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OptiPro ERP Overview

OptiProERP is a leading global provider of industry-specific ERP solutions for manufacturers and distributors. Backed by deep industry expertise and driven by a commitment to customer service, OptiProERP delivers best-in-class, end-to-end industry solutions built on the market-leading platform for small and midsize enterprises, SAP Business One.

OptiPro ERP Advantages

Keep pace with change in a digital world with SAP’s market-leading and future-proof platform for small and midsize enterprises. Increase visibility with best-in-class business and industry capabilities for manufacturing and distribution natively embedded into SAP Business One. Streamline and scale with a simple, easy-to-use, quick-to-implement solution that puts best-practice processes in place. 20+ years of optimizing manufacturing and distribution businesses, full-service support, SAP ecosystem, and customer-first practices.

OptiPro ERP Technology

Available on-premise and the cloud.

OptiPro ERP Modules

Materials Management for OptiPro ERP

Inventory Management

Inventory Management software from OptiProERP is a single solution that helps manufacturers and distributors track, monitor, and manage inventory. With real time visibility into inventory status, reporting is automated for time-saving ease and accuracy. 

OptiProERP’s inventory management software centralizes all information in a single location for real-time updates about the location and status of inventory from receipt of goods, to staging, production, finishing, and bin location. 

Benefits of OptiProERP’s Inventory Management

  • Eliminate time-consuming manual inventory tracking with real time visibility into inventory location
  • See inventory purchases automatically updated in Accounts Payable without error-prone manual posting
  • Real-time synchronization of goods receipts and inventory levels to inform purchasing
  • Purchase inventory Just-in-Time (JIT) based on sales orders, demand, and safety stock minimums
  • Know the exact lead time needed for procurement and production to deliver on time
  • Use the mobile app to check the valuation of inbound and outbound inventory wherever you are

Functionality of OptiProERP’s Inventory Management

  • Control costs and improve procurement practices with real time visibility into your inventory position
  • Use powerful real-time reporting to keep manufacturing schedules in lock step with inventory requirements
  • Keep track of inventory levels in 3 different ways: physical counting, spot checks, and cycle counting
  • Reduce inventory carrying posts by shipping3rd party parts or components directly to customers
  • Categorize inventory by highest consumption value, lowest consumption rate, and interclass items
  • Forecast inventory requirements accurately with hindcasting based on historical demand

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

OptiProERP’s MRP software synchronizes the flow of materials in a deadline-driven order system that is aligned with the production schedule.

Benefits of OptiProERP’s Materials Requirements Planning

  • Lower inventory carrying costs
  • Deliver on time, every time
  • One view of all demand-driven activities
  • Minimize order lead times
  • Receive materials on time

Functionality of OptiProERP’s Materials Requirements Planning

  • Predict inventory demand by sales orders, minimum stock requirements or recurring seasonal orders
  • Manage multi-site distributed demand from a single dashboard and reduce costs with bulk purchasing 
  • The central MRP screen shows all supply and demand information. The user-friendly display identifies all of the materials that need to be produced or purchased to maintain minimum stock levels or to fulfill sales orders 
  • Run and refresh manufacturing and purchasing plans tied to optimal inventory availability that aligns with the Master Production Schedule
  • The Master Requirements Planning (MRP) logic engine collects information received either directly from sales orders or from a demand forecast 
  • MRP receives input from the Master Production Schedule (MPS) about the quantities of finished products that must be produced to fulfill either a sales order or to meet the demand forecast 
  • The MRP application produces outcomes like populating orders and reports, quantity requirements and runs scenarios
  • The MRP screen displays exactly what needs to be purchased and/or produced
  • Create production/purchase orders from the MRP display
  • Material requirements planning consolidates demand, scheduling and inventory requirements into a single view for manufacturing and purchasing requirements
  • Schedule MRP updates when it’s convenient. Its logic engine ensures accuracy, deleting all previous plans 
  • MRP updates recalculates requirements and re-plans for the materials needed
  • Generate forecasts in a few clicks from the central screen
  • Identify potential late orders before they occur
  • Reschedule priority jobs and see downstream effects on orders and inventory 
  • Works with projected and actual supply chain demand to create production, purchasing, and inventory schedules
  • Forecast inventory demand by sales order, historical sales patterns or to meet minimum stock requirements
  • Working backward, the planning engine automatically calculates materials, resources and capacity needed to complete each step
  • Working within predefined operational capacity, the Resource Planning tool allocates work based upon the capacity of available resources

Warehouse Management

OptiProERP’s Warehouse Management Software reduces overhead and cycle times while increasing inventory turns. It automatically coordinates and records the movement of inventory, including: materials, parts, work in process, and finished goods.

