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Customer Relationship Management for ECi M1

Call Management Module

M1 Call Management provides the channel for formally recording all communications with organisations. Calls can be separated into different types. This module enables you to build a complete history of conversations held with your customers and suppliers, you can even record your sent & received emails as calls.

The tracking information facilitates the analysis of all calls. Review the time spent on calls, assign the call to the most appropriate person, record its priority. From the call details, you can also create a Knowledge Base page. This can be used for commonly asked questions. Knowledge Base Page Entry allows you to publish calls that can be formatted differently so they can be viewed by external people over the web.

Service Contract Maintenance screen gives you the opportunity to record contracts for customers who may have equipment that requires servicing. For example, 12 month warranty service agreement.

Time Tracking

M1 records the time the call is open. Add extra time if required. You can then analyse the time spent on various call types.

Create Options

From within the call, you can create a quote, order, job and/or AR invoice.

Service Contracts

Warranties and maintenance contracts can be professionally managed using Service Contracts. State the start and end dates and the value of the contract.

Knowledge Base

Assists your employees and customers in responding to frequently asked questions relating to your products and services.

Create Page

From the call entry screen, you can immediately create a page in the Knowledge Base. The Published checkbox is updated when a page is created.

Searches and Reports

Review call activity by using the standard searches or creating your own custom searches. Standard reports provide statistical information relating to the calls you have created.

Emails & Email Attachments

M1 gives you the ability to store all your sent and received Outlook emails as calls, no cutting and pasting M1 is full integrated with Outlook. You can even store your email attachments.

Contact Management Module

M1 Contact Management provides a complete and concise method of managing all activities relating to your customers, suppliers and other organizations. This module forms the basis of M1’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities. By including multiple locations and contacts, and a range of other details, you can build a complete profile on each company. Using the standard mail merge facility within M1 saves precious time by enabling you to create and forward documents to multiple contacts.

The Organization Explorer is the ultimate tool that provides complete transaction history for any company. From memos and attachments right through to manufacturing and financial transactions, all details are accessed from the one screen.

Contact Management

Store all details for customers, suppliers and other organizations in the one area.

Multiple Locations & Contacts

Include all locations and their contacts for each organization. Develop a complete outline for each organization including correspondence (attachments).

Mail Merge

A time saving feature for communicating with a customer or supplier or a group of customers or suppliers. Standard templates can be created to automate your communication, even include attachments.

Price and Availability

This prompts for a part and shows the quantity on hand, job quantity in production, unshipped order quantity, unit sale price, and the current selling price for the selected customer.

Follow Ups

Create a task or appointment; when the follow-up is saved M1 will create/update a task/appointment in Outlook with the current information. 

Refresh Follow Ups from Outlook

If you change the information in Outlook this will synchronize the data with M1

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