ProcessPro | Master Production Scheduler

Master Production Scheduler
The Advanced Scheduler application makes production scheduling simple and easy to understand. With user-friendly feature ususers are able to view/edit the batch ticket details directly from the scheduling screen, easily schedule machine downtime, identify batch tickets with shortages and other helpful reporting features. User-friendly features include:
  • Batch Tickets with shortages are highlighted when the schedule is loaded initially.
  • The drag-and-drop capability allows users to move the batch tickets within the schedule.
  • Scheduler tracks the original customer required date for ontime performance reporting.
  • Multiple users are allowed to generate schedules at the same time.
  • The schedule can be viewed in a variety of different options: time increments,multiple days, or multiple work centers.
  • Batch Tickets can be locked in the schedule to prevent movement within the schedule.
  • Color coding provides a visual status of the Batch Ticket.
  • The Missing Component report can be generated after the schedule is created to confirm any Batch Tickets that can be produced. 
  • Work center reports can be generated to provide a schedule to the line operators. 
  • Work Center Hours schedule determines hour availability by day.
  • User can define the work center type.
  • The allocated time in the schedule is driven by the Set Up and Cycle Time on the route.
  • User can change Batch Ticket start dates and work centers with the click of a button.
  • Batch Tickets can be scheduled outside of the normal work day.
  • Equipment down time can be scheduled.