Benefits of OptiProERP’s Warehouse Management

  • Helps to increase the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment 
  • It helps reduce unused inventory and lower carrying costs 
  • Minimize shipping, receiving, and handling errors
  • Optimize movement of raw materials, WIP, and finished goods 
  • Respond quickly to changing demand and handle high-volume transactions with automated processes 
  • Experience real-time integration with other ERP functions to inform inventory status and warehouse management 
  • Minimize handling costs, maximize warehouse efficiency, and deliver error-free orders on-time

Functionality of OptiProERP’s Warehouse Management

  • Role-based screens save you time and simplify your workday. Providing step-by-step guidance, the process-driven screens help the user execute tasks flawlessly with fewer clicks 
  • Easy access to drill-down information means that you spend less time looking for what you need and more time doing your work
  • Use the mobile app to issue materials for delivery or production and record receipt of goods from vendors or the shop floor 
  • Use cycle, spot, or physical counting of inventory for real-time status of on-hand stock 
  • Set replenishment alerts and execute transactions and track activity using the mobile app and hand-held scanners with barcodes or QR codes
  • Manage customer-initiated delivery changes or cancellations and fulfill orders accurately and on time

Production Management for OptiPro ERP

Production Management

User-based roles simplify your view of manufacturing production processes. Plant floor workers, using a tablet or smart phone, can update job status without leaving their work station. Managers can create BOMs or issue change orders without leaving their office – or even coming into the office. Be more productive even if you wear a lot of different hats. Because no matter what you do, there’s a screen for that.

OptiProERP’s Production Management Benefits

  • Identify variances, understand costs, optimize schedules, and eliminate waste with real-time visibility
  • Capture plant floor data and leverage it to accelerate throughput and quality
  • Ramp production up (or down) with a scalable solution that supports rapid growth
  • Improve real-time transparency and collaboration within and beyond the four walls of the business

OptiProERP’s Production Management Functionality

  • Use the bill of materials to build a comprehensive list of materials and resources needed to complete a job, including job costing information for accurate quoting
  • Monitor performance and the status of jobs, workers, and machines associated with a particular work center where specific production processes are performed
  • Use production move orders to automate requests to move materials from one onsite location to another, tracking the location and use of on-site inventory
  • Routings can manage the purchase or subcontracted raw materials or services, including automated quality control checks
  • Set up tooling specifications for machines to monitor performance, prevent out-of-spec production runs and maximize output capacity
  • Manage revisions to Bill of Materials (BOMs) or create alternate BOMs to ensure that the updated documents are associated with the correct production orders
  • Use alternate BOMs to create Engineering Change Orders, automatically update changes to components, assemblies, documents, and specifications

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

OptiProERP’s Advanced Planning & Scheduling can help you manage the materials and resources needed to meet customer expectations and keep them satisfied. It seamlessly maps the materials, machines, people, tooling, subcontract handling, quality assurance steps, inventory, quantities, scheduling, and associated resources needed to fulfill a manufacturing order.

OptiProERP’s Advanced Planning Benefits

  • Provides the flexibility to adjust as real time pressures arise along the production line
  • Puts you in control of the production planning process
  • Works with the Master Production Schedule (MPS) to create realistic production, purchasing, and inventory schedules
  • Ensures adequate inventory levels are available when materials are needed
  • Defines your total operational capacity based on machines, materials, and resources

OptiProERP’s Advanced Planning Functionality

  • Track material inventory, on-hand levels, replenishment orders, both production and purchase, based on lead times
  • Manage on-site or off-site warehouse inventory transfers
  • See both the source of the supplies being moved and the source of consumption
  • Automatically convert planning recommendation into production orders to accelerate the release of materials to the shop floor
  • Expedite purchase orders to vendors for required materials
  • Planning schedules update in real time as you explore possible production scenarios

