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Sales & Order Management for Epicor Kinetic

Order Management Module

Order Management drives the Epicor ERP system. From the time an order is entered, its progress is tracked through the final shipment, producing perfect order fulfillment on demand for maximum customer satisfaction.

The Order Management Job Wizard generates appropriate jobs for new orders in a single step that enables the user to create, plan, schedule, and release jobs against multiple product lines and multiple releases. Effectively manage orders with the ability to apply order-based discounts on an order value or product quantity basis.

Sales Management Module

The Epicor Kinetic Sales Management module delivers a comprehensive suite that enables you to produce accurate estimates, streamline your sales order-to-cash cycle, and fulfill perfect orders that ensure world-class customer satisfaction. Epicor ERP Sales Management module automates and improves labor-intensive processes for quoting, proposal generation, configuration, and order entry — enabling you to improve sales productivity by increasing accuracy during the quote and order process and identifying the right solution to meet customers’ needs.

Commerce Connect Module

The increasing proliferation of eCommerce likely means that more of your customers are looking online to solve their business problems, which means that providing customers with the ability to buy online from you is just a start.

Your website must provide an experience that truly does solve problems or, better yet, inspires them in some way to keep coming back. Whether your website serves Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B), or both, it requires strong functionality and must use the latest cloud ERP technology to deliver customers the best possible online experience.

Epicor ERP Commerce Connect provides everything your website needs to deliver a rich customer experience throughout the customer’s entire order life cycle — from quote to fulfillment to service.

Dealer Network Portal

Epicor ERP Solutions’ Dealer Network Portal is an innovative enterprise resource planning solution designed for manufacturers who sell or service products through dealers. Powered by Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) and tightly integrated with your Epicor Kinetic ERP system, Epicor Dealer Network Portal creates a modern online experience for your dealers to rapidly configure, price, and quote orders, as well as manage service and warranty needs for your products.

By capturing all dealer activity through a single, easy-to-use portal, you establish a single thread of data that connects all transactions at the dealer with your backend ERP system. You gain full visibility into the business, making it simpler for dealers, which enables you to drive business growth as a preferred innovative brand.

Demand Management Module

In today’s climate of shorter lead times, more frequent orders of smaller quantities, and where meeting customer demand secures your competitive edge, companies must find ways to anticipate changes in customer demand.

Epicor Kinetic ERP software Demand Management responds to these business conditions and incorporates the requirements of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to help your company reduce lead time in the office for planning and procurement, thus enabling you to respond on the production floor faster.

Epicor ERP system Demand Management offers the establishment of contracts that can be linked to sales orders and releases. These contracts can be managed, and schedules produced automatically with set periodicities that match each customer’s unique shipping needs.

Additionally, as change happens, the schedules can be regenerated. If Advanced EDI is deployed, your customers’ electronic demand changes are brought in for review and acceptance. This is important for manufacturing companies doing business in industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, and retail. Accountability of change and rapid flow of information to the production floor, as a result of fully integrating EDI with your Epicor ERP system, can elevate your supplier status.

In addition, Demand Management within the Epicor ERP system not only looks at the demand side of EDI but also focuses on the fulfillment side with secure outbound Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) transactions that the customer reconciles with each shipment. Through an inbound EDI document, the CUM (Cumulative) total value and actual received quantity is then electronically sent back to you for reconciliation and potential adjustment.

EDI/Demand Management Module

Today, all suppliers, large and small, are facing increased expectations from their customers to have ERP systems in place for immediate response to changes in their demand, such as forecast and shipping schedule changes.

Epicor ERP EDI/Demand Management secures your competitive edge by incorporating electronic data interchange (EDI) with demand scheduling. The EDI/Demand Management framework leverages the SOA business architecture of Epicor Kinetic (formerly Epicor ERP) and deep industry experience in EDI to lower the cost of EDI deployment.

The framework provides full flexibility and control for setting up customer contracts and handling their schedules once inside the Epicor ERP system, whether entered manually in Demand Management or contained in EDI messages. This helps your company reduce lead time and effort for planning and procurement, thus enabling you to respond on the production and shop floor faster.

A wide range of EDI implementation choices are available with the Epicor ERP software to match your company’s needs, making it possible to preserve much of your investment in EDI setup and existing staff.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Module

EDI is the traditional form of exchanging information electronically and is utilized by many suppliers to manage their supply chains more efficiently. Epicor ERP Advanced EDI, used with Demand Management, provides a common interface for managing and exchanging large volumes of data.

Demand Management handles the creation, analysis, scheduling, and reconciliation of cumulative releases from your customers. You can use Demand Management without Advanced EDI and vice versa.

The Advanced EDI functions within the Epicor ERP solutions are tightly integrated with the Demand Management module and facilitate electronic communication of release and ASN information to and from your customers.

Advanced EDI offers direct integration with your Epicor ERP system data, reducing the turnaround time on schedule changes and additions and eliminating potential data entry errors. Epicor ERP system Professional Services are experienced in making EDI work in various environments with various EDI suppliers and can offer enhanced functionality that is tailored to the EDI needs of your business.

Estimate and Quote Management Module

Easily generate and track all customer or prospect requests for quotation (RFQs) from the time of receipt until an order is placed. You can get quotations out more quickly and be more accurate with pricing and lead times with Epicor ERP systems.

Estimating Management Module

Generate estimates easily with Epicor solutions by utilizing the tree interface to drag-and-drop components, operations, or materials from another quote, Bill of Materials (BOM), or previous job. Pull same-as-except type parts into the estimate, then modify them quickly and easily to create a new one.

Calculate material, subcontract, labor, and burden costs for multiple quantities of a part. Epicor ERP software allows manufacturers to perform realistic cost estimating with the ability to add any special charges (e.g., tooling or design), minimum lot charges, price breaks, and scrap factors on materials and subcontracting.

Specify and store individual markups for material class, subcontracting, operations, and special costs. Create RFQ requests to trigger buyers to solicit suppliers for the pricing of materials required in the estimating process. Review responses once submitted for inclusion in the estimate. When the order arrives, punch a few keys, and the detailed routing will be ready to go to the shop floor or to make additional changes.

Point of Sale

With the Epicor ERP system, Point of Sale (POS) extends the power of your Epicor Kinetic ERP solution to a customer-facing sales environment— whether you’re an organization with a single POS station or a large, multinational chain with hundreds of stores.

Epicor POS provides a feature-rich system that empowers store personnel to provide an enhanced customer experience. Comprehensive functionality includes electronic gift cards, gift receipting, customized receipt per transaction type, coupon redemption/issuance, layaways, special orders, suspend and resume, item marking for various functions, additional input fields, multicurrency, start/end of day functions, cash management, and more.


New revenue opportunities and sales efficiencies are available to companies that successfully engage customers through their websites. By shortening the time from when an order is taken to the time of shipment, you can create a competitive advantage with Epicor ERP software.

Opportunities to reach out to untapped markets also drive companies to deliver e‑commerce solutions — one more tool companies can deploy to demonstrate how easy and open they are to do business with.

The Storefront within the Epicor ERP system sits along extended portal technology to offer a fully functional extension to your website that includes customer portal capabilities along with the Epicor ERP Sales Connect (sales portal) and web configuration features.

Epicor Kinetic Modules

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