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Microsoft Dynamics GP
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Microsoft Dynamics GP Overview

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software is a business management system that provides growing and mid-sized organizations with complete financial and operational solutions. Easy-to-use, intuitive features such as advanced consolidation, robust business intelligence, rich reporting, forecasting, and budgeting aid in smooth operations.

The functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system is available right out of the box allowing for rapid integration and automation of financial and operational processes required to support the critical needs of your business. Gain greater control over financials, better manage operations and inventory, and make informed decisions to support growth ambition. Maximize employee productivity with familiar applications to merge documents, data, and information.

Microsoft Dynamics GP capabilities include:

  • Financial management and accounting
  • Inventory management and operations
  • Sales and service
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Human resources and payroll

Microsoft Dynamics GP Advantages

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 ERP solution provides greater productivity and user satisfaction in achieving business goals. Gain deeper insight and make better business decisions with optimal efficiency using MS Dynamics GP accounting and business software.

A highly customizable solution, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 software offers the intuitive feel and functionality of familiar software such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel making it easy to implement and use by offering a recognizable work environment for employees. With personalized views of data, users can easily access the information they need with increased operational efficiency.

The advantages of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP solution include

  • Reduced deployment time via tools that help to install the system efficiently and quickly
  • The ability to seamlessly migrate data from legacy systems
  • Automation of recurring tasks and therefore the elimination of repetitive busywork and unproductive tasks
  • Improved expenses management
  • Easy integration with systems already in use
  • A vast network of over 2000 certified partners
  • Portal-based capabilities that open the flow of processes and information
  • Role-Tailored software that increases productivity due to its user-friendly functionality and significantly reduced training time and expenses

Microsoft Dynamics GP Technology

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software integrates fully with other familiar tools such as Microsoft Office, which allows users to use skills they already have and easily learn new operational skills. Microsoft Dynamics GP deployment model is offered as either an on-premise installation via Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, or Proprietary or as software as a service (SaaS) cloud delivery, all which allow for data to be accessed seamlessly.

Technical specifications include:

  • Service-oriented (SOA) and .NET architecture
  • Can run on Mac OS, Linux, Windows, Unix, and Novell Netware operating systems
  • Technical consistency between MS Dynamics and MS Windows
  • Customizable reports run from Internet Explorer via Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • SmartList Builder, a powerful query tool for data output
  • HTML5 browser support
  • HTTPS support
  • Multi-browser support (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Edge)

Microsoft Dynamics GP Modules

Materials Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Inventory Management Module

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software provides comprehensive inventory tracking and management. Reduce operating costs by managing inventory with a clear and accurate view of stock and flexible pricing schemes for specific customers. Ensure that inventory is on hand when needed for fast and efficient order fulfillment. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP Inventory Management software solution integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Dynamic GP modules such as Invoicing, Sales Order Processing, and General Ledger to maximize operational efficiency and allow for informed decision making with easy-to-use analysis tools and customizable reporting capabilities. Advanced search capabilities provide users with the accurate inventory information needed to manage stock and plan for the future. 

Comprehensive reporting tools offer a detailed analysis of inventory with extensive standard reports including Price List, Item List, Turnover, and Stock Status (positive, zero, or negative) integrated with the flexible reporting capabilities of other MS Dynamics GP modules such as Crystal Reports and Report Writer. 

Other features of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 include the following modules: 

  • Shelf Life controls and automated alerts ensure expired inventory is not selected for distribution;

  • Serial/Lot Number Tracking traces location and information on any item that appears in customer orders, bills of materials, or any other transaction;

  • Item Classing offers the ability to create and track an item based on importance such as by style, color, or manufacturer;

  • Inventory Ranking prioritizes stock with options to rank by actual or projected usage quantity, usage value, unit cost, or on-hand inventory value;

  • Quality Controls provide complete control over inventory with bin-level quantity tracking, cycle counting, and inventory snapshots;

  • Multi-bin Tracking tracks a single item within the warehouse to optimize picking efficiency; 

  • Bill of Materials tracks actual costs for assembled items and manages current and past items for future planning;

  • Bin Lookups determine maximum capacity and bin priorities while allowing for override or acceptance of system recommendations.

