MAX ERP | Supplier Kanban

Supplier Kanban
Some of the stated goals of Lean Manufacturing are to eliminate waste and make value flow through the organization. In order to eliminate waste, we remove actions that do not add value to our operations. When the need is recognized, we want to order material from our Supplier in the fewest steps possible, while maintaining a record of our activity.

Features & Benefits
1.  Create KANBAN Cards by part
   - Specify Primary vendor
   - Order Quantity or MRP Planned Orders
   - Crystal Reports
2. Automatically generate MAX PO
   - Reduce transaction processing
   - Reduce administrative lead time
   - Group POs by supplier and by day
3. Email authorization to Supplier
   - Standalone or automated processing
   - Use follow-up summary emails
   - Attach a PO form
4. Configurable validation of order logic
   - Buyer ID signifies valid KANBAN part
   - Requirements exist
   - No outstanding POs in process
   - Supplier validation
   - MRP Order Policy logic"