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Supply Chain Management for MAX ERP

Bar Coding Module

Total integration of ERP and bar code data collection gives you optimal control of shop and material transactions from receiving to shipping. MAX Data Collection provides a single source for all the necessary software, hardware and services to configure only those elements you need, when you need them.

  • Real-Time Validation and Processing
  • Support for Lot/Serial Tracking
  • Labor Transactions
  • Inventory Transactions
  • Shipping Transactions
  • Shop Floor Transactions
  • Customizable Options Available

Backflush by Operation

In Lean Manufacturing, you strive to flatten” the Bill of Material, which reduces the number of work orders you need to create and eliminates the corresponding stocking levels of inventory. The Backflush by Operation tool facilitates the flattening process and allows you to backflush the parts at the exact time and location they are consumed.

Features & Benefits

  • Structure BOM components to routing operations
    • Create Backflush Location
    • Link parts to multiple operations
    • Eliminate Manufacturing BOMs by structuring materials that are used
    • Drag & Drop interface
    • View Summarized BOM or Tree Structure
  • Backflush by operation
    • Reduce transactions
    • Override Backflush Location by operation
    • Generate transactions as the parts are used
    • Have more precision in inventory counts
  • Flatten BOMs
    • Reduce the number of work orders generated
  • Use with additional Lean Tools
    • Supplier KANBAN
    • Consolidated Planning

Purchasing Control

Purchasing Control lets you create and print purchase orders, track purchased materials, maintain vendor information and predict your cash requirements. You’ll know exactly what a part will cost, when you can get it, and from which approved vendors. This module provides information at your fingertips to help you make the most cost-effective decisions and accurately control all your purchasing requirements.

Shop Orders Increase Labor Efficiency and On time Deliveries:

  • Automatically generate a pick list and an order routing for each approved shop order.
  • Track standard runtimes and queue times for batch unit processes
  • Calculate operation due and start dates using backward scheduling
  • Maintain unique routings and bills of material for customized orders
  • Maintain and print standard routing data by operation for each manufactured part.
  • Reworkparts back through the shop without impacting the balance of an order
  • Split a shop order to expedite part of an order through the floor, or change part numbers in the middle of the production
  • Automatically calculate operation start and due dates based on MRP planned order due dates, or you can optionally freeze operation dates to allow for your unique shop schedule.
  • Separate total manufacturing lead time into plan, build and stock times.
  • Standard routing notes allow you to add routing information that’s specific to a part or generic notes for any part.

Post Operation Completion

Display load and queue by workcenter so you know exactly what it takes to finish a job.

  • As each operator completes their portion of a job, they identify their actual run and setup times, how many units were completed, and where the job should go next.
  • Rack actual run and setup times to analyze against the standards.
  • Post Scrap at the operational level to monitor production flow and workcenter productivity. 
  • Automatic generation of new orders to compensate for scrap above planned levels.
  • Drill down on particular cells within the grid to view more detailed information.
  • Auto Post feature saves valuable time by automatically posting the operation complete once therequired data is entered.
  • User preferences allow you to display only operation sequences that contain load.

Subcontract Processing Module

Subcontract Processing tracks materials, shortages and overages through every step of the subcontract process. Each step has been automated, eliminating many manual transactions, and each is accounted for with costs and variances, including subcontract price and quantity variance

Features and Benefits

· Assign a subcontract standard cost.

· Use MRP to plan subcontracted component requirements.

· Issue components to the subcontract purchase order.

· Capture costs at every step.

· Let the system generate subcontractor purchase requisitions/orders.

· Display/report detail costs of materials shipped, product received, and subcontract costs totaled by vendor, part, or order number.

· Project capacity for vendors

· Ship to subcontractor directly from work in process

· Receive from subcontractor directly into work in process 

· Streamline shop floor transactions.

· Improve inventory and asset accounting accuracy.

· Facilitate issuing material to and receiving product from vendor 

· Complete visibility of vendor activity.

· Capture costs and variances automatically

Supplier Kanban

Some of the stated goals of Lean Manufacturing are to eliminate waste and make value flow through the organization. In order to eliminate waste, we remove actions that do not add value to our operations. When the need is recognized, we want to order material from our Supplier in the fewest steps possible, while maintaining a record of our activity.

Features & Benefits

1. Create KANBAN Cards by part

— Specify Primary vendor

— Order Quantity or MRP Planned Orders

— Crystal Reports

2. Automatically generate MAX PO

— Reduce transaction processing

— Reduce administrative lead time

— Group POs by supplier and by day

3. Email authorization to Supplier

— Standalone or automated processing

— Use follow-up summary emails

— Attach a PO form

4. Configurable validation of order logic

— Buyer ID signifies valid KANBAN part

— Requirements exist

— No outstanding POs in process

— Supplier validation

— MRP Order Policy logic”

MAX ERP Modules

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