ECi M1 | Payroll



M1 Payroll will transfer data from the timecards of shop employees, using Shop Floor Entry (SFE) or Time Card Entry, so you only need to review your entries, make adjustments and your payroll is ready to post.  Of course paying your salaried employees is just as simple.


Payroll Definition

You can define the rules for individuals or groups of employee’s, so no matter what pay frequency or conditions an employee is subject to, such as overtime, shifts etc.. M1 Payroll can cater to your needs.


Payroll Rates

You can setup an unlimited number of rates to cater for all your needs including rates such as; standard time, sick, annual leave, vacation, overtime etc..



All Federal, FICA, State, local or other taxes can be handled.  M1 allows you to store previous tax revisions and even allows you to setup future tax changes before they come into effect.


Leave Accruals

Leave accruals will automatically be calculated based on options you have configured to suit individuals or groups of employee’s.  When a leave application is entered it can be viewed in a scheduling board format so leave can be effectively planned to ensure smooth running of your plant.



You can setup an unlimited number of deductions for such items as; 401K, cafeteria plans, child support, union dues, etc., deductions can be a fixed amount or percentages.


Direct Deposit

Your payroll payments can be exported to a direct deposit file for simple EFT payments to your employee’s bank accounts


Bank Accounts

Employee’s can have an unlimited number of bank accounts setup in M1 giving you and your employee’s flexibility.


Employee Management

Employee Management provides you with the ability to record important employee information, follow-ups and attachments.  Record training, attach performance appraisals and reviews or even send messages to an employee or group of employees and check the status of whether the message has been read.



M1 Payroll is fully integrated with Shop Floor Entry and Timecard entry making your payroll processing simple and M1 Payroll will automatically update your General Ledger and Bank reconciliation when you post the payroll session.


Analysis Tools

M1 Business Analysis Tools provide quick and simple visual tools to quickly view such things as payroll payments so you can see if your payroll is increasing or decreasing or compare against last year, tools that provide you valuable data.