Materials Requirements Planning Module

Microsoft Dynamics GP Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) calculates needed materials by reviewing forecasts, sales orders, manufacturing orders, purchase orders, and inventory levels to identify potential inventory issues. Balance the supply and demand for purchased and manufactured items over a defined time span for more effective resource planning.

Microsoft Dynamics GP MRP provides an extensive view into materials requirements. Drive down inventory costs, reduce stock outages, and streamline the production process. Gain a well-coordinated purchasing and production plan by effectively accessing, tracking, and analyzing critical MRP data. Minimize costs by building according to projected demand.

The following features are included in Microsoft Dynamics GP MRP module:

  • Flexible Requirements Definition permits a customizable resource planning schedule based on actual or projected sales. Define material requirements, production planning specifications, bucketing options, and run spans.

  • Advanced Filtering filters data by item, planner code, buyer code, warehouse, or date. 

  • Comprehensive Drilldown Capability quickly drills down on any quantity, via the Pegging tool, to identify the source of demand.

  • Better Exceptions Management broadens or narrows forecast views and improves response generated by previous MRP runs. 

  • Agile Order Management automatically records and responds to the need of additional components required by purchase orders and manufacturing with quantities that are most cost effective.

  • Efficiently Aggregate Requirements by combining material requirements into a minimum number of purchase orders via Purchase Request Resolution.

  • Workflow Support gives the ability to cut purchase orders automatically via the Pegging window.

  • Designated Time Frames enable views of requirements designated by user-defined periods such as days, weeks, months, or in a bucketless format without any regard to time frame.

  • Multiple Quantity Display displays up to 6 different types of quantities within 26 tracked categories including sales orders, planned purchase orders, and on-hand totals.

  • Forecast Consumption leverages MRP with Sales Forecasting to reflect sales demand within materials requirements plans.

  • Supply Chain Visibility improves efficiency and increases the predictability of incoming raw materials by making integrated materials requirements data and processes visible to manufacturers and distributors.

Sales & Order Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Sales Configuration Module

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 ERP software solution accurately manages the entire sales process from start to finish. Simplify the ordering process, streamline processes to reduce shipping costs and labor, serve top customers more effectively, monitor invoicing and fulfillment with precision, and shorten delivery cycles.

With optimized invoicing features, Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system helps to increase retention and distribution capabilities. Reduce errors, minimize costs, and speed inquiries and deliveries processes. 

Manage the complete sales process with the following Sales Configuration functions of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software:

  • Set up a single bill of materials that includes multiple options.
  • Calculate the cost of finished goods.
  • Estimate manufacturing completion dates.
  • Enter estimates, orders, backorders, invoices, and returns from one central location.
  • Flexible order processing capabilities allow for customized rules throughout the sales process with definable document fields that permit negative quantities and prices for managing promotional giveaways and other non-regular sales transactions.
  • Create routine documents (quotes, orders, invoices) or complex documents such as sales analysis reports for print or online format.
  • Tailor order entries to specific needs such as price overriding and special instructions.
  • Easily locate information on items back ordered, previously invoiced, allocated, and canceled via the Sales Quantity Status window.
  • Minimize shipping costs and speed fulfillment by specifying fulfillment sites based on customer location.
  • Customize the distribution process with automated distribution capabilities via seamless integration with other MS Dynamics GP modules such as Available to Promise and Advanced Distribution.
  • Process sales orders and credit card authorizations without recognizing revenue or charging the card until the order ships. 

Sales Forecasting Module

The Sales Forecasting module within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 ERP software increases collaboration by bridging communication gaps and creating a powerful loop that facilitates effective product delivery. Create best-case and worst-case forecasts for multiple timeframes to allocate resources accordingly. Quickly review prior year sales, revise projections, and create a Master Production Schedule from forecasts for efficient planning and production.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Forecasting can be used in conjunction with the Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) module to create suggested purchase orders of necessary components and work orders for manufacturing. Set demand with generated what-if” analyses of growth and market trends.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Sales Forecasting offers the following features:

  • Intuitive Data Entry Window offers an easy-to-use spreadsheet-like window to enter data and work with forecasted sales numbers.
  • Use History as a Forecasting Basis enables filtering of historical sales values to form the basis of forecasted sales.
  • Track Multiple Sales Forecasts provide views into multiple sales forecast plans simultaneously.
  • Forecast Rollup combines multiple sales forecast plans into one master plan.
  • User-defined Forecast Periods allow the user to create forecasting periods ranging from daily to yearly.
  • Transfer Plans to Master Schedule permits any sales plan to be the basis for master production scheduling.
  • MRP Forecast Consumption generates MRP schedules using existing sales forecasts and current sales orders.
  • Integration with Demand Planner produces statistical forecasting and interactive simulations scenarios.

Financial Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Business Intelligence Module

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 ERP Business Intelligence (BI) software offers real-time visibility to track and analyze performance. Gain greater control over financials, better manage operations and inventory, and make informed decisions that drive business success. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP BI solution has the power to support growth ambition with company-wide coordination, improved operational efficiency, and time-saving automation of manual processes. Reduce costs, gain flexibility, and boost profitability. An SQL Server database and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) provide powerful capabilities for data storage and analysis, which helps to foster quick and effective decision making.

Features incorporated into Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Intelligence stack include the following:

  • Business Analyzer, optimized for Windows 8.1/RT, iOS, and Android platforms enhance mobility options to collaborate with others. Perform tasks and view SQL Reporting Services Reports and Microsoft Excel charts from one central location.
  • Microsoft Excel Reports offer over 200 built-in reports that connect directly with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Create refreshable Excel reports with quick and easy access to the latest data.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Workspace, an Office-365 application that enables users to share executive dashboards showing sales, financial, purchasing, and inventory stats. Dashboards also allow users to drill back to specific transactions in MS Dynamics GP for analysis.
  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services Reports offer over 300 graphs, charts, and reports, which can be modified to meet specific needs. New reports can be created without the need for a developer.
  • Management Reporter Designer and Viewer User creates, analyzes, and distributes financial statements.
  • Microsoft Forecaster forecasts accurate budgets to help obtain control of the complete budgeting and planning process.
  • SmartList Designer Excel Refreshable Reports enables users to create refreshable reports that can be published to the Excel report library and opened with Excel where data will always be current.

Financial Management Module

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software provides detailed financial management options designed to help manage cash, assets, and banking with functions that allow for flexibility while reducing time spent on routine tasks. 

Tight integration between Microsoft Dynamics GP modules enables one-time data entry and provides accurate, real-time information throughout financial functions. With access to real-time, mission-critical data, financial operations become powerful, competitive tools that enhance decision-making.

Automated transaction processing and payment adjustments improve efficiencies. Easily organize financial information with modifiable accounting structures using Microsoft Excel-based budget templates. Perform dimensional analysis of financial, sales, and purchase transactions.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 ERP solution capabilities include the following modules:

  • eExpense completely automates the expense management process with expense report preparation (in both online and offline formats), approvals, electronic receipt management, reimbursements, and analysis.
  • Account Level Security allows users to view, enter, and edit information based on access granted for General Ledger accounts on an individual basis.
  • Analytical Accounting analyzes financial data according to selected criteria. Track data by different particulars such as profit center or region.
  • Budgeting leverages the ease of Microsoft Excel functionality to update, maintain, and track multiple budgets for multiple fiscal years. 
  • Cash Flow Management offers forecasting tools and customizable views to predict, monitor, and control inflows and outflows for tracking liquidity in an easily interpreted calendar format.
  • Customer/Vendor Consolidations transfer information between Payables Management and Receivables Management to create a customer record using an existing vendor file (and vice versa) that presents a consolidated view of vendor and customer relationships.
  • Encumbrance Management locates and tracks budgets, queries current and historical encumbrances, and streamlines year-end and period-end reporting procedures.
  • Fixed Asset Management tracks and analyzes company assets such as buildings, equipment, and machinery. Track asset depreciation by calendar or fiscal year for tax liabilities.
  • General Ledger maintains all financial journal entries with a double-entry accounting ledger that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel.
  • Grant Management automates grant management processes to track funds, show accountability, and help plan for future funding.
  • Intercompany creates and maintains relationships between companies and tracks revenues and expenses between companies.
  • Lockbox Processing supplies reliable receivables information, improved funds availability, and greater fraud protection by automatically importing and applying customer payment information from a lockbox transaction file provided by your financial institution.
  • Multicurrency Management manages currency transactions of multinational operations smoothly with powerful multicurrency capabilities.
  • Payables Management automates both regular and complex accounts payable tasks with easy reconciliation, payment scheduling, check printing, and real-time statistical history.
  • Receivables Management manages accounts receivable with automated procedures for handling invoices, statements, finance charges, and receipts. Analyze customer activities such as credit limits and balances due.
  • Revenue/Expense Deferrals allows for deferring of revenues and expenses by making entries for future periods within General Ledger, Invoicing, Receivables Management, Payables Management, and Sales Order Processing.