OptiProERP’s Advanced Scheduling Benefits

  • Create realistic plans and schedules.
  • Keep production on track with insight into potential bottlenecks
  • See which jobs are the most profitable, and schedule accordingly
  • Meet customer demand and make delivery dates for greater customer satisfaction

OptiProERP’s Advanced Scheduling Functionality

  • Guarantee the best distribution of work based on your available capacity down to the minute
  • Split operations to be executed across multiple resources
  • Add manual tasks or routing steps to scheduling and track what’s happening on the shop floor
  • Use scenarios to forecast outcomes in different situations and choose the best path forward
  • Identify potential bottlenecks and reassign resources to keep production on schedule
  • Use drag and drop capability on work orders and routing steps
  • See detailed information without leaving the current screen just by moving the mouse
  • Use different timelines to see daily, weekly, and monthly horizons
  • See how much work can be produced in a specific time period with advance knowledge of limitations
  • Compare the available hours for a work center with the hours that are actually scheduled

Product Configurator

OptiProERP’s Product Configurator enables you and your customers to easily configure, price, and build configurable and made-to-order products. It is fully integrated with your ERP and is developed by OptiProERP. The Product Configurator walks you step by step through creating accurate quotes, building bill of materials, and processing a production order for your configurable products that have multiple options, unique part numbers, and component combinations. It is web-based, rule-based, and customer-facing.

OptiProERP’s Product Configurator Benefits

  • Enjoy greater flexibility with rules-based and drill-down options layered to support the most detailed of configurations
  • Quickly respond to customer requests for quotes and reconfigure changes in options as needed
  • Full integration to help you automatically create sales quotes, production orders, bill of materials, and routing based on configuration
  • Quote faster with pre-configured product options and pricing to speed up the time from configuring to quote, even on complex products
  • Have increased control with each configuration assigned a unique item code to simplify tracking and repeat orders
  • Provide better service by allowing customers to self-select the configuration they want through your website
  • Speed up the configure-to-quote-to-production process with step-by-step guidance

OptiProERP’s Product Configurator Functionality

  • Configure products and create quotations or sales orders according to your specific specs using a rules-based engine
  • Make your Product Configurator customer-facing and integrate with your eCommerce site and ERP for your order to fulfillment needs
  • The Product Configurator Wizard provides a step-by-step guide through the configuration process to make it easy to structure your products to a specific configuration
  • Have access to previous orders and existing configurations to create new orders, make adjustments, and find new profitable product combinations
  • Use multiple dimensional calculations and formulas to determine the material requirements for products
  • See if order configuration components are available and allocate them at the quote or order level
  • Keep a history of changes made to product configurations with a record of who created them
  • Take an existing configuration and copy and modify it to create a new product configuration
  • Monitor orders with customizable reports and an order queue to review before final approval
  • Customers can select the exact product options they want using a browser-based configurator

Quality Management

With OptiProERP, Quality Management is built into your ERP, giving you a single system to fully manage and streamline your quality management and compliance processes throughout your supply chain, from purchasing and receiving to production and shipping.

OptiProERP’s Quality Management Benefits

  • Streamline and automate quality processes, minimizing manual tasks, and data collection
  • See the status of key quality events in real-time to resolve issues proactively
  • Put in place system-driven controls to ensure accountability and higher quality products
  • Reduce costs incurred by reworked and scrapped finished goods
  • Ensure compliance with requirements and regulations such as ISO, IATF, FDA, and cGMP
  • Eliminate error-prone manual data entry and fragmented records
  • Unify processes, better coordinate workflows, and improve sharing of data to break down silos
  • Exceed customer requirements and quality standards free products delivered on time

