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Infor M3

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M3 13.4
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20 — 1000+
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Lease, Subscription
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Infor M3
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Infor M3 Overview

Establish a foundation for digital transformation with Infor M3 — a powerful Cloud ERP solution that uses the latest technologies to provide an exceptional user experience and powerful analytics in a multi-company, multi-country, and multi-site ERP cloud solution platform. Infor M3 ERP solution and related industry-specific CloudSuite solutions come with industry-leading functionality for the chemical, distribution, equipment, fashion, food and beverage, and industrial manufacturing industries.

Infor M3 Advantages

A secure path for the future

Ensure your organization is ready for the future with proven industry functionality and continual development that focuses on evolving needs of industrial manufacturing industries with Infor M3 enterprise resource planning solution. 


A shared infrastructure within Infor M3 cloud ERP solution lowers your TCO by drastically reducing operating expenses, significantly cutting implementation time and costs, and eliminating the need for costly on-premise maintenance. 

No more upgrades

A single version of the enterprise resource planning software, maintained by Infor in the cloud, means you don’t need to deal with major upgrades or a new ERP system. 

Fast access to new innovations

Major new functionality for manufacturing industries is delivered on a regular basis but not forced. You can test the new functionality in the safety of your test environment and switch it on in your production environment once you’re satisfied with the new capabilities.

Flexibility and scalability

Easily and effectively meet the evolving needs of manufacturing operations with a high degree of scalability for resources and computing processing power with Infor M3 cloud ERP solution. 


Security is a major concern that significantly impacts both costs and risks for many businesses. Many companies recognize that it’s more secure to run an ERP solution in the cloud, leveraging the investments and expertise of organizations that have significant web services security experience, such as Infor and AWS

Best-in-class resilience

Get peace of mind at an affordable cost with Infor M3 Cloud’s highly fault-tolerant infrastructure that couples with backup regimes to allow for a very low recovery point objective (RPO).

Openness to support your needs

Take advantage of support for third-party integrations with Infor M3 Cloud’s modern and secure tooling, such as standard and custom BODs and APIs. 

Infor M3 Technology

Infor M3 enterprise resource planning solution utilizes the Infor OS (Operating Service) technology platform, which enables Infor M3 ERP solution to address business needs beyond traditional cloud ERP systems. Infor OS provides horizontal technology across all of Infor’s CloudSuites and extends into third-party solutions as well. The services range from essential, business-critical functionality to more advanced high-tech capable of providing competitive advantages to stay current with the enterprise’s changing business needs.

Infor M3 OS is focused on bringing value to enterprise technology in the following areas: 

  • Business process integration (Infor ION® & API Gateway)
  • Security (Federation Services)
  • Data management (Infor Data Lake) 
  • Enterprise user experience 
  • Cloud extensibility (Infor Mongoose)* 
  • Artificial intelligence (Infor Coleman®)* 
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (Infor GRC)* 

*add-on to core Infor OS

Infor M3 Modules

Materials Management for Infor M3

Infor M3 Procurement Module

Streamlines and Integrates all Procurement Processes

Infor M3 Procurement efficiently supports the aspects of procurement, including supplier selection and evaluation, creation and renewal of supplier agreements, requisitioning, purchase order processing and monitoring, receiving and quality control, claims, invoice control, demand planning, fulfillment controls, and statistics. Different categories of orders processed in Procurement are available from the same cloud data source to maximize efficiency.

The software solutions within Procurement streamline and efficiently support the aspects of your business operations and procurement process.

  • Purchase Delivery Schedules
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Request for Quotations
  • Supplier Evaluation and Statistics

Sales & Order Management for Infor M3

Infor M3 Sales Management Module

Efficiently Handle Your Customer-Facing Processes

Infor M3 Customer Sales and Services offers comprehensive intra-company capabilities between market development, sales channels, and after-sales processes, particularly in multi-channel sales environments where a complete and real-time picture of customer commitments is paramount. 

Combining highly integrated web, mobile, and traditional order management tools with full service and rental management capability, Infor M3 Customer Sales and Services manages everything from simple to complex, supply-constrained environments with maximum effect and minimum complexity. 

Applications within Customer Sales and Service include: 

  • Sales Management
  • Maintenance Order Management
  • e‑Commerce
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Services Management
  • Rental Management
  • Project Management

Financial Management for Infor M3

Infor M3 Financial Accounting Module

Helps Manage Multiple Operational Units

The Infor M3 Finance Management suite is designed for manufacturers who want to capture, analyze, and manage the financial information related to their companies’ operations. Infor M3 Finance includes accounting, costing, cash management, budgeting, consolidation, and transaction management functionality. 

Applications within Financial Management include: 

  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Controlling

Infor M3 Financial Controlling

Manage Costs and Keep a Competitive Advantage in a Global Market

Infor M3 Financial Controlling application is a complete set of tools for efficient internal financial controlling. Each module enables you to analyze and plan, as well as display detailed management views of an organization’s key business processes and different regulatory controls.