Multicurrency Module

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (formerly Great Plains) ERP solution offers robust multi-currency support for international businesses. Work with international clients and vendors, conduct financial transactions in multiple currencies, and easily comply with international currency standards. Manage multinational financial operations effortlessly with a simplified approach to the management of financial statistics and accounting operations when dealing with multiple currencies and fluctuating exchange rates.

The Multicurrency Management Module offers improved flexibility and control with the ability to use and maintain current exchange rates or define new ones for specific contracts or customers as needed. Set up an unlimited number of rate types, currency IDs, and exchange rate tables. Enter multi-currency transactions by either using the originating amounts for the transaction or the equivalent of the amounts. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers one integrated solution by extending Multicurrency Management capabilities across other Microsoft Dynamics GP modules offering the ability to revalue General Ledger accounts and Sales and Purchasing transactions based on current or estimated exchange rates.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Multicurrency Management module provides the following capabilities:

  • Currency Rate Definition defines an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rates and sets specific rates as needed for individual contracts or transactions.
  • Customer-specific Default permits the selection of a default currency rate, a different rate, or the entry of a new rate during transaction entry to handle exceptions as needed.
  • Exchange Rate Tracking tracks the time and date of exchange rates used in multi-currency transactions to facilitate audits and allow for post-transaction entries in a changing currency market.
  • Extensible Multicurrency Solutions integrate with the following modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP: Bank Reconciliation, General Ledger, Intracompany Transactions, Payables Management, Project Accounting, Purchase Order, Receivables Management, and Sales Order.
  • Multicurrency Inquiry provides instant access to multi-currency transactions displaying both originating and functional currencies.
  • Multicurrency Reporting shows multi-currency activity in financial reports and translates existing reports into multiple currencies.
  • Realized Gains and Losses automatically records and tracks realized gains and losses on sales and purchases reflecting currency rate changes.
  • Standards Support aligns multi-currency transactions with international standards for reporting and accounting.

Online Reports Module

With Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system, the Online Reports feature moves routine accounting tasks online with the eBanking and eExpense modules. Tight integration between modules within Microsoft Dynamics GP permits one-time data entry to provide accurate, real-time information throughout your financial solution. Reduce paper waste and repetitive manual data entry. Manage financials more effectively and reduce errors via automation of vital banking and reporting activities. 


The comprehensive tools in Microsoft Dynamics GP eBanking feature aids in improving cash management in a security-enhanced environment by automating critical banking activities. Increase productivity and reduce administrative expenses by streamlining accounting processes with easy-to-use electronic reconciliations, line-item level control, improved funds availability, and intelligent adaptation to individualized banking procedures. Access transaction information online and apply transactions to accounts as they occur. Automatically apply banking transactions directly to customer accounts.

Microsoft Dynamics GP eBanking module includes the following features: 
  • Electronic Bank Management allows for easy setup, entry, and maintenance of all bank statement transactions including bank charges, payments to creditors, and cash receipts from debtors. Automatically reconcile the General Ledger account with the bank statement balance.
  • Electronic Bank Reconciliation automates reconciliation of transactions and adjustments of downloaded bank data.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer for Payables Management conforms to U.S. bank-industry electronic funds transfer (EFT) standards to securely transfer payments to the bank.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer for Receivables Management transfers sales batches with corresponding payments and automatically generates an electronic file for bank transfers.
  • Lockbox Processing processes and matches transactions from the lockbox file provided by the bank. Automatically import and export customer payment information between the bank and open accounts.
  • Safe Pay adds Positive Pay functionality and exports checks daily for comparison with the bank when presented for payment.

eExpense Module

Microsoft Dynamics GP eExpense capabilities streamline expense management processes, enhance productivity, and eliminate the need for paper receipts. Employees can create and submit reports from any location, anytime. Expense data is integrated with General Ledger and Payables Management modules making it available across the system and providing a centralized view of data and trends.

