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Materials Management for MAX ERP

Inventory Control Module

Max ERP captures lot, serial, & expiration date when inventory, shop floor or repetitive transactions are completed. The data is collected and stored in a format so that the as-built” configuration can be searched and displayed using either a single level or multi-level implosion or explosion. A user can drill down through the multiple level of a Bill of Material and view all the lot, serial and expiration date that went into building that product. Or the user can perform a multiple level implosion to view where each component was used or stocked. MAX Lot & Serial control provides a fast and accurate method to track and display product configuration…which is vital in the event the data needs to be urgently presented (such as during a product recall or audit). With lot, serial and expiration date on-line an ERP system provides instantaneous access to; purchase orders for raw materials, shop orders for production, inventory records to check stock and the sales orders of where product was shipped to. This process can be further automated with the deployment of bar code / data collection devices.

Lot and Serial Tracking Module

Lot and Serial Tracking is used to control and monitor, from receipt to shipment, the assignment of lot and/or serial numbers for components and finished goods. Once a part has been flagged as requiring lot and/or serial control, MAX maintains an audit trail from the time it is received from the vendor until it is shipped to the customer. All information on a specific lot/serial number can be accessed instantly.

  • Build Lot and Serial Traceability
  • As-Built Configuration to meet FDA, FAA and government Contract Requirements
  • Generate Reports

Master Scheduling Module

Plans production of finished goods, generates forecast orders and maintains customer demand, thereby creating a consistent and realistic production plan that drives all aspects of your manufacturing and purchasing operations. This enables you to routinely satisfy your company’s policies on customer service, production efficiency and inventory management. With Master Scheduling you’ll be certain that your plan is based on the best information available and that everyone is working to the same plan.

  • Master Schedule Detail
  • Independent Demand
  • Master Schedule Orders
  • Order Navigator
  • Visual Scheduler
  • Inquiries

MRP (Material Requirement Planning) Module

MRP (Material Requirement Planning) is an integral part of any manufacturing planning system. MRP balances total demand with available supply and calculates recommendations on what items need to be purchased and which parts need to be manufactured. Specific conditions (like lead time) can be defined to generate exception messages when requirements exist that cannot be met. MAX offers advanced tools with MRP that allow easy access to drill down through a bill of material to determine the source of the raw materials or peg up a bill of material to provide visibility of where the demand is coming from. MAX MRP offers detailed planning and simulation calculations to determine the impact on planning if additional demand is entered in specific periods of time. This planning and simulation function quickly and easily identifies shortages caused by the addition of new customer demand and calculates an available to promise” date based on the complete demand and supply conditions.

Repetitive Manufacturing Module

Repetitive Manufacturing provides, in a single transaction, the capability to receive a finished item and backflush” all of the component items required to build the final assembly. This is ideal for high volume environments or those that are practicing Just-In-Time (JIT) techniques as no shop order is required, thereby eliminating time-consuming order processing and providing a paperless environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Receive finished items into inventory and issue all components required to build the final product in a single transaction
  • Quick data entry only requires the Parent Part ID and the quantity completed to process the transaction
  • Eliminates time consuming order processing.
  • Reduce Work-In-Process (WIP) tracking requirements 
  • Maintains complete transaction history information for auditing and control purposes
  • Significantly reduces the costs of tracking requirements for parts or products that do not need complex control procedures
  • Requires less than half of the normal processing time of using conventional shop order
  • Quickly review repetitive transactions with the Transaction History Report or Inquiry
  • Optionally use Repetitive Manufacturing for some or all of your parts, depending on your internal requirements
  • Component issues are based on product structure relationships
  • Blows through phantom and pseudo parts while issuing components
  • Component stock can be issued from the primary (point of use) stock location or alternative (buffer stock) locations.
  • Perfect for companies who use cellular manufacturing techniques
  • User Preference allows you to remove all cost information from view (for security purposes) while processing the transaction.
  • Optional support for Lot/Serial Tracking
  • Repetitive Scrap Transaction Flexible Scrap Processing
  • Record actual scrap at any level on the bill in one transaction for increased inventory accuracy
  • Does not require an order number to scrap component items
  • Adjust scrap quantities at any level on the bill.
  • Accurately record by products during the manufacturing process for recovery of expensive or hazardous materials
  • Requires entry of GL Account for accurate product costing

MAX ERP Modules

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