ECi M1 | Lead Management

Lead Management


M1 Lead Management allows you to control your sales process by recording every lead or enquiry received.  The milestones that you create measure the progress of your leads.  By assigning a confidence factor to each milestone, you can predict the expected revenue over a period of time.  As your leads proceed through their sales cycle, you utilise the milestones to identify their likelihood of closure and timeframe.

Lead Management also manages your marketing programs.  This provides you with information to determine which marketing activities are most suitable to your business.  Expected revenue and costs are assigned to each program, providing you with statistical analysis on each program. 

M1 Lead Management provides a complete and concise method of generating, tracking and converting leads to sales and your forecast can be viewed in your “Projected Cash Flow Report”.



Tracking the reasons why you win or lose deals allows you identify problems in your sales process.


Create Quotes and Orders

From within a lead you can quickly and effectively create a quote or an order.


Contact Method

Identify the methods of communication from your prospects when leads are created. The list of standard methods within M1 can be expanded to include your own methods.



Develop your own sales process and create a milestone for each logical step within the plan.  Each milestone contains a confidence factor with relates to the possibility of this lead being converted to a sale.


Searches and Reports

Use the standard options to review the expected leads to close this month and next, to view a report of the forecasted closures over a period of time, view the forecast in your “Projected Cash Flow Report”, or create your own specific reports and searches.



Assign competitors to your leads and track your competitor activities, pricing, strategies products etc..