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Production Management for MAX ERP

Consolidated Planning Module

Consolidated Planning allows you to look at the next day’s or week’s requirements by a specific product family or manufacturing line. Review shortages for specific types of parts, and launch the POs as you approve and release your manufacturing orders. Then email the POs to your suppliers and attach a PO form as well as the Lean Vouchering spreadsheet. When it is time to pick the order for the next day’s schedule, print a consolidated pick list to streamline stockroom activities, and once picked, issue all of the items to the appropriate orders.

Features & Benefits

1. Planning by product line / time frame

— Plan a specific product line or cell

— Plan days in advance, not weeks

— Review shortages and fill them Just-In-Time

— Synchronize receipts with specific order requirements

2. Increased automation

— Automatically create Purchase Orders

— Email distribution to vendors

— Attach Lean Vouchering spreadsheet and PDF PO

3. Reduce workload for planning & inventory control

— Consolidate planning for product lines/families

— Consolidate Picking to optimize stockroom activity

— Automate the issuing process to reduce transactions.

— Use in conjunction with other Lean Tools like

— Backflush by Operation

— No outstanding POs in process

— MRP Order Policy logicExact

Engineering Change Order Module

Engineering Change Order (ECO) facilitates the creation of a framework to manage additions, changes and deletions to a product. ECO also manages the tasks and approvals associated with that change outside of the live production environment. As each task is approved or rejected, history is maintained capturing the individual that completed each tasks and when they did it. When all tasks are approved ECO will automatically update all impacted areas (Parts, BOM’s, Routings, Documents, etc.) in the live production environment. ECO allows a company to more effectively manage their change process, reduce the amount of time it takes to implement change and reduce the overall cost of incorporating customer suggestions or new features.

Labor Tracking Module

Keep score of who’s working for you on what and where, using a proven, updated tool that tracks each team member’s labor hours accurately and fairly for your whole team.

  • Refine run and setup times for your standard part routings
  • Calculate efficiencies by employee
  • Track indirect labor costs by GL account
  • Measure employee and work center productivity and efficiency by time period

Lean Capabilities

With decreased lead times, your planning process needs to look at smaller, more customer-focused time frames. Planning and releasing the next day’s or week’s schedule requires more specialized tools.

  • Planning by product line / time frame 
    • Plan a specific product line or cell 
    • Plan days in advance instead of weeks 
    • Review shortages and fill them Just In Time
    • Synchronize receipts with specific order requirements 
  • Increased automation
    • Automatically create Purchase Orders 
    • Email distribution to vendors 
    • Attach Lean Vouchering spreadsheet and PDF PO
  • Reduce workload for planning and inventory control 
    • Consolidate planning for product
      lines / families 
    • Consolidate picking to optimize stockroom activity
    • Automate the issuing process to reduce transaction processing
    • Use in conjunction with other Lean tools like Backflush by Operation
    • No outstanding POs in process
    • MRP Order Policy logic

Lean Tools / Labor Tracking Module

The Labor Tracking Module is an online job tracking system that allows you to track actual work performed for specific work order operations. MAX Labor Tracking allows the computer to act as a time clock, resulting in more accurate run and setup times. Labor Tracking helps you identify direct and indirect labor or machine hours and can interface with your company’s payroll system.

Labor Tracking allows you do the following:

  • Refine run and setup times for your standard part routings
  • Calculate efficiencies by employee
  • Track indirect labor costs by GL account
  • Measure employee and work center productivity and efficiency by time period
  • Integrate with Crystal Reports to run reports for labor, Time Tickets, and Workcenters

MAX Visual Shop

Helps MAX users further leverage their investment in ERP software by introducing the ability to manage MAX production schedules through a graphical user interface.

Scheduler Features

· Planners and schedulers can more accurately determine the load of each work center against its capacity

· Test multiple schedule iterations to quickly and accurately determine an effective balance between production limitations and the need to fulfill customer orders

· Identify and manage potential bottleneck work centers and resources so the necessary adjustments can be made to keep the entire shop running smoothly

· Schedule several variables to determine the load for each work center, including job operations, material due dates, coordination of outside services, and complex assembly

· Adjust production schedules based on true capacity

· Users can see which orders will be delivered late and which orders will be delivered on time, giving them the ability to make important scheduling decisions on the fly

· Drill into daily work center and shop order details

Work Center Reports

· Since the Visual Shop Scheduler allows users to adjust for true capacity, the work center reports will be more realistic and better represent actual work center activity.

· Print work center reports that reflect the new schedule for each work center.

· Overdue date order reports can be used by sales to negotiate new due dates with the customer

Shop Floor Control Module

Purchasing Control lets you create and print purchase orders, track purchased materials, maintain vendor information and predict your cash requirements. You’ll know exactly what a part will cost, when you can get it, and from which approved vendors. This module provides information at your fingertips to help you make the most cost-effective decisions and accurately control all your purchasing requirements.

  • Enter Purchase Orders on a WYSIWYG Form
  • Work in a paperless work environment”
  • Get answers to customer inquires fast
  • Make sure your vendors have all the data

Subcontract Processing Module

Subcontract Processing tracks materials, shortages and overages through every step of the subcontract process. Each step has been automated, eliminating many manual transactions, and each is accounted for with costs and variances, including subcontract price and quantity variances.

  • Assign a subcontract standard cost.
  • Use MRP to plan subcontracted component requirements.
  • Issue components to the subcontract purchase order.
  • Capture costs at every step.
  • Let the system generate subcontractor purchase requisitions/orders.
  • Display/report detail costs of materials shipped, product received, and subcontract costs totaled by vendor, part, or order number.
  • Project capacity for vendors.
  • Ship to subcontractor directly from work-in-process.
  • Receive from subcontractor directly into work-in-process.
  • Streamline shop floor transactions.
  • Improve inventory and asset accounting accuracy.
  • Facilitate issuing material to and receiving product from vendor.
  • Complete visibility of vendor activity.
  • Capture costs and variances automatically.
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