OptiProERP’s Quality Management Functionality

  • Execute quality management across receiving, production, and shipping to identify and resolve issues proactively
  • Evaluate work centers in real-time to see how many parts were made and if any were faulty
  • Track raw materials, work in progress, and finished goods to expedite negotiated pricing or return of supplies
  • Conduct quality control and capture data from any location via mobile and web
  • Streamline post-inspection processes to quickly determine when received goods are faulty
  • Execute inspection plans, checklists, and quality control tests against products, people, and equipment
  • Track non-conformances and maintain a complete audit trail, and manage corrective and preventive action processes
  • Carry out 100% inspection or sampling routines for AQL and non-AQL throughout processes
  • Implement forward and backward tracing of all movements or a serial or lot number
  • Evaluate and rank vendor/supplier performance through key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Document internal controls, security, and quality measures, as well as document searches and retrievals for audits or inspections
  • Receive multi-level notifications and historical tags with automated changes to policies, procedures, and more
  • Support the complete audit from beginning to end in compliance with corporate standards and industry regulations
  • Report with user-friendly and pre-built reports for vendor production, and stability analytics

Shop Floor Execution

OptiProERP’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) helps you monitor all the details and variables of your manufacturing processes to achieve greater production efficiency.

OptiProERP’s Shop Floor Execution Benefits

  • Manage labor, machines, and materials for optimal shop floor performance
  • Work instructions can include attachments; documents, drawings, and even videos
  • Convenient touch screens for simplified operator login and task management 
  • Supervisors can monitor production status in real time from anywhere with a web browser or mobile app
  • Upon login, operators can see all assigned tasks, start work, and report status
  • Managers can assign a worker with a specific skill set to a particular machine without being on the shop floor
  • Workers can identify critical issues, failure parameters, and monitor all quality management activities
  • Keep track of employee training, skills, certifications, authorizations, and security clearance
  • Track product genealogy to know anything about a product at any time in its life cycle

OptiProERP’s Shop Floor Execution Functionality

  • Manage labor, machines, and materials for optimal shop floor performance
  • Work instructions can include attachments; documents, drawings, even videos
  • Supervisors can monitor the status in real-time from anywhere with a web browser or mobile app
  • Upon login, the operator sees all assigned tasks, starts work and reports status
  • Managers can assign a worker with a specific skill set to a machine without going to the plant floor

Sales & Order Management for OptiPro ERP

OptiProERP’s Sales and Order Management

OptiProERP’s Sales and CRM Functionality

  • Track all sales opportunities and lead activities throughout the sales cycle
  • Create, manage, and analyze marketing activities to turn prospects into customers
  • Store all critical customer data in one place, with dashboard views of all relevant information
  • Craft and manage warranty contracts and service agreements
  • Create detailed reports on every aspect of the sales process, including sales forecasting, pipeline tracking, and lead metrics
  • Empower your entire sales organization to manage up-to-date information and close deals on the move anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device
  • Provide a web-based, two-way portal for your customers to access account, order, payment, and service/support information
  • Bring in sales orders and customer data from all channels and enable a connected omnichannel experience across mobile, online, and brick-and-mortar channels
  • Synchronize and manage customer contacts and email quotes and invoices with full Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Integrate data bi-directionally with Salesforce or your preferred CRM system

Financial Management for OptiPro ERP

Financial Management

From general ledger to job costing, OptiProERP’s Accounting and Financial Management software gives you a powerful, fully integrated and sized-right upgrade from basic and stand-alone accounting systems.

OptiProERP’s Financial Management Benefits

  • Process reconciliations, bank statements, and payments faster through various methods including checks, cash, and bank transfers
  • Use real-time data to create standard or customized reports to improve business planning and audit review processes
  • Use a virtual function to simplify the management of fixed assets and remove repetitive manual entries
  • Manage cash flow, track fixed assets, control budgets, and monitor project costs with greater accuracy and efficiency
  • Automate the handling of all key accounting processes such as journal entries, accounts receivable, and accounts payable
  • Get insights faster with the ability to drag and relate and drill down data and use search assistance and workflow-based alerts
  • Design interactive dashboards that help track revenues, costs, and cash flow accurately
  • Create standard or ad hoc reports with real-time data to easily review critical business information

OptiProERP’s Financial Management Functionality

  • Close with confidence, get more timely and accurate insight, and drive more profitable decision-making with a complete set of tools for streamlined financial and back office operations
  • Speed up transactions and improve cash flow with connected financial operations
  • Automate accounting processes: journal entries, receivables, payables, and more
  • Accelerate tedious banking processes and expedite payments with flexible options
  • Manage cash flow, control budgets, and monitor job costs efficiently and accurately
  • Create standard or customized reports from real-time data to inform planning
  • Track fixed assets without repetitive manual data entry using a virtual function

Reporting and Analytics

With OptiProERP, Reporting and Analytics are built into and integrated with your ERP, so you can capture all critical information instantly, and create standard or ad hoc reports on-demand.