Quickly and easily submit expense reports in a browser-based environment with templates and pre-populated data. Ensure accuracy, speed reimbursements, and eliminate the need for traditional spreadsheets.

Microsoft Dynamics GP eExpense module includes the following features: 

  • Online Expense Reporting permits automatic submission of expenses against pre-configured or custom cost centers synced with General Ledger accounts, ensures accurate reporting with customized email-based approval procedures, and instantly captures out-of-pocket expenses with palm operating-based devices that integrate smoothly with eExpense.
  • Payable/General Ledger allows for custom configuration of a wide-range of best practices reports and the ability to view and filter vendor statistics.
  • eExpense Offline enables complex itemization of expenses while offline including the calculation of foreign exchange rates and ensures efficient processing and reimbursements with seamless transfers of transactions to eExpense.
  • eExpense Receipt Imaging stores expense receipts electronically eliminating the need for paper and significantly reducing costs associated with managing paper receipts.

Production Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Bill of Materials (BOMs) Module

The Bill of Materials (BOMs) feature within Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP manufacturing solution manages specifications of subassemblies and top-level assemblies of finished goods. Create, analyze, and approve requirements of finished goods with raw material costs rolled into final expenses. The Manufacturing BOM integrates with both the Inventory and Manufacturing Order Processing modules to track labor costs and the production of finished goods and materials. The functionality of BOM can be adjusted to meet quality control standards. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP BOM module effortlessly manages, analyzes, and compares multiple BOM versions. Reduce errors and time spent on manual calculations. Design, update, and approve finished goods packaging. Save time by linking product formulas to finished goods packing configurations. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software provides the following features in the Manufacturing BOM module:

  • Track Work in Progress (WIP) for materials, machine time, and labor.

  • Enter a fixed or variable quantity on the BOM.

  • Create a link to the item on the BOM with a specific routing sequence.

  • Access multiple BOM types and categories such as Manufacturing, Engineering, Archived, Configured, and Super.

  • Maintain history of BOMs with BOM history.

  • Label a component as an alternate part.

  • Calculate component lead times by date entered on BOM.

  • Automatically update changes to BOMs with the BOM Mass Update feature.

  • Maintain an active BOM for each finished product.

  • Update entries, edit revision levels, save revision histories, and change BOM categories at any time.Create phantom BOMs to track critical components of subassemblies.

Manufacturing Order Processing Module

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2021 ERP solution tracks production costs and manages work orders. The Manufacturing Order Processing module organizes and tracks the daily functions of the manufacturing process such as order taking, raw materials purchasing, building finished goods, and fulfilling orders. 

The integration of sales and production processes within Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software improves planning and creates flexible, efficient environments. Manage outsourced operations more effectively, control costing, and define operations with the necessary detail according to specific operational needs. Monitor labor and machine capacity, manage worker skills and scheduled hours, and gain views into fixed and variable overhead. Obtain key information on the progress and costs associated with manufacturing orders. 

The Manufacturing Order Process module within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 ERP software includes the following features:

Manufacturing Orders
  • Precision Production Control defines end production quantities more effectively by taking maximum and minimum quantities into account, providing alerts, and accounting for scrap and shrinkage. 

  • Capacity Requirements Planning provides a view into manufacturing orders to help manage the demand for finished goods.

  • Automated Scheduling automatically calculates start and due dates based on routing.

  • More Efficient Picking streamlines picking operations and improves efficiency by printing picking documents for a range of orders, components, dates, and sites.

  • On-Demand Allocation allocates, issues, and scraps components as needed and reverses operations to place components back into inventory. 

