ECi M1 | Estimating & Quote Mgmt.

Estimating & Quote Management


M1 Estimating/Quoting Management allows you to easily generate and track all customer or prospect RFQs from the time of receipt until an order is placed.  You can rapidly calculate all material, sub-contract, labour and overhead costs for multiple quantities of a part, pulling information from the last time you quoted or ran the part, the last time you quoted or ran something similar, or from a “skeleton” part.  Then you may add any additional special charges, such as tooling or design charges, which you may either quote separately or lump into the piece part prices.  When the order comes in, all you will have to do is punch a few keys and the detailed routing will be ready to go to the floor or ready for additional changes.

Quotes can be prepared in a rough-cut manner including minimal detail, or they may be complex, highly detailed quotes. 


Order /Job Integration

Quote information is easily transferred to a sales order or job once an order is received.


Standard Routings

“Same-as-except” type parts may be pulled into a quote and then modified to quickly and easily create a new quote.



Price breaks, scrap factors and minimum charges on materials and subcontracting allow realistic cost estimating.



Individual mark-ups may be specified and stored for Material, Outside Operations, Labour, Overhead, Quoting Rate and Special Costs.



Control the % margin for materials, subcontracting, labour and overhead.



New prospects may be added to the Organisation table from within the quote.


Quote Enquiry

Instant on-line enquiry into summary and detailed information on an Estimate/Quote.


Miscellaneous Costs

May vary per quote quantity and be used for freight, commissions, etc.