Epicor ERP | Financial Planning

Financial Planning


Epicor Financial Planner (EFP) is a fully cloud based solution for financial planning and receiving process and will then have their value applied as part of the settlement process. The Debit Notes may be related to specific invoices or remain unassigned. The new Debit Note will remain as an open receivable until matched to a credit memo or subsequently paid. In addition, Debit Notes sent by customers can be recorded independently of the cash receipt process - for example, electronically received payments. They can then either be applied or produce an unapplied cash value. analysis. EFP features a web interface with a clear design that is available from multiple mobile devices, while the Microsoft Excel add-in helps with a more sophisticated data entry using the functions, conditional formatting or even charting for representing data. All the models, budget plans, scenarios and the data extracted from the ERP system are stored on highly reliable cloud servers. By being connected to the data in your ERP system, EFP can pull in information—such as previous actuals—in order to carry out comparisons and utilizes them in the spreading function. This makes it incredibly simple and intuitive for planners tasked with carrying out budgeting tasks, freeing them to concentrate on value added tasks.