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Epicor Mattec (Advanced MES)

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Epicor Mattec (Advanced MES)
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Production Management for Epicor Mattec (Advanced MES)

Energy Management Module

Analyze load patterns, production requirements, and resource demands for energy savings. With Epicor MES Energy Monitoring, you can keep an eye on energy performance indicators (EPIs) to reduce consumption and cut costs.

  • Monitor utility consumption and pinpoint energy savings opportunities at each machine
  • Analyze, report, and track energy use with real-time scorecards
  • Get the facts about the energy cost to produce each part
  • Create the optimal startup sequence to lower peak energy consumption
  • Understand tradeoffs between using existing equipment and capital investments

Maintenance Management Module

Epicor MES helps you take a proactive, deliberate approach to maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). Control activities for machine, tools, and auxiliary equipment based on actual runtime, number of cycles or time, so that you can eliminate guesswork and conflicts from your maintenance program.

  • Enable a preventative maintenance program
  • Improve equipment reliability and boost longevity
  • Avoid production/maintenance scheduling conflicts
  • Prevent costly machine repairs and unplanned downtime
  • Conduct maintenance activities with precision

Production Scheduling Module

Epicor MES real-time visual production scheduling keeps constant pace with what’s happening on the shop. When jobs start at the right time and orders finish when they’re supposed to, your company can more reliably deliver on its commitments.

  • See what is really happening on the floor with visual production scheduling tools that are changing real-time based on actual cycle time, uptime and scrap rates
  • Easily manage Family Molding and optimize lean manufacturing using Kanban scheduling
  • Identify Tooling conflicts to avoid costly downtime
  • Maximize machine loading and minimize downtime to reduce costs and capital expenditure
  • Evaluate schedule performance to identify activity-coordination problems, resource conflicts, and possible cost overruns

Quality Management Module

Statistical process control (SPC) and statistical quality control (SQC) with Epicor MES use real-time, automatic data to help you respond to production conditions helping to reduce costly scrap and rework.

  • Reduce scrap and rework with automatic part qualification and rejection
  • Satisfy customer requirements and avoid chargebacks and defect penalties by ensuring conformance to quality standards
  • Drive continuous improvements to eliminate waste, increase uptime, and reduce costs

Schedule Optimization Module

Advanced MES helps the plant change instantly based on new requirements with a click-and-drag production schedule. Or, you can watch the schedule update and adjust automatically based on actual machine speeds, production counts, equipment status, conditions, or job specifications. The system makes it easy to plan by showing resource availability based on machine/ part/ tool compatibility, and optimal plans based on prior part performance. What-if analysis combines with built-in machine capacity planning and labor and material forecasting for better planning. Advanced MES supports Kanban scheduling.

Epicor Mattec (Advanced MES) Modules

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