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Materials Management for ECi M1

Advanced Inventory Management Module

M1 advanced inventory management provides a superior means of manging complex inventory requirements. Advanced tools such as multiple warehouses, multiple bins, dimensional inventory and part cross references improve control of your inventory. Multiple warehouses allows you to create independent warehouse for each stocking location and this provides the tool to manage quarantine and inspection locations. You can transfer between warehouses, view quantity data by warehouse and bin and record your customers part numbers for cross referencing. 

Multiple Warehouse

Each warehouse is uniquely identified and contains its own contact details.

Warehouse Transfers

Move inventory between warehouses

Availability by Warehouse

View the quantity on hand by warehouse and bin for materials and parts.

Cross reference

Cross reference you customers and suppliers part numbers. Supplier part numbers will appear on your purchase orders and Customer part numbers will appear on your invoices.


Each warehouse can contain multiple bins. Each bin includes its own identification and description, quantity on hand and allocated.

Dimensional Inventory

Control your dimensional inventory through the use of bins and their associated conversion factors.


Customise your own documentation to suit your specific requirements.


Use search’s to view and access any open warehouse transfers.

Alternative Parts

If you have an inventory shortage or need to look at more cost effective options then alternative parts will allow you to review any alternative options you have.

Inventory Management Module

M1 Inventory Management provides the key functions necessary to update and maintain raw materials, WIP, and finished good inventory quantities, costs and methods. When a new job is entered through the M1 Job Management module, or generated from M1 Order Management, the material requirements create inventory allocations. These allocations are relieved as inventory items are issued to the job, or as Purchase Order receipts for specially purchased items are posted. Inventory issues reduce inventory quantities on hand, which are continually replenished through the processing of purchased or manufactured items received into inventory. Receipt processing provides continual updates of inventory average and last costs, maintained for every item. A variety of screen inquiries and printed reports provide extensive management analysis in the areas of material requirement planning, shortage monitoring, reorder analysis, stock status, valuation, critical items and so on.

Method of Manufacturing: Includes both the bill of material and the routing of the part. Up to nine levels are available in the part method.

Flexible Costing

Average, last and standard costs may be maintained for each individual part master.

Mass Issue

This function allows you to quickly issue all planned materials to a particular job. Issue transactions generated in this program reduce inventory quantities, and post material costs to jobs in the work in progress (WIP).

Same as Except

Save and restore functions are utilized within the system to easily create new or same-as-except product structures without having to re-enter information.

Physical Inventory

Ability to enter physical counts, carryout cycle count, print a variance report, optionally update on-hand inventory levels, and class stock into ABC.

Part Prices

Create price lists for customers. For each quantity break, use fixed-price or percentage discount.

Part Advisors

Part Advisor (Purchasing) displays history relating to the purchase of a raw material. Part Advisor (Quoting) displays history relating to the quoting of this part to customers/prospects.

M1 Calculators

M1 Calculators provide you with the ability to accurately estimate cycle times and material usage.

M1 Calculators estimate cycle times & material usage. Calculators provide you the ability to provide accurate quotes and save programming time.

The M1 Calculators available are Sheet, Laser, Bar and Punch. These calculators are the simplest tools for estimating cycle times and material usage so you can always provide accurate quotations. You can throw away that manual spreadsheet and you will never need to spend time programming in order to determine estimates.

With all of the M1 calculators the information calculated is retained with the parts so you can review and adjust calculations at any time.

Laser Calculator

The M1 laser calculator accurately calculates your cut time. You can store an unlimited number of material types with thickness, lead In/Out feed rates, external feed rates, pierce times etc.. for easy retrieval when doing quotations. Simply enter the number of holes and types along with the internal & external perimeter and M1 will calculate your total cut time.

Punch Calculator

The M1 Punch Calculator accurately calculates your punch time. Simply enter the number of tools, hit rate, repositions, tool changes and reposition times and M1 will calculate a total run time.

Bar Calculator

The M1 Bar Calculator accurately calculates your material usage per part. Simply specify part length, cut width, Face off & drop lengths and M1 will calculate the material usage and total number of bars required.

Sheet Calculator

The M1 Sheet Calculator accurately calculates your material usage per part. Simply specify part length & width, sheet length & width, top & bottom trim and part spacings and M1 will calculate number of parts per sheet including suggested rotation unless grain is a consideration.

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