MAX ERP | Purchasing Control

Purchasing Control
Purchasing Control lets you create and print purchase orders, track purchased materials, maintain vendor information and predict your cash requirements. You'll know exactly what a part will cost, when you can get it, and from which approved vendors. This module provides information at your fingertips to help you make the most cost-effective decisions and accurately control all your purchasing requirements.

Shop Orders Increase Labor Efficiency and On time Deliveries:
  • Automatically generate a pick list and an order routing for each approved shop order.
  • Track standard runtimes and queue times for batch unit processes
  • Calculate operation due and start dates using backward scheduling
  • Maintain unique routings and bills of material for customized orders
  • Maintain and print standard routing data by operation for each manufactured part.
  • Reworkparts back through the shop without impacting the balance of an orde
  • Split a shop order to expedite part of an order through the floor, or change part numbers in the middle of the production
  • Automatically calculate operation start and due dates based on MRP planned order due dates, or you can optionally freeze operation dates to allow for your unique shop schedule.
  • Separate total manufacturing lead time into plan, build and stock times.
  • Standard routing notes allow you to add routing information that’s specific to a part or generic notes for any part.
Post Operation Completion
Display load and queue by workcenter so you know exactly what it takes to finish a job.
  • As each operator completes their portion of a job, they identify their actual run and setup times, how many units were completed, and where the job should go next.
  • Rack actual run and setup times to analyze against the standards.
  • Post Scrap at the operational level to monitor production flow and workcenter productivity. 
  • Automatic generation of new orders to compensate for scrap above planned levels.
  • Drill down on particular cells within the grid to view more detailed information.
  • Auto Post feature saves valuable time by automatically posting the operation complete once therequired data is entered.
  • User preferences allow you to display only operation sequences that contain load.