quickly and easily submit expense reports in a browser-based environment with templates and pre-populated data. Ensure accuracy, speed reimbursements, and eliminate the need for traditional spreadsheets.

Microsoft Dynamics GP eExpense module includes the following features:

  • Online Expense Reporting permits automatic submission of expenses against pre-configured or custom cost centers synced with General Ledger accounts, ensures accurate reporting with customized email-based approval procedures, and instantly captures out-of-pocket expenses with palm operating-based devices that integrate smoothly with eExpense.

  • Payable/General Ledger allows for custom configuration of a wide-range of best practices reports and the ability to view and filter vendor statistics.

  • eExpense Offline enables complex itemization of expenses while offline including the calculation of foreign exchange rates and ensures efficient processing and reimbursements with seamless transfers of transactions to eExpense.

  • eExpense Receipt Imaging stores expense receipts electronically eliminating the need for paper and significantly reducing costs associated with managing paper receipts.