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Lean Tools / Lean Vouchering
Use a Management by Exception approach to streamline the vouchering process. Lean Vouchering compares each receipt record to a file supplied by the supplier, and if it conforms to the user defined criteria, it creates the voucher and marks it for posting. If an exception occurs, it's presented in a grid where you can review and action the item, thereby reducing workload and allowing your Accounting staff to focus on the significant few items.

Features & Benefits
1.  Electronic invoicing
     -Vendor emails Excel or XML document
     -Reduce paperwork
     -Reduce the time for AP processing
2.  Reduce workload for Accounting/AP
    - Manage by exception
    - Review and update the significant few

3.  Increased Automation
    - Create user defined tolerances
    - Create and mark records for posting for conforming