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Production Management for Cetec ERP

Bill Of Materials Module

  • Store bill of materials (BOM) records in the system per BOM revision, including multi-level BOMs and subassemblies, component material requirements, estimated cost rollups, labor plans, routers, documents/drawings, and more. Store permanent BOM definitions, make template BOMs during quoting, copy BOMs and import BOMs from Excel or CAD/Solidworks output, modify temporary BOMs within the context of a specific order.
  • Phantom BOMs — Duplicate assemblies as a phantom BOMs to preserve flexibility between engineering dicated BOMs versus BOMs used for production. Set BOM flag to default” the setting to use the phantom BOM instead of the regular BOM during production. Set an assembly to phantom” to collapse all constituent components and any constituent subassemblies, flatten their component definitions out and bring each component up in line with the top-level kit; avoid generating extra paperwork for subassemblies marked as phantom”.

Configurable Manufacturing Modes Module

  • Lean Manufacturing — The Cetec ERP production module was designed with lean manufacturing and Just In Time principles in mind; the system is built around need for quick turn, flexibility, and reduction of WIP to increase cash flow. Organize your shop floor, track orders in production, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, get real time monitoring of orders going over estimates, and improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your business.
  • Discrete Manufacturing & Job Shops — a powerful and flexible business platform to help you easily fulfill a wide variety of customer and/or internal product demands. Track and fulfill orders quickly in Cetec ERP. Stay nimble, provide excellent customer service, automate boring tasks, and get product out of the door. Fulfill a variety of customer and/or internal product demands, including MTO, ETO, CPQ, CTO, Build For Stock, Finished Goods Distribution, Raw Materials Distribution, Subassemblies (Kan-Ban), and more.
  • Process Manufacturing — fulfill a wide variety of product and manufacturing demands, including process manufacturing. Control inventory, achieve total traceability across your product mix, and increase efficiencies. Cetec ERP is proven to support the needs of process manufacturers with strict regulatory requirements from the FDA, including Bakeries, Cosmetics, Food, and Chemicals.
  • Build To Stock — Build orders for subassemblies or finished goods to stock to keep on shelf until you sell them. Upon completion of build-for-stock work order, raw materials are depleted, and finished product is automatically received into stock as a finished good at the appropriate cost/value based on the true cost of the build-for-stock work order.
  • Medical/Military/Aerospace/Food — Cetec ERP enables businesses to compete effectively in regulated markets (e.g. Medical, Military, and Aerospace) with strict customer and certification requirements (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100, API Spec Q1/Q1, FDA requirements, UL, etc.) for process control, material traceability, and production control and traceability. The system builds in automated tools so you can meet requirements more efficiently and at lower costs than your competitors.

Integrated QMS & ECO/ECR Module

  • Full suite QMS integrated to the ERP system, failed inspections auto-initiate NCR process, link CAR / CAPA to NCR, perform root cause analysis, track customer complaint/satisfaction cases, control tool calibration/maintenance scheduling. Using controlled software processes earns you easy pass at ISO, API spec Q1/Q2, FDA audits and more.
  • NCR system designed specifically for regulatory compliance; collect information, control process, and enforce controls; access quality data easily with graphs, reports, and easy excel exporting. Automatically generate NCRs with source details upon any inspection failure; track exceptions in a centralized NCR system; route NCRs via auditable workflow control and automated email notifications to appropriate dispositions and department.
  • CAR/PAR/CAPA system designed specifically for regulatory compliance. Automatically link out to CARs (corrective action reports) to resolve NCRs; optional 8D (eight disciplines) tracked to CAR resolution; root cause analysis tools within CARs / PARs
  • Root cause analysis tools within CAR / PAR process designed specifically for regulatory compliance.
  • Log inspections directly from work orders (e.g. receiving, in-process, final), pass/fail rates, failure codes, and more to create detailed reports on inspection activity; maintain your own database of inspection failure codes. Require (i.e. system enforce) critical steps in inspection instructions, work instructions, job checklists and data collection sheets delivered electronically to shop floor; automatically generate NCRs with source details upon any inspection failure.
  • Engineering Change Orders — robust, clean, controlled ECO process built in and intelligently integrated. Manage all affected components, higher-level BOMs, open work orders for the material, etc. Route ECO through various stages departments in workflow, ping assignee with email alert and nag” notifier, report on ECO assignment history, etc. Achieve controlled process for rev rolls.