OptiProERP’s Reporting and Analytics Benefits

  • Better decision-making analysis from multiple perspectives with integration to Excel functionality
  • Have critical information available company-wide so staff can make confident decisions
  • Ability to drag and relate and drill down data for faster insight
  • Real-time dashboards that answer important business questions to take swift action
  • Design reports to pull the information you want and display it the way you want
  • Improve your cash balance visibility and sales performance with analytics and KPIs
  • Dig deeper and find patterns that lead to actionable data
  • Better evaluation of data to forecast future outcomes and drive results

OptiProERP’s Reporting and Analytics Functionality

  • Get a more granular view of data with specific layers of information to analyze
  • Display a wide array of real-time business information linking master data elements to transactions
  • Enterprise search, pervasive analytics designer, and workflow-based alerts all help provide faster insight
  • Pull data from any sources to build insightful end-to-end data visualizations
  • See multiple perspectives with integration to Excel functionality to include pivot table interaction
  • See graphical reports that depict business performance for purchasing, sales, inventory, and financial activity
  • Users can easily control information to create and run ad hoc reports to explore and report on data
  • Analyze large amounts of data in real time for instant business insights to help drive transformation


With OptiProERP, Purchasing is built into your ERP, giving you a single system to manage the entire procurement process from purchase order creation to supplier invoice payment.

OptiProERP’s Purchasing Benefits

  • Increase control and lower costs by managing detailed purchasing data 
  • Negotiate better deals by easily comparing vendor pricing to identify cost-saving opportunities
  • Optimize procurement with automated processes for fewer errors, improved practices, and faster transactions
  • Greater insight with real-time data generated in reports for intelligent decision-making
  • Accurate inventory by synchronizing accounting and inventory levels identifying material needs
  • Receive fast approvals by requesting and receiving in seconds with web and mobile access
  • Streamline purchasing processes to improve productivity and save time
  • Reduce process complexity to stay organized and reduce paperwork

OptiProERP’s Purchasing Functionality

  • Synchronization of goods receipts and inventory in the warehouse to plan with ease
  • Centralize purchasing processes by managing detailed data in a user-friendly interface
  • Match documents, view information trails, and manage multiple currencies for audits
  • Process AP transactions with a PO reference to plan for and to purchase needed materials
  • Generate integrated reports with real-time data to gain an overview in various formats
  • Request vendor quotes, create purchase requests, and pay vendors in a systematic approach
  • Set approvals by dollar thresholds, users, departments, and locations
  • Three-way matching with a purchase order, invoice, and packing slip to ensure accurate transactions

Supply Chain Management for OptiPro ERP

Supply Chain Management

With OptiProERP, Supply Chain Management is built into your ERP, so you can build a dynamic, resilient, and efficient supply chain that will ensure you have the proper inventory to meet demand. 

OptiProERP’s Supply Chain Management Benefits

  • Greater visibility lets you see your supply chain from end to end in real-time to understand precisely what is happening at any given moment
  • Define an optimal schedule to meet demand by using information from events occurring throughout the supply chain 
  • Receive accurate inventory data, both stored and manufactured, to maximize supply chain efficiency
  • Make better decisions with powerful reports and analytics that measure the effectiveness of your supply chain
  • Improve supplier collaboration, management, and visibility for better relationships and reduced errors and costs
  • Minimize potential risk issues with automated processes and tracking and reporting on supply risk metrics
  • Improve forecast accuracy and demand planning using algorithms and consumption analysis
  • Reduce costs with better supplier communication, faster payments, and by leveraging purchase orders
  • Increase productivity and growth by minimizing process time and transportation lead time

