Infor M3 | M3 Business Intelligence

M3 Business Intelligence

Information is the lifeblood of today’s companies. Sound business decisions cannot be made without comprehensive, accurate and updated information. The Infor M3 solution provides a single source of information for the whole organization. With timely information available at all levels, from strategic to tactical to operational, everyone in your company can gain access to the information they need when they need it, in time to use it in their decision making.

Key information retrieval and performance analysis features include:

  • Comprehensive, detailed transactional statistics for finance, sales, purchasing, production and inventory management
  • An integral data warehouse and business intelligence solution which extracts and consolidates data and makes the information available in a flexible and powerful format for decision makers throughout the organization
  • Pre-prepared data analysis cubes which can be used by any OLAP business analysis tool for comprehensive business performance monitoring
  • Dashboards for presenting information in an easy to read manner for decision making
  • Predefined analytics that can be used to measure KPIs, and alerts to notify users of exception conditions.