Mobile Shop Floor Module

  • Setup mobile shop floor kiosks and deliver work order travelers electronically to the shop floor. Achieve inline data capture, electronic work instructions, batch processing, one piece flow, piece-level material movement, outsourcing management and contract manufacturing, all from the paperless work order interface.
  • Electronic work instructions — deliver work instructions electronically at each stage of production within the job routing interface. Attach pictures, require data collection to proceed with production, track work order progress, track work performed per user.
  • Data collection — at each stage in job routing, require collection of data (e.g. operator initials) before job can proceed to next stage of production or ship/invoice.
  • Real time shop floor monitoring — Cetec ERP’s production management provides in-depth tools for the shop floor management, including labor and overhead tracking, electronic routers/travelers with inline data capture, electronic work instructions, batch processing, one piece flow, piece-level material movement, outsourcing management and contract manufacturing, and much more.

Production & WIP Reporting Module

  • Achieve complete visibility to shop floor activity, work order status, capacity, order schedules, status updates from shop floor personnel, and much more.
  • Work in process reporting — track all materials, material cost, employee labor, labor cost, time, and overhead involved in production in real time.
  • Inspection Reporting — detailed inspection summary reports, pass/fail rates, yield rates, failure codes, and more to create detailed reports on inspection activity and history; maintain your own database of inspection failure codes.

Production Scheduling & Capacity Planning Module

  • Job Schedules — automatically generate and deliver schedules of work based on all open orders and respective demand at every work location or machine on your floor, in addition to representative capacities at each work location or machine. Mark stages in production as complete to update the order schedule.
  • Set finite capacity constraints to optimize work order schedules. Make sense out of complex material and labor dependencies and better anticipate customer needs. Run what-if production scenarios to inform capacity/personnel decisions.
  • Finite scheduling — run work orders through the Cetec ERP finite scheduling engine for an optimal allocation of shop floor demand against shop floor capacity, based on order due date priority. Based on scheduling engine logic, suggested schedules are automatically created for work order release to production, and start/stop times for each stage of production. Prevent over-allocation of capacity; optimize your resources and stay ahead of scheduling issues.
  • Infinite scheduling — define basic parameters assuming best case capacity (i.e. infinite capacity”) to generate a simple, reliable work schedule and a baseline for production managers to work from.
  • Gantt Chart — View suggested work schedule per order or per work location in table format or with an interactive, zoomable Gantt chart. View production schedule by work order, listing suggested scheduled demand at work locations over time; or view production schedule by work location, viewing suggested scheduled demand against individual orders at each work location over time.

Time Tracking, Job Costing, & Outsourcing Module

  • Actual material costing — track cost of raw material through material allocation per receipt, through to work orders, through subassembly production across any number of levels, through to top-level finished goods. Analyze material estimates versus actuals, true build costs and order/item profitability.
  • Work order actual to estimate costs — track true build costs (material, labor, overhead, charges, and outsourcing) on work orders; reconcile actual invoice/order costs against estimates to understand true profitability.
  • Clock in/out of jobs to track labor/overhead time, drive actual build costs based on default or specific labor/overhead rates, drive summary reporting of shop floor visibility, worker time and productivity.
  • Outsource PO link to work order — attach outsource POs, i.e. subcontracting work, to one or more work orders. Meet subcontractor minimum price break requirements by placing a single PO to fulfill outsource requirements across multiple work orders. Pass outsourcing costs through to the work orders that consume” the outsourced service to drive accurate and detailed build costing analysis.

Work Order Documents (Barcoded Traveler, Pick List, Drawings) Module

  • Automatically generate work order travelers upon order entry for work order routing. Scan into jobs and scan to update work locations and start work time (labor/overhead).
  • Serialize raw material, serialize finished goods, print barcoded serial labels for product to store in inventory and ultimately pick for orders. Cetec ERP achieves maximal product traceability with less effort and paperwork.
  • Scan receipts to pick parts on a work order, control picking accuracy and increase efficiency
  • Stay efficient, organized, and clean. The only document management system you need is already built into your ERP system, saving you time spent chasing through file naming schemes and spreadsheets. Attach documents/drawings as early as the quoting process; documents flow through on related business objects to be accessible to relevant personnel at anytime during the transaction lifecycle. Shop floor workers can access part drawings attached by engineering to the BOM on the fly while in a work order.

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