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Production Management for ECi M1

Job Management Module

M1 Job Management is a comprehensive manufacturing management control application designed specifically for the routing, scheduling, costing and tracking of parts manufactured on the shop floor, whether these are custom parts, or repetitive parts which may eventually be sold out of finished goods inventory.

A Methods” file, storing standard routing information for each part manufactured, may be continually updated on the system, so that job details for a repeat part requires minimal effort to provide the quick and accurate reference necessary for requoting a part or analysing the types of work at which your company excels.

Job Costing

Actual compared to estimated job costing for materials, sub-contracting, operations (labour/overhead), as well as comparisons to projected and actual billings for profitability analysis.

Order-to-Job Linking

Ability to handle one on one delivery, one job/multiple deliveries, blanket production runs, and internal work orders to build parts to finished goods inventory.

On-Line Cost Enquiry

Review of estimated vs. actual costs by overall job and individual material, subcontracting and operation sequence.


Routing, costing and tracking of single or multiple level assembly parts.

Quality Control

Extensive tracking and analysis of scrap, rework and added operations.


Extensive tracking and analysis of efficiency and utilisation figures by employee, operation, work centre and department.

Job Wizard

Improve your manufacturing efficiency by linking orders or requirements for the same part on the job.

Split Job

Divide one job into multiple smaller jobs. The production quantity and job costs are all split according to your requirements.

Stocked Sub Assemblies

Sub Assemblies for a job can either be manufactured, pulled from stock or a combination of manufactured and pull from stock. Additional sub-assemblies can be manufactured on a job to replenish inventory or meet an economical build quantity.

Schedule Board

Once a job has been planned, you are able to schedule it immediately, reducing the time to complete the job planning process.

M1 SFE Shop Floor Entry (Data Collections) Module

M1 SFE is an easy-to-use, on-line system that allows labour transactions to be entered at the time that work is being done on the shop floor. Transaction entry is straightforward and rapid with the use of mouse, light-pen, bar-code or keyboard interface to update labour information from the shop floor. 

The SFE System ensures you have accurate labour reporting, costing and Job Status. Labour transactions are posted efficiently, on-line, real-time, eliminating costly manual time card entry that is time-consuming and often inaccurate. Integration with M1 Job Management eliminates dual entry. Integration with M1 Scheduling provides on-line, real-time views into up-to-the-minute shop floor scheduling priorities. Integrated multimedia with SFE incorporates scanned images, CAD/CAM drawings and even video. 

Flexible Data Entry Technology

M1 SFE utilises mouse, light pen, bar code or keyboard interface to update labour information from the shop floor.

For Mobile Staff

Shop Floor Entry also runs on a Symbol PPT8800 series PDA for staff that are on the move.


Communicate directly with shop floor employees with M1 messages. Send message to individual employees or company wide.

Document Management

Attach and view part drawings, work instructions or even video instructions for parts, assemblies and operations.

Work Queue

On-line, dynamic work queue window provides employees with prioritised work schedule and paperless routing information on the shop floor.

Distributes Hours

Automatically splits labour hours across multiple jobs being worked on simultaneously by an employee; likewise, splits machine hours when two or more employees work on the same job.

Labour & Overhead Split

Choose the split of labour and overhead per work centre.

Quality Reporting

Captures rework and scrap reason codes along with miscellaneous employee comments from the shop floor.

Grace Periods/Multiple Shifts

Clock In/Out periods adjusted for user-defined grace periods. Accommodates split and staggered shifts.

Material Issue

Shop employees are able to record the materials and their quantities used during an operation.


All transactions update M1 Job Costing and Scheduling functions immediately.

On-Line Enquiry

Real time management access to exact job locations for prompt customer service and early identification of problem jobs.

Order Management

M1 Order Management is at the heart of Bowen & Groves’ order-driven manufacturing system, accommodating those companies that do custom job shop” work or service work, as well as those selling standard product lines off the shelf. From the time an order is entered, the system tracks its progress through to final shipment, producing timely reports on demand. Multiple releases may be established and tracked through the system individually or as an aggregate analysis of the overall blanket order.

True multi-level bill of material access enables you to better manage your custom jobs.

With M1 Order Management, all orders and change orders will be effectively managed on-line, reducing your chance for error and smoothing out the entire order-to-delivery process for maximum customer satisfaction.

Order Line/Job Link

Immediately creates a linked job, improving your job planning efficiency.

Blanket Orders

Multiple releases may be established for each sales order line item. Each release may be set up to pull parts directly form inventory or seamlessly integrate with Job Management to generate production orders. A separate shipping address can be attached to each release.

Order Wizard

Quickly create an order from a quote to eliminate the need for re-keying the information.


Order lines/releases may be integrated with Job Management in a one-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many production strategy.

Sales Commissions

Commission can be calculated for each line of an order.

Part Price Tables

A pricing table may be set up that allows multiple quantity/discount breaks.

Progress Payments

A payments schedule can be created for an order which enables progressive customer invoicing.


Have your resellers linked to orders including the ability to calculate commissions.

Finance Companies

M1 supports the ability for payment by finance companies for your customers orders.

