Epicor ERP | Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Epicor Social Enterprise allows interaction with contacts using social media concepts to improve communication. Contacts can subscribe to receive updates about their accounts, service calls, cases, quotes, RMAs, orders – or any other changes to their information in Epicor ERP. These notifications can be shared or re-posted to other people within Epicor CRM.

Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) brings familiar social collaboration tools to the workplace, using techniques established in social networks to allow our customers to quickly share and consume information from deep within their ERP.

Epicor ERP allows users to mine and share critical information contained within an ERP system to resolve challenges, react to changes, and leverage opportunities.

ESE fuels collaboration and breaks down the barriers between ERP users and non-ERP users. It removes the silos that form around departments and allows an organization to leverage the full capability of all its employees.