Microsoft Dynamics AX | Alert System

Alert System

Alerts in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution is designed to help users increase workflow efficiency by tracking essential events. Stay informed of such critical events as order status changes, deliveries, vendor activities, and project statuses. The alert notification feature is system-wide; it functions across all modules of the system. The flexible functionality of the alert system allows users to create personalized alert rules unique to the user’s needs.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Alert System has the ability to create tailored alerts based on three different types of events: create- and delete-type events for when records are created and deleted; update-type events, which has eight different alert options; and there are three different options for due date-type events. Create alert templates and define conditions for delivery designed for individual users. Set up rules defining which events to monitor and how to receive them. Alerts can be delivered as pop-up windows within the solution, via email messages through Microsoft Office Outlook, or through the system’s Enterprise Portal.

Alerts in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution includes the following features:

  • Retry Schedule Form allows users to define how often and at what intervals reminder messages are sent.

  • User-specific Configuration permits users with administrative rights to create, edit, and delete alert rules as needed.

  • User-friendly Rules Set-up fosters easy rule set-up by right clicking within any Microsoft Dynamics AX record to access the Alert Rule Form.

  • Templates give users with administrative rights the ability to merge alert data into email messages.

  • Conditions Filtering offers an intuitive Inquiry Form that allows alerts to appear only when certain criteria have been met.

  • Remote Access Capabilities permit users with appropriate rights to access alerts from any location using the Enterprise Portal.