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Financial Management for ECi M1

General Ledger (Including Fixed Assets Register) Module

M1 General Ledger processes and posts entries created by the M1 Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll modules, as well as manual entries made directly in the General Ledger. A Chart of Accounts is easily established to control how you want the system to report on your business. You may export your General Ledger data to a spreadsheet to handle any special requirements. M1 General Ledger including the Fixed Asset feature clearly meets the needs of small to medium sized custom manufacturers looking for outstanding business control.

Flexible Account Structure

Account numbers may consist of chart of account, division and/or department components.

Flexible Posting Times

Entries may be posted to any period in the current, next or any year, even while a period is still open.


Prior year adjustments may be made and all balances forward will be properly adjusted.


Figures may be entered for any account and year. 

Income Statements

Print comparisons between current actuals and budgets or previous actuals.

M1 Help

M1’s on-line help walks the user through the General Ledger process in an easy-to-follow format.

Fixed Assets Register

M1’s General Ledger module even includes a Fixed Assets Register. Keep track of all your assets, calculate book and tax depreciation schedules, sell, dispose and revalue your assets with ease.


M1 General Ledger is fully integrated with the M1 Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable and Payroll modules. Transactions hit the General Ledger on-line.

Projected Cash Flow Report

A must have” for making informed decisions. This report will take the current balance of the selected cash account, and then add un-invoiced open sales and purchase orders, open AR/AP invoices, recurring payments, projected payments, and optionally forecasted leads.

Accounts Payable Module

M1 Accounts Payable allows you to enter vendor invoices for purchases that you make and then create cheques and electronic payments for the invoices you want to pay. You may allow the system to generate payments for all invoices due, those for a specific vendor, or only for specific invoices. Invoice lines can be brought through from the Purchase Order, saving time and eliminating errors.

If a vendor calls you to discuss an invoice, you will have complete information at your fingertips, and you may keep that history for as long as you would like. Accounts Payable allows you to update Purchase Orders in the M1 Purchasing Control module, as well as actual job costs. Adjustments are created if the purchase price does not match the invoiced price. With M1 Accounts Payable, you will always know how much you owe and when it is due.

Cash Management

Improves cash management through the automatic handling and reporting of discounts available, payment due dates and payment selection methods.

Easy Entry

Allows easy entry of all invoices, credits and payments.


Checks may be printed for payments selected. Manual cheques may also be created.

Electronic Payments

EFT payments can be created for use with banking software.


Jobs created in the M1 Job Management module may be updated directly by material and subcontract costs entered through Accounts Payable.


Accounts Payable transaction and vendor history may be kept indefinitely.

G/L Interface

General Ledger entries are automatically created and posted from Accounts Payable transactions.

Recurring Entries

Allow creation of recurring Accounts Payable invoices.


M1 Accounts Payable is fully integrated with the M1 Job Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management and General Ledger modules.

Accounts Receivable Module

M1 Accounts Receivable allows you to invoice your customers as parts are shipped, and then track payments as they are received. Invoices can be generated using the AR Invoicing Wizard. This creates invoices directly from shipments, eliminating the need for re-keying information and therefore eliminating errors. Customer invoices may be previewed, printed, faxed or e‑mailed directly to your customer. At any time, you may call up a customer to check credit history and current aging. M1 Accounts Receivable interfaces directly with the General Ledger module providing you with immediate financial reporting.

Several reports are available to display your sales activities in various formats.

With M1 Accounts Receivable, you will know who is buying what and who is paying bills on time.

Invoice Entry

Multiple lines for an order may be entered on a single invoice. Supports Progress” billing directly from an order. 

Sales Commissions

May be paid at time of invoicing or on receipt of payment. 


Taxable and non-taxable lines may be entered. Numerous tax types may be used to improve tax reporting.

Invoice/Statement Forms

May be customized, previewed, printed faxed or e‑mailed.


Payment history, invoice history and sales detail may be retained indefinitely.

Credit Hold

May be placed on new customers or on customers who are past due.

Aging Information

May be viewed on the screen, or printed in one of several formats.

Sales Analysis

Reports allow access to sales history in a variety of formats. 


Allows adjustments with full audit trail.

AR Payments

Supports payment of invoices, order deposits and miscellaneous application of credit memos.

Multi-Currency Module

M1 multi-currency simplifies your buying and selling functions in foreign currencies. Define any number of foreign currencies and their exchange rates relative to your home currency and manage accurately through effectivity dates.

Currency Mode Button

Simply and quickly toggle between your home currency and the foreign currency to view both values.

Currency Information

At each entry screen where multi-currency is used, view the foreign currency and exchange rate being used for that transaction. You can override the default exchange rate if required.

Foreign Currency Bank Accounts

Manage your foreign currency back accounts with ease. Make deposits, payments and reconcile the account in the foreign currency.

Re-value AR and AP Invoices with the latest exchange rate

Use the Revaluate Wizard to revalue the selected invoices with the current exchange rate or enter a custom exchange rate for the revaluation.

Quotations and Orders

Produce quotes in foreign currency and convert these quotes into sales orders, or create new orders, all in the foreign currency.

Purchase Orders

Manage your international purchases by raising your purchase orders in the supplier’s currency. Each supplier may have a default currency.


Create your customer invoices in their specific currency, process your supplier invoices in their currency.


No need for manual calculations all financial reports are automatically displayed in your home currency.

Payroll Module

M1 Payroll will transfer data from the timecards of shop employees, using Shop Floor Entry (SFE) or Time Card Entry, so you only need to review your entries, make adjustments and your payroll is ready to post. Of course paying your salaried employees is just as simple.

Payroll Definition

You can define the rules for individuals or groups of employee’s, so no matter what pay frequency or conditions an employee is subject to, such as overtime, shifts etc.. M1 Payroll can cater to your needs.

Payroll Rates

You can setup an unlimited number of rates to cater for all your needs including rates such as; standard time, sick, annual leave, vacation, overtime etc..


All Federal, FICA, State, local or other taxes can be handled. M1 allows you to store previous tax revisions and even allows you to setup future tax changes before they come into effect.

Leave Accruals

Leave accruals will automatically be calculated based on options you have configured to suit individuals or groups of employee’s. When a leave application is entered it can be viewed in a scheduling board format so leave can be effectively planned to ensure smooth running of your plant.


You can setup an unlimited number of deductions for such items as; 401K, cafeteria plans, child support, union dues, etc., deductions can be a fixed amount or percentages.

Direct Deposit

Your payroll payments can be exported to a direct deposit file for simple EFT payments to your employee’s bank accounts

Bank Accounts

Employee’s can have an unlimited number of bank accounts setup in M1 giving you and your employee’s flexibility.

Employee Management

Employee Management provides you with the ability to record important employee information, follow-ups and attachments. Record training, attach performance appraisals and reviews or even send messages to an employee or group of employees and check the status of whether the message has been read.


M1 Payroll is fully integrated with Shop Floor Entry and Timecard entry making your payroll processing simple and M1 Payroll will automatically update your General Ledger and Bank reconciliation when you post the payroll session.

Analysis Tools

M1 Business Analysis Tools provide quick and simple visual tools to quickly view such things as payroll payments so you can see if your payroll is increasing or decreasing or compare against last year, tools that provide you valuable data.

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