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Materials Management for Cetec ERP

Barcoding & Labeling Module

Automatically print barcoded labels directly from the application within your web browser. Barcode your warehouse with bin location labels, print barcoded receipt labels, barcoded serial labels (raw material or finished goods), scan to put away into stock, scan to pick.

Bill Of Materials (Infinite Levels) Module

  • Store bill of materials (BOM) records in the system per BOM revision, including multi-level BOMs and subassemblies, component material requirements, estimated cost rollups, labor plans, routers, documents/drawings, and more. Store permanent BOM definitions, make template BOMs during quoting, copy BOMs and import BOMs from Excel or CAD/Solidworks output, modify temporary BOMs within the context of a specific order.
  • Phantom BOMs — Duplicate assemblies as a phantom BOMs to preserve flexibility between engineering dicated BOMs versus BOMs used for production. Set BOM flag to default” the setting to use the phantom BOM instead of the regular BOM during production. Set an assembly to phantom” to collapse all constituent components and any constituent subassemblies, flatten their component definitions out and bring each component up in line with the top-level kit; avoid generating extra paperwork for subassemblies marked as phantom”.

Dimensional Inventory Control Module

Support for dimensional inventory control, e.g. piece length (metal piping, electrical wiring, plastic sheet square footage, etc.) Leverage dimensional inventory visibility to allocate material to orders in the most practical, cost effective manner.

Inventory Management Module

  • Tackle any inventory tracking challenge, from high-mix / low-volume environments with thousands of part SKUs to metal and plastics processors with specific piece measurement and dimensional inventory requirements.
  • Complete auditability of all inventory movement in the system, whether due to incoming receipts, bin movements, outgoing shipments, or inventory adjustments (with configurable reason codes), including date-time stamp and username responsible for inventory transaction.
  • Work in process (WIP) tracking all materials, material cost, employee labor, labor cost, time, and overhead involved in production in real time.
  • RMAs — Robust and integrated RMA module to handle returns, refunds, rework, repairs, and replacements. Tie RMAs to source invoices or issue one-off RMAs.
  • ASN — set up EDI for ASN (Advanced Shipping Notification); setup automatic email notifiers per customer in the system.
  • Actual Costing Traceability — Capture receipt cost of raw material, track through material allocation per receipt through to orders, track through subassembly production across any number of levels, through to top-level finished goods. Analyze material estimates versus actuals, true build costs and order/item profitability.

Lot & Serial Traceability Module

  • Capture lot/heat information upon receipt of material. Upload certification documents and/or packing slips to the purchase order receipt. Serialize raw material, serialize finished goods, print barcoded serial labels for product to store in inventory and ultimately pick for orders. Cetec ERP achieves maximal product traceability with less effort and paperwork.
  • Raw goods, subassembly goods, and finished goods serialization — serialize raw material, serialize finished goods, print barcoded serial labels for product to store in inventory and ultimately pick for orders. Cetec ERP achieves maximal product traceability with less effort and paperwork.

Mobile Warehouse (Receiving/Picking/Shipping) Module

  • Empower smaller teams to efficiently manage any volume of receiving, material allocation, and shipping with barcode scanners, mobile printers, and mobile tablets.
  • Perform incoming receiving inspections at receipt of product, log failures, auto-generate non-conformance reports upon failed inspections.
  • Alert your receiving clerk upon receipt of material to deliver parts directly to shop floor for hot orders pending parts, instead of putting material away into stock.
  • Modernized cycle counting and full inventory programs with mobile tablet support for periodic inventory validation; drive cycle counting from mobile warehousing setup with iPads and/or tablets.
  • Bin location & FIFO management — inventory in bin locations on a first in / first out basis, so that oldest receipts are suggested to be consumed first.
  • Consignment warehousing — Store inventory in separate consignment” warehouses and take advantage of vendor consignment programs.

MRP & Inventory Forecast Module

  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) delivers suggested buy quantities based on supply/demand forecasting and ROP kanban levels. Automatic POs per material requirements supply/demand analysis (i.e. queued for approval and PO placement). Identify real-time shortages of material based on work order component and subassembly requirements.
  • Real-time material shortage reporting to identify work orders that will be short” or late” as of the Ship Date for that order (due to unavailability of components or subassemblies that comprise the top level part for the order). Drill into why a work order will be late given current supply/demand forecast.
  • Forecasting tools help you plan better and buy material based on forecasted demand against current inventory levels, open POs, and supplier lead times. Report on need-to-buy quantities of material based on ROP (re-order point) values. Identify real-time shortages of material based on work order component and subassembly requirements.

Production Scheduling & Capacity Planning Module

Simplify work order scheduling and planning. Cetec ERP production management tools help you make sense out of complex material and labor dependencies and better anticipate customer needs.

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