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Business Process Outsourcing Services

Epicor Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services offer customers a way to effect business transformation through transition and ongoing task management of non-value-added processes.

As a natural progression from Epicor managed services, Epicor BPO customers do not just free themselves to focus on their core business; they gain time and resources to maximize new opportunities. At Epicor, business process outsourcing is far more than a cost-saving mechanism; it is a key business tool to manage cost, gain access to skilled resources when needed, and helps drive value into the business.

Today, Epicor Kinetic cannot only provide you with robust business applications for operational and financial needs such as accounts payable, but we can also manage a payables process on your behalf. With operations in Bratislava, Slovakia; Monterey, Mexico; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Epicor provides a global outsourcing opportunity.


Epicor Kinetic provides an extensive set of documentation to help users get the most out of their Epicor solution. Developed for a wide audience that includes management, technical staff, and end users, the resources provide detailed information on installing, configuring, and using Epicor ERP applications.

Embedded Education

Embedded Education is a self-paced training module accessed directly within a training installation of Epicor Kinetic. Users can access more than 100 courses — each with detailed explanations and hands-on exercises.

Learners can easily navigate between courses and the related application using real-life business data through an Epicor education database. The courses provide a structured and repeatable learning experience for initial and ongoing training. As this is a licensed module, new training comes with each release of Epicor ERP, so users can more easily be trained and ready.

Epicor Consulting

Epicor Consulting provides a variety of services for implementation, training, process improvement, and software customization. Our consulting organization employs more than 800 highly skilled consultants delivering industry solutions around the world in the manufacturing, distribution, retail industry, hospitality industry, and services sectors.

Epicor Consultants help organizations plan and execute large projects, implement continuous improvement programs, and manage risks due to corporate change.

Epicor Education and Content Delivery

Epicor University delivers a suite of tools aligning with the different learning styles and needs of your employees.

Epicor Learning Center

Your Epicor Learning Center (ELC) allows you to deliver, manage, and track your company’s training needs from one central location. Here, you can access course materials, set and manage employee assignments, register for classes, and track training progress and test scores.

The ELC contains a broad catalog of Training on Demand courses and tests. Role-based agendas help you align courses and exams to each employee’s training needs, so they can learn a new topic, prepare for an upgrade, launch a new application, or dive more deeply into current applications.

Administrators may view individual test results or aggregate scores across the entire organization to easily track knowledge levels. Best of all, tests are not limited to Epicor content. You can add proprietary questions and tests to the ELC and then assign and track them as desired.

Epicor Service Connect

Epicor Service Connect is a powerful business integration platform — functioning as a central integration point for secure workflow orchestrations within your Epicor software applications, as well as external connectivity to other Epicor software and non-Epicor applications. Because Epicor Solutions are built using Epicor SOA, the power of Service Connect can be used to streamline processing within the application framework. Epicor Service Connect enables you to promote lean principles, continuous performance initiatives, and Six Sigma quality throughout the organization. You can also incorporate workflow and system orchestration through visual designers with little to no programming effort, easily link and transform XML documents to map to different systems, quickly review and track in-progress processes or after the process completes with Service Connect workflow logs and perform full dataset and multiple record updates in the same way as the web service update method processes data.

Hosting Services

An Epicor-hosted solution for those who would prefer not to have their Epicor solution housed on their own premise, Epicor hosting provides a secure, reliable, and cost-effective solution that combines all of the hardware, software, storage, and system management services you need to run your ERP solution.

Through strategic partnerships, Epicor Solutions leverage a Tier III data center that is SSAE 16 certified to host our applications on a 24×7×365 basis. The data center has redundant power sources with 99.95% availability and direct access to redundant, high-capacity connectivity to the major Internet providers.

The robust infrastructure enables us to configure solutions with assured availability, security, and performance. Epicor cloud solutions should also be considered which include cloud hosting for Epicor software.

Learning & Educational Services

Promoting end-user adoption and retention rates is the most important investment to make to ensure the success of a business software solution.

Today, Epicor offers extensive and comprehensive educational content designed to suit specific learning needs. From instructor-led courses conducted either virtually or in the classroom to self-paced curriculum and documentation, Epicor Education is there to help you succeed at a chosen pace and in the most convenient manner.

Epicor Education provides comprehensive learning tracks by role and expertise level to create the right training program for anyone in the organization.

Managed Services

Epicor Managed Services offers a set of flexible services that provide you with access to specialized resources and world-class facilities to meet your system needs. Epicor Managed Services also help ensure you are utilizing your internal resources the best way possible to increase your company’s performance and profitability.

As a part of our full suite of managed services, Epicor can either manage your equipment remotely that is housed at your site or host and manage your solution on your behalf in a data center. Either way, the end result is maximized system availability and optimization.

Professional Services

Epicor stands behind its products with a world-class support organization capable of serving our global customer base.

The Epicor professional services team consists of more than 350 people in 14 support centers around the world who are experts in our applications, technology, and industry. Their professional knowledge, coupled with advanced support tools and technology, provides customers with the best possible technical and application support.

REST Services

Representational state transfer (REST) services are a type of web service based on the architecture of the internet. Through this application program interface (API), these services link applications more easily through internet-type connections. These services use the OData REST Protocol, which adds query capabilities and metadata descriptions to enable OData-aware applications such as Microsoft Excel, Power BI®, or similar third-party applications to display real-time Epicor data. REST does this by exposing data and functions as unique Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) resources. Applications can then communicate with the REST services in the same way a web browser interacts with a website.


Epicor’s comprehensive security features secure access to multiple companies without having to close all forms or carry out different logins when switching companies. Plus, Epicor ICE provides the option for Microsoft Windows Authentication, Windows Single Sign-on, and Password Policy, as well as method security protocols to secure types of processing users can carry out — like allowing a user to update an existing part but not add a new part — by user or group.

Subscription Services

Epicor ICE extends RSS subscription capabilities to Epicor application data. This means that business users may subscribe to specific information that they wish to be kept appraised of. By subscribing to a particular query using RSS, users will see information proactively pushed to them when the data behind that query changes. For example, a user may wish to attach an RSS feed to a particular contact at a customer site.

Any time something happens to that contact, they can receive a note about it. RSS information can be pushed to your container of choice, including the RSS Feeds Outlook Syndicated Content (RSS) Directory within Microsoft Office or via Windows Gadgets.


Epicor customers depend not only on our software but also on our experience in supporting those solutions around the world. Epicor stands behind all of its products with a world-class support organization capable of serving our global customer base.

Epicor Support is a worldwide operation with over 350 people in 14 support centers located around the world. We provide our customers with the best possible technical and application support available today through personnel who are experts in our applications, technology, and industry, utilizing advanced support tools and technology.

Epicor customers also have access to our online customer support center, EPICweb. EPICweb provides 24×7 access to information, resources, and services, including customer account information, our online Knowledge Base, product documentation and downloads, online forums and communities, and other helpful information.

Epicor Kinetic Modules

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