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Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise (Infor LN)

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Infor ERP Feature Pack 6
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20 — 2,500
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Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise (Infor LN)
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Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise (Infor LN) Overview

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Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise ERP System Dashboard

Infor LN (previously Baan) is a powerful software solution that offers a wide range of capabilities to help manufacturers remain competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment.

With the ability to efficiently manage end-to-end processes, from shop floor operations to forecasting and strategic planning, manufacturers can rely on Infor LN to streamline their operations and increase productivity.

Additionally, Infor LN is available both on-premises and in the cloud, providing manufacturers with the flexibility they need to meet the changing demands of their business.

The key benefits of Infor LN are its industry-specific functionality combined with cost-effective deployment. With specialized versions for industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, and industrial enterprise, manufacturers can be confident that they are using an enterprise resource planning solution that is tailored to their unique needs.

The high-tech, industry-specific functionality of Infor LN includes capabilities such as supply chain planning, quality control, and aftermarket service, which can help manufacturers to improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver high-quality products and services to their customers.

Another important feature of Infor LN is its ability to support Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 principles through augmented analytics. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, Infor LN can help manufacturers to gain insights into their operations and identify areas for improvement. This can lead to more efficient production processes, higher quality products, and increased customer satisfaction.

Improve Business Processes

Overall, Infor LN is an excellent choice for multi-site manufacturing enterprises to single-site organizations who are looking to improve their operations and stay competitive in a rapidly changing business landscape. With the comprehensive functionality of Infor LN, its industry-specific capabilities, and support for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 principles, Infor LN is a powerful tool that offers ERP software customizations to help manufacturers achieve their goals and drive growth and innovation in their organizations.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise (Infor LN) Advantages

Infor LN (previously Baan) strengths include global engineering, product configuration, projects, advanced planning, and manufacturing via cost-effective deployment:

  • Projects — Solid planning, budgeting, and forecasting; Microsoft Project integration
  • Multi-Site Planning — Visibility and constraints-based planning across multiple sites.
  • Manufacturing — Constraints-based shop floor optimization
  • Service — Fully integrated service lifecycle management, including call center, warranty, financials, depot repair
  • Product Configuration — Sales and manufacturing configuration, including product lifecycle traceability.

Other Advantages of INFOR LN Include Business Process Improvement:

  • A unique built-in process modeling tool within Infor LN offers quick implementations and user setup
  • Single database installation facilitates global multi-site interaction and lowers TCO.
  • Complete business visibility from a single screen with detailed drill-down capability
  • Constraint-based multi-site planning capabilities support complex supply chain management
  • Monitor metrics and gather real-time data

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise (Infor LN) Technology

Infor LN is committed to solution interoperability, innovation, and evolution across all product lines so customers can easily add, change, upgrade, or modify solutions as their business requirements change. Infor LN leverages the benefits of Infor’s leading technology platform, Infor OS, to provide a core technology strategy for your growth and innovation, now and in the future.

Infor LN OS Capabilities Provide Industry-Specific Analytics

  • Integrations — Purpose-built middleware that makes integrating your enterprise systems, both Infor LN and non-Infor LN, fast and easy. You can eliminate operational silos, scale up or down to meet changing business needs, reduce the burden on IT by putting business process changes into the hands of power users, and achieve unparalleled operational efficiency.
  • Collaboration — Comprehensive platform for social collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics. Incorporating the most innovative social media concepts into a business environment, the Infor LN OS lets you capture vital corporate knowledge and tie communications to business processes so you can work smarter and faster.

    From collaborating alongside core systems like ERP or financials to​“following” people and objects, you’ll solve problems and get work done in ways you never thought possible with Infor LN.

  • Analytics — Transform data into a competitive advantage. Infor LN provides industry-specific analytics, robust reporting capabilities, personalized dashboards, and workflows and alerts — all accessible from your mobile device with changes synced automatically to your desktop.
  • Mobility — Access systems and information anytime, anywhere, and extends the capabilities of your core organizational systems. Unlock the power of existing enterprise solutions by seamlessly integrating mobile capabilities with your Infor LN applications and get the ability to easily build and deploy custom mobile apps to meet your specific needs.
  • Extensibility – The Infor LN application development framework lets you easily design and deploy applications that enhance your core enterprise solution.

No knowledge of complex source codes or programming languages is required with Infor LN. You’ll be able to create enhancements in a fraction of the time and with far less effort than is required with traditional development approaches.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise (Infor LN) Modules

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