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MIE Trak Pro Overview

MIE Solutions was built on the principle of integrated data and informed decisions. Knowing what you need is one part, integrating with your shop process is the second.

MIE Trak Pro, MIE Solutions’ ERP solution provides a total end-to-end solution both on-premise and cloud.

MIE Trak Pro was developed from actual shop experience and real-life experience and is designed to responsively adapt to the unique needs of your shop. MIE Trak Pro is an end-to-end ERP system that seamlessly integrates all business processes from the warehouse to the front office to the boss’s mobile device. Everything from robust architecture, to the massive suite of customizable tools, to the intuitive user interface is designed to maximize efficiency and agility across the entire enterprise.

At MIE Solutions we pride ourselves in being customer-centric. Our development team, our support specialists and management team work together to provide infinite solutions for our clients. We want our clients to be proud to own MIE Solutions products and confident in choosing MIE Solutions’ MIE Trak Pro. Headquartered in Garden Grove California, MIE Solutions has U.S. offices in Illinois, Florida, Wisconsin, and internationally in Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and United Kingdom.

MIE Trak Pro Advantages


With MIE Solutions you own the application software along with your data. Other cloud-based ERP companies provide multi-tenant” solutions where you lease the application and you’re not in control of software updates. With MIE we provide a dedicated” AWS server and you’re in control of software updates and regular backup are provided whenever you need it.

Responsive Supply Chain Management

Anticipate shortages and change scheduling in real time to prevent stoppages and guarantee delivery.

State Of The Art Automation

Our unique automation system minimizes human error and maximizes efficiency using proven industry Best Practices.


Easily create quotes and RFQ’s without the use of complicated spreadsheets.


Seamlessly integrates billing, invoicing and payroll activity with leading accounting software packages.


Maximize efficiency with an automatic scheduling engine that’s vertically integrated with your supply chain.


Identify and address quality concerns with powerful analytic reports that identify key areas of improvement.


Seamless integrations with QuickBooks & Sage allows MIE Trak Pro users to easily import and export invoices, purchase orders, customer data and supplier information and software applications.

MIE Trak Pro Technology

MIE Trak Pro streamlines the following features for maximum speed, efficiency, accuracy, and control, all in real time: Accounting, Business Analytics, CRM, EDI, BOMs, Bar-coding, Human Resources, Inventory Control, Invoicing, Quality Control & Inspection, Repair & Maintenance, RFQ/Quoting, Sales & Purchase Order Processing, Time Clock, and Work Order Scheduling & Reporting. The system also offers Kiosk Data Collection and Whiteboard Scheduling modules with drag-and-drop scheduling and contains customer and vendor centers and an executive management overview to ensure each user has access to real-time data updates.

The MIE Trak Pro solution is provided both on-premise and on cloud.

MIE Trak Pro Modules

Materials Management for MIE Trak Pro

Materials Management Modules

MIE Trak Pro ERP Software gives the user the ability to control all aspects of inventory from Raw Material, WIP and Finished Goods inventory.

  • Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Receiving makes it easy to procure and receive items into inventory.
  • Work Orders makes it easy to issue and use Bill of Material items from Raw Material inventory to WIP inventory to Finished Goods inventory.
  • MRP makes it easy to manage all inventories from procuring Raw Materials to creating work orders for producing Finished Goods. 

Sales & Order Management for MIE Trak Pro

Sales and Order Management Modules

MIE Trak Pro ERP Software gives the user the ability to quote, receive sales orders and invoice with ease and a minimal amount of data entry.

  • RFQ and Quote modules make it easy to record the receipt of a request for quote and prepare a detailed quote of single detail items or complex assemblies and then to send a quote letter through email and capture the quote when receiving a purchase order from the customer.
  • Sales Order and Electronic Sales Order Import modules make it easy to enter sales orders whether creating the sales order from the RFQ, entering a sales order from scratch or importing sales orders from csv files.
  • Project module makes it easy to associate multiple RFQs and Sales Orders to a big project and then to manage the project.
  • Invoice, Pick List and Manifest modules make it easy to create Packing Slips and Invoices and prepare shipping documents such as bill of ladings.