Order Acknowledgement

Advise your customer that their order has been received and processed by forwarding an Order Acknowledgement.

Aging Info

While entering a customer’s order, you can immediately view the status of their account. For further detail, simply click into an aging bucket to display the relevant invoices.

Activity Graphs and Calendars

Bar graphs, pie graphs and calendars are used to graphically display various search results. Use the bar graph, for example, to view orders to date, compare to last year’s results, analyze the trends and click into a bar to view the records contained in that month.

Product Configurator Module

M1‘s Product Configurator will allow you to offer superior service to your customers by simply and easily being able to configure products to their exact needs. No need for thousands of bom’s in your master file anymore, quote or create a job with ease. Just input the rules and anyone even those with the least amount of product knowledge will be able to configure a BOM, a quote or even a job.


Product Configurator allows you to configure a dimensional or configurable part based on rules and parameters. E.g. a desk that can be a different length, width, height, material and have different options, such as drawers or a return. The configured part can generate a Part ID, Description and price based on rules.

Ease of Use

The construction of a configured part is a simple matter of defining a template Bill of Materials (BOM), then select what part of the BOM to apply rules i.e. a material, operation, sub-assembly, part id or description etc. Graphics can be added to the configuration screen to provide simple instructions and explanation of what values are required.


The design screen for building your unique rules for part configuration is simple, yet very complex rules and parameters can be applied to cater for the simplest or the most complex dimensional part.


The verify rules check allows you to ensure that rules are tested prior to part use.


Build custom screens that allow parts to be configured from Quoting, Order Entry, Job Entry and Lead Entry, so anyone can configure a part.

Design Studio

M1 Design Studio is used to build your configuration. This is the same tool that is used to develop any customization within M1, so this provides a familiar environment and minimizes the learning curve.


Each revision of a configured part can have a unique set of rules. This will accommodate the requirement where each revision may require a different logic applied.


The Product Configurator Wizard will amaze you. The wizard provides you with multi-level automated configuration. It will automatically build your product configurator from a bill of materials, including all sub-assemblies. The advantage of the wizard is for an item with multiple choice options your configurator screens are built within seconds. Additional rules and formulas can easily be added after the wizard is complete.

Quality/Warranty Management Module

M1’s Quality & Warranty module ties together all your quality and warranty functions so you can provide superior products and services. The M1 quality and warranty module is packed with features that will improve efficiency, productivity and assist you in meeting or continue to maintain ISO quality certification. 

Non Conformances

Enter non-conformances to manage, control and analyse your rework and scrap. 


Manage the inspection process to ensure inspections are carried out on incoming goods, in process or at outgoing goods inspection. Inspect returned materials, reworked goods and non conforming parts.


To ensure parts under inspection, rework or claim are not used a quarantine bin holds the stock.

Discrepant Material

DMR Management allows you to disposition your non conforming material and make claims on your suppliers to ensure recovery of your costs. 

Return Material

RMA Management allows you to process return authorisations and claims from your customers.

Corrective Action

Create, track, follow-up, verify and sign off all corrective and preventative actions taken to address quality related issues.

Warranty Management

Warranty provides you with the ability to activate warranty contracts associated with a part or parts and allows you to quickly determine whether a claim is covered under warranty or not. 


Quality/Warranty management is fully integrated with financials so wizards in AR & AP allow you to process DMR’s, RMA’s and Warranty Claims. Quality/Warranty management is fully integrated with all production modules.

Analysis Tools

M1 Business Analysis Tools provide quick and simple visual tools to quickly view all your quality related data, analyse trends and review involvements.

Scheduling Module

M1 scheduling is designed to provide you with pertinent information to enable your improved delivery performance. M1’s scheduling is a comprehensive tool that allows you to visually track progress, see capacity constraints and develop what if scenario’s to ensure you can best utilise your assets to achieve customer satisfaction. 

Shop Load Explorer

You can view available capacity or overload situations for each work centre or department

Scheduling process

Jobs may be individually scheduled from within the job entry screen, or alternatively, schedule multiple jobs at one time through the scheduling module. Rescheduling multiple jobs is made easy through a single screen. Choose backward scheduling or forward scheduling for individual or multiple jobs to ensure achievement of customer delivery dates.

Work Centres

Define the characteristics of a work centre by its crew size, number of machines, daily capacity and individual work centre calendars.


Carry out an unlimited number of scenario what if analysis to ensure that you can achieve the best possible schedule and then save to the master schedule.

Work Centre Overload

Select a work centre with overload indicated and M1 will automatically finite schedule the entire work centre.

Planned material requirements

Job operations are integrated with material requirements to provide a detailed planned material requirements report.

Multi level assemblies

All assemblies within a job are scheduled to come together for final assembly, providing powerful usability for make to order manufacturing companies requiring true multi-level BOM’s.

Production Calendar

M1 scheduling uses your production calendar to accurately forecast the duration of your jobs. 

Shop Floor Data Collection

All changes made to your schedule are immediately reflected in the Shop Floor Data Collection module. Real time data for your shop floor employee’s.

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