Modules in Financial Controlling include:

• Budgeting
• Cash Flow Management
• Cost Accounting
• Product Costing
• Multi-Unit Coordination
• Risk Management
• Time Accounting 

Infor M3 Financial Accounting

Save Costs, Eliminate Redundancies, Streamline Business Processes and Financial Flows, and Allow the Redeployment of Assets to More Profitable Activities

The Infor M3 Financial Accounting application enables users to access and utilize the crucial information that drives business decisions. Users are able to capture, analyze, and simulate critical trends based on their unique business goals and requirements with a fully integrated system.

Financial Accounting within the Infor M3 ERP solution helps users save costs, eliminate redundancies, streamline activities, and allow the redeployment of assets to more profitable activities. Its highly configurable structure can be tailored to meet local, regional, national, and global business models and can help manufacturers meet business reporting requirements.

Other Modules within Financial Accounting include: 

  • Automatic Recording Bank Statements
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Current Assets
  • Fixed Assets
  • General Ledger
  • Group Consolidation
  • Report Generator
  • Tax Management
  • ADC for supplier Invoices
  • Equipment Profitability Management

Production Management for Infor M3

Infor M3 Manufacturing Module

Manages Complex, Configured, and Attribute-Controlled Products. Supports Costing, Planning, and Execution

Infor M3 Manufacturing Operations suite is designed to assist in reducing operational overheads and supporting operational efficiencies in discrete, process, and mixed-mode manufacturing environments. Both simple and complex manufacturing environments can be planned, managed, and monitored with a particular focus on increasingly complex regulatory control (such as traceability and shelf life).

Manufacturing Operations enable organizations to centrally manage product definition for the Infor M3 Enterprise System. In doing so, it manages complex, configured, and attribute-controlled products and directly supports costing, planning, and execution. Further advanced functions support best practices such as Lean Manufacturing without sacrificing regulatory control or product complexities.

Applications within Manufacturing include:

  • Manufacturing Order Processing
  • Production Statistics
  • Capacity Requirements Planning
  • Laboratory and Inspection Control

M3 Product Data Management Module

Maintain, Store, and Use Large Amounts of Product-Related Data Across Various Administrative Processes

The Infor M3 Product Data Management within the ERP solution application is designed for product-centric businesses that need to maintain, store, and use large amounts of product-related data across various administrative processes. It provides support for the creation, storage, and reuse of information about products, including product attributes, manufacturing structures, configuration rules, safety regulations, production costs, and document information.
The ERP solution is differentiated by its flexibility and depth of functionality for defining and maintaining product attributes, product structures, and resource profiles in different focus industries.

Applications within Product Data Management include:

  • Engineering Change Management
  • Product Data
  • Technical Document Management
  • Attribute Control
  • Product Configurator
  • M3 to PCM Integration

M3 Project Management Module

Streamlined Processes, Providing Continuously Updated Project Information – Status, Schedules, and Cost Control

Infor M3 Project Management is a comprehensive project management application with functionality specifically designed to solve the challenges faced by today’s project-oriented companies in various industries. The processes of entering and maintaining projects have been streamlined, providing continuously updated project information, project status, schedules, and cost control. Project Management offers highly configurable functionality suitable for small as well as large projects.

  • Project Processing
  • Project Quotations
  • Project Control Board

Supply Chain Management for Infor M3

M3 Supply Chain Execution Module

Improves Companies’ Delivery Precision and Helps Reduce Distribution Costs, Resulting in Higher Customer Satisfaction and Increased Profits

Infor M3 Supply Chain Execution is specially designed to manage multiple operational units and complex distribution networks and constitutes the support for functions directly or indirectly related to logistics in your supply chain.

It gives concise and accurate information on supply chain activities, from quotation and order to delivery and after-sales services. Operations inside and across warehouses are all supported, including receiving and storage, picking, packing, loading, and shipping. Advanced cross-docking features carry out the reshipment of goods with minimum handling. Transportation planning, including schedules, routing, and trade document management, is supported in all domestic and international transportation modes.

  • Distribution Order Processing
  • Inventory Statistics
  • Lot and Allocation Control
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Warehouse Management Interfaces
  • Item Data Interfaces Transportation Management Interfaces
  • Freight Cost Management
  • Complete Supply Chain Management

M3 Supply Chain Planning Module

M3 ERP Solution Optimizes Delivery Performance and Profits

Infor M3 Supply Chain Management Planning application suite provides decision support and order visibility and optimizes delivery performance and profits in resource-constrained organizations. 

It is for medium-sized, product-centric businesses that are resource constrained. Infor M3 has a specific appeal for manufacturers and distributors that need to maximize delivery performance and profitability by optimizing the utilization of their existing resources for extended supply chain functionality.

