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Sales & Order Management for ECi M1

Advanced Bill of Materials Module

M1‘s Advanced Bill of Materials gives you the tools to effectively manage your simplest to your most complex multi-level assembly with ease.

M1‘s Advanced bill of materials module gives you the tools to control your revisions, create engineering change requests and assign and track serial numbers to ensure traceability. With absolute ease use find and replace to modify multiple bills and you can even roll up your costs.

Revision CoRevision Control

Revision levels can be numeric, alphanumeric or any formula that suits your business. Revision levels are controlled with start and end effectivity dates. Each part may have multiple revisions, these revisions show in the grid on the entry screen that shows the quantity on hand and quantity allocated for each revision, so you can keep track of all variations. The part advisors show information for all the revisions for a given part, so all the information you need is readily available.

Serial Number Tracking

Serial Number tracking allows you to specify if a part is to be tracked. You have the ability to specify a formula for the construction of a serial number, this can be a global setting or based per part.From job management integrated through shipments serial number control is available and allows you to select the serial numbers used on the transaction. The packing slip and invoice can even be printed with or without showing serial numbers to ensure total traceability. The serial number explorer shows various information about the serial number including when it was created, what job or receipt created it, what job issue or shipment used it, and what the current status of the serial number is.

Change Requests

Engineering Change Requests can be managed and autorised for parts and jobs.

Find and Replace 

Find and Replace allows you to replace all incidents of a part with another part in the part master file, allowing you quick and effective management of engineering changes.

Standard Cost Rollups

The standard cost roll-up wizard allows a part or product group costs to be updated in the inventory file with ease. All costs, labor, material and overhead costs can be rolled up and you can even update the selling prices with the click of a button all at the same time.

Estimating & Quote Management Module

M1 Estimating/Quoting Management allows you to easily generate and track all customer or prospect RFQs from the time of receipt until an order is placed. You can rapidly calculate all material, sub-contract, labour and overhead costs for multiple quantities of a part, pulling information from the last time you quoted or ran the part, the last time you quoted or ran something similar, or from a skeleton” part. Then you may add any additional special charges, such as tooling or design charges, which you may either quote separately or lump into the piece part prices. When the order comes in, all you will have to do is punch a few keys and the detailed routing will be ready to go to the floor or ready for additional changes.

Quotes can be prepared in a rough-cut manner including minimal detail, or they may be complex, highly detailed quotes. 

Order /Job Integration

Quote information is easily transferred to a sales order or job once an order is received.

Standard Routings

Same-as-except” type parts may be pulled into a quote and then modified to quickly and easily create a new quote.


Price breaks, scrap factors and minimum charges on materials and subcontracting allow realistic cost estimating.


Individual mark-ups may be specified and stored for Material, Outside Operations, Labour, Overhead, Quoting Rate and Special Costs.


Control the % margin for materials, subcontracting, labour and overhead.


New prospects may be added to the Organisation table from within the quote.

Quote Enquiry

Instant on-line enquiry into summary and detailed information on an Estimate/Quote.

Miscellaneous Costs

May vary per quote quantity and be used for freight, commissions, etc.

Lead Management Module

M1 Lead Management allows you to control your sales process by recording every lead or enquiry received. The milestones that you create measure the progress of your leads. By assigning a confidence factor to each milestone, you can predict the expected revenue over a period of time. As your leads proceed through their sales cycle, you utilise the milestones to identify their likelihood of closure and timeframe.

Lead Management also manages your marketing programs. This provides you with information to determine which marketing activities are most suitable to your business. Expected revenue and costs are assigned to each program, providing you with statistical analysis on each program. 

M1 Lead Management provides a complete and concise method of generating, tracking and converting leads to sales and your forecast can be viewed in your Projected Cash Flow Report”.


Tracking the reasons why you win or lose deals allows you identify problems in your sales process.

Create Quotes and Orders

From within a lead you can quickly and effectively create a quote or an order.

Contact Method

Identify the methods of communication from your prospects when leads are created. The list of standard methods within M1 can be expanded to include your own methods.


Develop your own sales process and create a milestone for each logical step within the plan. Each milestone contains a confidence factor with relates to the possibility of this lead being converted to a sale.

Searches and Reports

Use the standard options to review the expected leads to close this month and next, to view a report of the forecasted closures over a period of time, view the forecast in your Projected Cash Flow Report”, or create your own specific reports and searches.


Assign competitors to your leads and track your competitor activities, pricing, strategies products etc.

Project Management Module

M1‘s Project Management allows you to manage, track and analyze project activities to ensure success. M1‘s Project management module ties together all quotes, jobs, orders, purchases and invoices to a specific project, you can assign a project manager, track progress, and create follow-ups to ensure you never miss an important milestone.

Project Identification

A Project Identification number allows you to link quotes, follow-ups, attachments, calls, orders, jobs, purchase orders, receipts, shipments, leads, accounts receivable invoices and accounts payable invoices. The project identification will transfer when a document is transferred between modules. Project types are user definable and allow you to manage groups of projects by type.

Project Manager

A project manager can be assigned so you can view and track progress and activity.

Project Entry Screen

At the project entry screen you can view and manage all related documents for a specific project. Here you can view all calls, attachments, quotes etc. You can even enter follow-ups that integrate with Microsoft Outlook so you can review milestone achievement.

Project Reporting

There are numerous methods of viewing project activities within M1. Searches allow you to view current open projects, newly created projects and projects marked for follow up. The project status report allows you to view the % of jobs completed. M1 business analysis tools allow you to view pie charts, bar graphs and calendars of your projects, in integrated modules, just select the project ID and you can view and drill into all transactions. Job Analysis and Job Status Reports allow you to select the project identification in order to view, print, export or email project reports. Keep track of the various stages of each job in the project and the progress bar provides you the visual representation of the status of the job. Compare your estimated job costs to the actual costs as the job progresses. You can even look at the scheduling board by project ID.

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