  • Visibility into Component Shortages manages inventory replenishment plans by providing a list of component shortages including details about when items are needed for manufacturing orders. 

  • Detailed Visibility and Management of Orders reverses incorrectly posted manufacturing order receipts and tracks collected labor, machine costs, and backflush levels.

  • Flexible Rescheduling efficiently reschedules batches for sequences in manufacturing orders in response to unforeseen delays.

  • Automated or Direct WIP Data Entry allows work-in-progress data to be directly entered or automatically integrated with other data collection devices. 

  • Improved Collaboration with Outsourced Service Vendors generates purchase orders for outsourced services based on manufacturing orders and precisely tracks shipment details and outsourcing costs. 

  • Serial/Lot Linking links serial or lot-tracked components to finished goods throughout the system for complete traceability.

  • As-Needed Definition defines routings on an as-needed basis. Assign unlimited routes to items to provide alternate routes when capacity is strained.

  • Detailed Instruction Capability attaches detailed notes to each routing sequence for improved accuracy and efficiency.

  • Reusable Sequences allow sequences to be reused within a route to save time and reduce costs.

  • On-Time Routing of Materials ensures that materials are where they are needed when they are needed by linking components from BOMs to specific sequences.

Work Center Management
  • Powerful Outsourcing Management allows all manufacturing orders and purchase orders to be viewed for status. Outsourced vendors can be added or changed anytime during the manufacturing process. 

  • Delayed Resourced Allocation assigns machines and employees to work centers according to capacity and availability. Alternate work centers are assigned to prevent bottlenecks.

  • Tight Schedule Control tracks shifts and hours per shift at each work center to accommodate multiple schedules. 

  • Automated Backflushing automatically sets operations to backflush labor and machine expenses. 

  • Flexible Cost Basing tracks overhead costs of materials, overhead, labor, and outsourcing. 

  • Improved Product Costing automatically applies WIP materials to a receipt, calculates labor costs, and adds completed product into stock for improved visibility into product costs.

  • Standard Cost Changes History provides a complete view of standard cost revaluations, automatically records changes, and offers the ability to generate historical reports.

Quality Assurance Module

The Quality Assurance module within Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software enables testing designed to determine if the quality of incoming raw materials meets manufacturing requirements. Improve quality assurance with defined processes to optimize and refine testing of incoming raw materials. Implement flexible quality sampling procedures and accurate tracking of destructive testing. Establish step-by-step procedures to reduce manufacturing delays, rework, and scrap. 

Quality Assurance integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP solution modules providing an efficient and flexible manufacturing environment. Define customized parameters for specific customers and vendors with flexible reporting. Efficiently collaborate with supply chain partners with clear and concise reports.

The Quality Assurance module within Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP 2016 solution includes the following features:

  • Controlled Quality Level Definition designates test specifications according to specific needs, from quality levels to sample sizes, using acceptable quality level (AQL) tables.

  • Destructive Testing Management allows quality tests to be set as destructive” to alert the system that the defective material is unavailable for further production use. 

  • Detailed Reporting of Test Results creates reports summarizing defects discovered during the inspection process with the Non-Standard Report (NSR), issues Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCARs), and researches the source of the defect to help prevent any recurrences.

  • Flexible Test Definition Information defines quality assurance procedures according to specific needs from single step procedures to complex operations.

  • Improved Access to Critical Data tracks and records detailed information of incoming materials making vital data such as lots, serial numbers, and purchase orders readily available. 

  • Powerful Defect Management tracks, manages, and analyzes defects that are the most common to manufacturing and quality issues. Easily define configuration instructions for inspectors when the defective material is identified. 

Customer Relationship Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Customer Relationship Management Module

Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) ERP 2016 solution fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) to merge customer information bilaterally and ensure data consistency across departments. 

Services & Support for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Support Options

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system offers service plan benefits that range from self-support options to personalized account management.

Support resources within tiered plans include unlimited online training, varied levels of support calls, access to a technical and support portal, access to updates and upgrades, and more. 

When you need personalized, one-to-one support Microsoft Dynamics GP system support professionals can handle most requests immediately. When an immediate, on-the-spot solution is not available, guaranteed response times help to ensure customer issues are answered expeditiously.

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