The solution is differentiated by its deep industry functionality and high level of cooperation between applications which minimizes users’ time spent interacting with the system and the total cost of ownership.

  • Distribution Requirements Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Material Planning
  • Rough Cut Capacity Planning
  • Global Capable-to-Promise
  • Supply Chain Connected Orders
  • Advanced Planning Products
  • Planning Workbench for Fashion
  • Planning Workbench for Equipment
  • Planning Workbench for Food & Beverage
  • Demand Planner
  • Supply Chain Planner
  • Stock Build Optimizer
  • Scheduling Workbench (SWB) for Equipment
  • Yield Optimizer
  • Assortment and Replenishment Planner
  • Fresh Food Planner 

Customer Relationship Management for Infor M3

M3 Customer Lifecycle Management

Infor M3 Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a dedicated, industry-specific application for customer relationship management (CRM) designed for Infor M3 users. 

CLM is based on years of experience gained from working on Infor CRM projects with M3 Customers within our target industrial manufacturing industries. 

Infor M3 CLM supports the automation processes of the main sales force generating leads, taking leads through opportunities into quotes and orders, managing activities including call planning and follow-ups, handling contacts, and strong account management. 

Infor M3 CLM is a modern online software solution based on proven Infor M3 technologies such as the Grid, Event Hub, Smart Office, Mashups, Enterprise Search, Document Archive Foundation, etc. Infor CLM integrates with the customer’s email system, such as Microsoft Outlook.

Being built on the same infrastructure as Infor M3, the CLM application combines industry-specific CRM and M3 transactional processes in a unique way to deliver a truly holistic view of customers and prospects that goes beyond standard ERP functions. CLM provides all the relevant CRM processes and/or information in your favorite work environment, such as Smart Office, your web browser, smart devices (phones & tablets), or email. And unlike typical best-of-breed CRM solutions, CLM is built for Infor M3 and for the Infor M3 target industries to help build customer relationships.

Additional Capabilities for Infor M3

M3 Business Intelligence Module

Information is the lifeblood of today’s companies. Sound business decisions cannot be made without comprehensive, accurate, and updated information. The Infor M3 software solution provides a single source of information for the whole organization. With timely information available at all levels, from strategic to tactical to operational, everyone in your company can gain access to the information they need when they need it, in time to use it in their decision-making.

Key information retrieval and performance analysis features include:

  • Comprehensive, detailed transactional statistics for finance, sales, purchasing, production, and inventory management
  • An integral data warehouse and business intelligence solution which extracts and consolidates data and makes the information available in a flexible and powerful format for decision-makers throughout the organization
  • Pre-prepared data analysis cubes which can be used by any OLAP business analysis tool for comprehensive business performance monitoring
  • Dashboards for presenting information in an easy-to-read manner for decision making
  • Predefined analytics that can be used to measure KPIs and alerts to notify users of exception conditions.

M3 Product Lifecycle Management Module

The Infor M3 solution can help you streamline the development and introduction of new products to help shorten time to market, improve quality, and cut product development costs, as well as reduce the risk and costs of compliance.

Key product development features include:

  • Industry-specific PLM solutions for fashion, food, and process industries
  • Support for collaborative product design and development
  • Estimation of aggregated usage and material costs across the company
  • Development of product specification information and bill of materials (BOM)

Services & Support for Infor M3

M3 Rental Management

Streamline Your Rental Organization– Create Complex Rental Contracts to Provide a Foundation for Long-Term Partnerships with Your Customers

Infor M3 Rental Management works with Supply Chain Management and Financial Management solutions, which makes it one of the strongest resources that rental companies can have. Customers can closely monitor expenses, costs, service levels, equipment failure rates, and equipment utilization.

Rental Management provides a basis for product, business, and sales development. It also enables customers to streamline their rental organization and create complex rental contracts to provide a foundation for long-term partnerships with their customers.

  • Long-Term Rental Agreements
  • Short-Term Rental Agreements
  • Rental Equipment Planning Board
  • Rental Logistics Toolbox
  • Rental Counter

M3 Services Management

Manage and Follow Up on Service for Equipment Supplied and/or Covered by an Agreement

Infor M3 Services Management enables customers with Infor ERP systems to manage and follow up on service on equipment that is supplied and/or covered by an agreement.

It provides comprehensive functionality for handling service calls, from the point a call is received through invoicing and statistics. Tight collaboration with service and warranty agreements means that users always know what level of service to provide and what the agreements include or exclude. It also enables the planning of engineering time, including both breakdowns and preventive service visits. Finally, Service Order Processing enables users to maintain optimal inventory levels and utilization of engineers. It improves invoicing accuracy and provides valuable management information. Service Planning Board enables the users to support efficient field service planning and execution. 

  • Service Agreements
  • Service Order Processing
  • Enterprise Mobility for Service
  • Service Planning Board

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