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Epicor Everywhere Framework

The Epicor Everywhere™ Framework is a unique technology that stores all client business logic as tagged XML metadata. This permits Epicor applications to run as desktop applications or Web clients or on mobile devices, all from the same source code. This framework also ensures that user customizations and personalization remain intact, no matter what UX platform is being used.

For example, you can customize your Windows desktop forms to meet your specific business needs and then simply re-generate the form’s metadata and output it as a Web form with all customizations included. ICE delivers a new usability feature whereby a Web user has the option of switching to the Windows desktop application for certain forms, thereby running a hybrid application designed to improve performance and user flexibility. In addition to this key feature, Epicor ICE introduces “Group By” and Personalization” functionality for Epicor Web Access forms similar to that found in the Windows client version.

The web technology in Epicor ICE generates “pure” HTML – no plug-ins required. Epicor Web forms combine HTML, JavaScript and XML or JSON message formats produced from the desktop application form metadata. For added flexibility Web forms can be accessed from many different browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Mozilla® Firefox® or Apple Safari® and can run on most common operating systems, including Windows, UNIX, Linux, or Mac®.