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Materials Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Inventory Management Module

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software provides comprehensive inventory tracking and management. Reduce operating costs by managing inventory with a clear and accurate view of stock and flexible pricing schemes for specific customers. Ensure that inventory is on hand when needed for fast and efficient order fulfillment. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP Inventory Management software solution integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Dynamic GP modules such as Invoicing, Sales Order Processing, and General Ledger to maximize operational efficiency and allow for informed decision making with easy-to-use analysis tools and customizable reporting capabilities. Advanced search capabilities provide users with the accurate inventory information needed to manage stock and plan for the future. 

Comprehensive reporting tools offer a detailed analysis of inventory with extensive standard reports including Price List, Item List, Turnover, and Stock Status (positive, zero, or negative) integrated with the flexible reporting capabilities of other MS Dynamics GP modules such as Crystal Reports and Report Writer. 

Other features of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 include the following modules: 

  • Shelf Life controls and automated alerts ensure expired inventory is not selected for distribution;

  • Serial/Lot Number Tracking traces location and information on any item that appears in customer orders, bills of materials, or any other transaction;

  • Item Classing offers the ability to create and track an item based on importance such as by style, color, or manufacturer;

  • Inventory Ranking prioritizes stock with options to rank by actual or projected usage quantity, usage value, unit cost, or on-hand inventory value;

  • Quality Controls provide complete control over inventory with bin-level quantity tracking, cycle counting, and inventory snapshots;

  • Multi-bin Tracking tracks a single item within the warehouse to optimize picking efficiency; 

  • Bill of Materials tracks actual costs for assembled items and manages current and past items for future planning;

  • Bin Lookups determine maximum capacity and bin priorities while allowing for override or acceptance of system recommendations.

Materials Requirements Planning Module

Microsoft Dynamics GP Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) calculates needed materials by reviewing forecasts, sales orders, manufacturing orders, purchase orders, and inventory levels to identify potential inventory issues. Balance the supply and demand for purchased and manufactured items over a defined time span for more effective resource planning.

Microsoft Dynamics GP MRP provides an extensive view into materials requirements. Drive down inventory costs, reduce stock outages, and streamline the production process. Gain a well-coordinated purchasing and production plan by effectively accessing, tracking, and analyzing critical MRP data. Minimize costs by building according to projected demand.

The following features are included in Microsoft Dynamics GP MRP module:

  • Flexible Requirements Definition permits a customizable resource planning schedule based on actual or projected sales. Define material requirements, production planning specifications, bucketing options, and run spans.

  • Advanced Filtering filters data by item, planner code, buyer code, warehouse, or date. 

  • Comprehensive Drilldown Capability quickly drills down on any quantity, via the Pegging tool, to identify the source of demand.

  • Better Exceptions Management broadens or narrows forecast views and improves response generated by previous MRP runs. 

  • Agile Order Management automatically records and responds to the need of additional components required by purchase orders and manufacturing with quantities that are most cost effective.

  • Efficiently Aggregate Requirements by combining material requirements into a minimum number of purchase orders via Purchase Request Resolution.

  • Workflow Support gives the ability to cut purchase orders automatically via the Pegging window.

  • Designated Time Frames enable views of requirements designated by user-defined periods such as days, weeks, months, or in a bucketless format without any regard to time frame.

  • Multiple Quantity Display displays up to 6 different types of quantities within 26 tracked categories including sales orders, planned purchase orders, and on-hand totals.

  • Forecast Consumption leverages MRP with Sales Forecasting to reflect sales demand within materials requirements plans.

  • Supply Chain Visibility improves efficiency and increases the predictability of incoming raw materials by making integrated materials requirements data and processes visible to manufacturers and distributors.

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