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Financial Management for MAX ERP

Fixed Asset Management Module

Fixed Asset Management for MAX ERP provides control of your company’s assets and puts them to the best possible use in your organization with the asset management capabilities you need to effectively track, analyze, and utilize those assets to make them work for you.

  • ENTERRANGE OF ASSET INFORMATION, including acquisition date, cost, and physical location, as well as assign assets to multiple books for calculating depreciation.
  • COMPARE ASSET DEPRECIATION for up to three books at a time.

General Ledger Module

Max ERP General Ledger manages the financial heart of your business with intelligent accounting and analysis capabilities that make your finances work for you, giving you the vital information you need and changing the way you do business for the better.

  • Great Plains General Ledger works seamlessly with MAX and Synergy from Exact Software as well as the other Great Plains modules, such as Multicurrency for multinational sales and Bank Reconciliation for cash management.
  • Create budgets using Microsoft Excel™ and easily import the budget details using a wizard interface.
  • Quickly void or delete unposted transactions, back out or reverse posted transactions, and create correcting entries, all with full audit control.
  • Focus on the financial data you need to make better business decisions by including or restricting report content that is important to your organization’s reporting needs.

Lean Tools / Lean Vouchering Module

Use a Management by Exception approach to streamline the vouchering process. Lean Vouchering compares each receipt record to a file supplied by the supplier, and if it conforms to the user defined criteria, it creates the voucher and marks it for posting. If an exception occurs, it’s presented in a grid where you can review and action the item, thereby reducing workload and allowing your Accounting staff to focus on the significant few items.

Features & Benefits

  • Electronic invoicing
    • Vendor emails Excel or XML document
    • Reduce paperwork
    • Reduce the time for AP processing
  • Reduce workload for Accounting/AP
    • Manage by exception
    • Review and update the significant few
  • Increased Automation
    • Create user defined tolerances
    • Create and mark records for posting for conforming entries

Multi-Currency Module

Multi-currency provides the ability to input a sales or purchase order in your customer’s or vendor’s currency. The foreign currency amount prints on the sales acknowledgement, invoice, and purchase order, giving customers and vendors the information they need. Costs and prices within MAX, however, are captured and reported in your domestic currency. Purchase and sales orders are input in the currency negotiated.

  • Foreign currency amount prints on the sales acknowledgement, invoice, and purchase order.
  • Pop-up window shows domestic currency amount and exchange rate.
  • Discounts, taxes, freight and miscellaneous charges may be input in foreign currency.
  • Report losses and gains due to the difference between the invoice/voucher exchange rate and the prevailing rate.
  • The exchange rate can be set to remain fixed from the time of entry or to update with the prevailing rate at the time of invoicing or vouchering.
  • The foreign currency amount stays static through time, keeping commitments with customers and vendors accurate.
  • Losses and gains due to changes in the prevailing rate can be estimated as invoices are cut for sales orders and as purchase orders are paid.

Multiple Cost Sets Module

Costing with Multiple Cost Sets enables you to track cost variances for material costs, labor costs and purchase costs by part, order number, or by workcenter. Accountants and auditors can use the full range of reports and inquiries offered to analyze cost performance by comparing actual costs with planned costs. Begin controlling your company’s costs and performance today by knowing exactly how much material and labor every order, part and operation takes.

  • •Track Cost Variances
  • Financial Integration Management

Payables Management Module

Great Plains Payables Management gives MAX ERP users tight control over expenses with up-to-the-minute information about your payables, easy management of your vendors, and effort-saving automation of many routine or complex tasks that provides a great return on investment.

  • Great Plains Payables Management works seamlessly with MAX and Synergy from Exact Software as well as the other Great Plains modules, such as Multicurrency for multinational sales and Bank Reconciliation for cash management.
  • Immediate information
  • Extensive Drill-Down
  • Comprehensive Vendor Information
  • Installment Management
  • Expenditure Control
  • Control Account Management
  • Automatic Posting
  • Complete Payables Reporting 

Receivables Management Module

Great Plains Receivables Management* gives MAX ERP users tight control over your accounts receivable with capabilities that help you track invoices, process receipts, and analyze customer activity, so you can manage sales made on account more effectively and yet maintain lower overhead costs.

  • Great Plains Receivables Management works seamlessly with MAX and Synergy from Exact Software as well as the other Great Plains modules, such as Multicurrency for multinational sales and Bank Reconciliation for cash management.
  • View un-posted, posted, and historical transactions, plus complete customer, period sales, yearly sales, payment history, and receivables summary information.
  • Utilize user-defined fields to track the customer information you need to improve sales and customer service, including: ship to, bill to, and statement to addresses; and credit limit, payment terms, and account history.
  • Automate your customer installment payments by creating schedules, calculating interest, amortizing amounts, and forecasting the impact of variable interest rates, payment amounts, and installment changes.
  • Maintain full control over the receivables process with automated lockbox processing, customer billing defaults, NSF tracking, multicurrency support, and the ability to fully define customer statement cycles.
  • Analyze your sales performance with receivables tracking for each salesperson or sales territory, including commissions, commissioned sales, noncommissioned sales, and cost of sales for the year to date.
  • Create a comprehensive suite of reports that can be sorted by calendar or fiscal year with on-screen display and search, or combine with Crystal Reports for greater reporting flexibility and power.
  • Automate processes for writing off and adjusting overpayments and underpayments, as well as create and apply debit and credit documents for open balances.

Human Resources Module

With Human Resources for MAX ERP you can manage and track a wide range of employee information to support informed, consistent decision-making. Understand the business impact of salary changes by running what if” scenarios with various salary adjustment projections.

  • ATTRACT AND RETAIN TOP TALENT by identifying the best applicants and staying on top of every hiring situation.
  • CAPTURE AND STORE a comprehensive record of details for each employee.
  • Get detailed employee information instantly
  • Manage employee resources strategically
  • Share information efficiently
  • Streamline the hiring process
  • Simplify employee benefits administration
  • Increase employee satisfaction

MAX ERP Modules

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