Financial Management for MIE Trak Pro

Financial Management Modules

MIE Trak Pro ERP Software gives the user the ability to perform all of the accounting functions with a minimum of data entry with a complete ERP system covering everything from Estimating, Order Entry, Work Order job costing, Purchasing and PO Receiving and Invoicing.

  • General Ledger makes it easy to create a chart of accounts and to manage multiple divisions. 
  • Customer Center and Supplier Center makes it easy to manage Aged Receivables and Aged Payables.
  • Received Payment and Bank Deposit makes it easy to apply cash receipts from customers and to make the deposits.
  • Bill Entry and Bill Payment makes it easy to process accounts payables invoices and do check runs.
  • General Journal Entry and Memorized Journal Entry makes it easy to create recurring journal entries that are used repeatedly as well as entering do the standard journal entry.
  • Currency Code makes it easy to do translate between currencies of multiple countries to the home currency.
  • Statement module makes it easy to create multiple statement formats for reporting to different entities whether the statements are detailed or summarized.
  • Budget module makes it easy to enter multiple budgets that can be used to compare the actual financial results to. 

Production Management for MIE Trak Pro

Production Management Modules

MIE Trak Pro ERP Software gives the user the ability to control all aspects of production management from the creation of work orders to scheduling to tracking the work orders through the production process.

  • Work Orders, Routers and Production Overview make it easy to create and track the new and repeatable production processes of items through the facility.
  • Work Order Nests make it easier and more efficient to collect labor collection data for the benefit of real time tracking.
  • White Board, Scheduling Board and APS Scheduling makes it easy to schedule a number of different ways whatever is best for the company and how it is managed.
  • Quality Control and Business Process modules make it easy to accumulate and analyze quality issues during the production process and customer returned items. 

Supply Chain Management for MIE Trak Pro

Supply Chain Management Modules

MIE Trak Pro ERP Software gives the user the ability to manage the entire supply chain between multiple divisions and multiple locations.

  • Inventory Transfer makes it easy to move inventory inter-divisional or intra-divisional, from one location to another. 
  • APS Scheduling makes it easy to see production capacity within the organization between the divisions.
  • Work Orders makes it easy to move production between divisions.

Customer Relationship Management for MIE Trak Pro

CRM Modules

MIE Trak Pro ERP Software gives the user the ability to manage customer relations with the integration of the web-based CRM Workbooks.

Workbooks is a web-based CRM that has been integrated with MIE Trak Pro with the syncing of the customers and vendors and the linking of the A/R Aging with each customer.

Additional Capabilities for MIE Trak Pro

Additional Modules

MIE Trak Pro ERP Software gives the user the ability to manage the organization with the additional modules.

  • Dashboard makes it easy to develop metrics that a user would like to use to manage their area of responsibility and to show it in a graphical display. 
  • Quick View makes it easy to create your own queries of information.
  • Time Clock module makes it easy to track payroll hours and to export them to a payroll service or package as well as have the system automatically accrue vacation and sick time based on the companies established policies.
  • Human Resource module makes it easy to maintain records about each employee.
  • Repair and Maintenance module makes it easy to schedule preventative maintenance and accumulate the costs on all assets as well as schedule when something or someone needs to be recertified. 
  • Tasks module makes it easy to create a task work flow for an approval process and have the tasks be added to each of the employee’s task list that are involved in the approval process.
  • Bulletin Message module makes it easy to communicate within the company whether the communication is to be targeted to an individual, a department or be distributed company wide.

Services & Support for MIE Trak Pro

Service & Support Modules

MIE Trak Pro ERP Software gives the user the ability to link with MIE Solutions through the internet for support and training.

Team Viewer module makes it easy to connect over the internet so the support personnel can link to the workstation that is having an issue to resolve the issue remotely. The Team Viewer is also used to do training over the internet with the customer.

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