OptiProERP’s Supply Chain Management Functionality

  • Integrated and advanced planning, supply and demand planning, distribution requirements planning, and master scheduling
  • Alerts to real and potential disruptions and opportunities
  • Communicate with suppliers in real-time on capacity, forecasts, and orders
  • A single view of orders, shipments, inventory, and vendor performance
  • Control parcel shipments and ensure cross-border trade compliance
  • Suppliers can log in 247 to view purchase orders and other pertinent information
  • Create, track, and maintain supplier purchased items and pricing in one shareable location
  • Monitor quality issues, on-time delivery, performance, and track all supplier transaction information
  • Executive-level reports that measure the effectiveness of the supply chain and graphs for visual representations of data

Customer Relationship Management for OptiPro ERP

Sales and CRM

OptiProERP’s Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to manage the entire customer lifecycle more efficiently – from initial contact to sale, production, after-sales service, and support.

OptiProERP’s Sales and CRM Benefits

  • End-to-end customer visibility by connecting financials, marketing, sales, production, shipping, service, and support
  • Provide improved customer service with real-time order status and faster, more accurate service and
  • Consolidated orders and data by integrating e‑commerce, Microsoft Outlook, and more
  • Knowledgeable decision-making based on timely, accurate data on all aspects of the sales process
  • Streamline service management by simplifying customer warranties, service calls, and service contracts
  • Empower customers by giving them a portal to pay bills, place orders, and view reports online
  • Increase agility to respond faster to customer needs with dashboards showing trends and forecasts
  • Deliver a superior customer experience by being able to have access to sales and customer data from anywhere

Additional Capabilities for OptiPro ERP


OptiProERP’s Estimation software lets you calculate the direct material, labor, indirect material, and overhead costs, along with others like customs clearance, packaging, and shipping.

OptiProERP’s Estimation Benefits

  • Improve customer satisfaction by quickly responding to individual customer requirements with detailed and accurate estimates 
  • Save time by quickly creating estimates using the Estimation Wizard that walks users step-by-step through an automated process
  • Increase your bottom line with accurate markup, overhead costs, and shipping costs in every estimate

OptiProERP’s Estimation Functionality:

  • Create attributes such as length, weight, height, thickness, etc., and make groups of attributes
  • Define rules for computing raw material requirements
  • Add, edit, and delete catalogs (list of bought-out items for finished goods), categories, and departments
  • Define a markup group with percentages
  • Define an overhead group with overhead as a percentage or a fixed value
  • Create BOMs and sales quotations within the Estimation tool
  • Define template estimates for commonly sold products, copy and customize an existing template or estimate and modify it for new requirements, or create a new one

Services & Support for OptiPro ERP

Service Management

With OptiProERP, Service Management is built into and integrated with your ERP, giving you a single system where you can fully manage all aspects of service calls and customer service information, so you can help guarantee timely response and resolution times.

OptiProERP’s Service Management Benefits

  • Improve response times with real-time alerts when preset limits are exceeded
  • Provide better customer service with the ability to navigate service calls to the relevant consultant, department, or employee
  • Quickly find resolutions to common issues using a solutions knowledge base
  • Have efficient contract administration by maintaining customer agreements with crucial information on service contracts and warranties
  • Real-time analysis of service information with instant access to multiple reports on call volumes, durations, and response times
  • Employ an automated and standardized approach to contracts using predefined templates 
  • Empowers employees by accessing their call performance to take any necessary action
  • Enhanced customer data with customer equipment cards that track the serial numbers of items sold and services provided

OptiProERP’s Service Management Functionality

  • Administer all key aspects of the customer warranty and service contract life cycles
  • Manage projects by creating tasks and activities related to customer requests
  • Online ticketing system lets you receive and track customer issues through to resolution
  • Control access and authorizations for specific service data and reports
  • Monitor the contract terms, renewal, and expiration times for particular items
  • Use the service monitor to display all open service calls and overdue calls
  • Evaluate service performance by analyzing service contracts and technical call data
  • Provide alerts when call durations and volume limits have been exceeded
  • Assign tickets, create activities, and contact customers both locally and remotely
  • Define different queues to navigate service calls to relevant departments or employees
  • Employ an automated and standardized approach to creating service contracts
  • Analyze service calls by queue, response by assignee, average closure time, and more

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