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Sales & Order Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Sales and Marketing Module

The Sales and Marketing module within Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system delivers powerful integrated sales and marketing management capabilities to increase sales and to help build and strengthen customer relationships. Improve customer relationships with a real-time view of customer data — track phone logs, correspondence, and automatically generated activities to identify customer needs. Make crucial sales and marketing decisions with confidence. 

The Sales and Marketing module fosters increased sales by continuously collecting information on customer purchasing patterns helping to identify and target cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Increase marketing effectiveness by identifying and qualifying new prospects. Simplify campaign planning and execution. Manage statistical feedback and measure marketing campaign success by leveraging rich ERP data. Monitor return on investment (ROI) in real-time by linking projects with campaigns.

Utilize the Sales and Marketing solution to manage sales performance of personnel. Monitor individual sales personnel, sales teams, and the entire sales department. Associate revenue and expenses with every transaction at any level of detail. Gain the ability to establish person-to-person contact with customers, create sales quotes, and follow up on marketing initiatives. 

The Sales and Marketing module within Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning solution consists of four components that fully integrate with the entire ERP system:

Sales Force Automation

  • Manage all business relationships including customers, personnel, vendors, partners, leads, members, subscribers, etc. 

  • Access a real-time overview of all financial and logistical information.

  • Analyze actual sales against budgets.

  • Allow access to customer information to entire sales force with individualized permissions.

  • Evaluate customer activity against customer profitability.

  • Forecast and plan future revenue.

  • Communicate with groups through multiple modes.

Sales Management

  • Monitor and manage personnel performance and activities.

  • Generate sales reports and graphs.

  • Analyze all sales related activities.

  • Measure sales revenue against target sales. 

  • Perform opportunity management and pipeline analysis. 

  • Budget future activities based on real-time data.

Marketing Automation

  • Create marketing campaigns for any group utilizing existing data in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system.

  • Organize campaign administration and distribution.

  • Link campaigns, surveys, projects, and responses.

  • Automatically sync follow-up marketing activities with Microsoft Outlook.

  • Monitor ROI by linking campaigns to projects.

  • Publicize campaigns via email, text, fax, call lists, and the Internet.


  • Map out daily activities.

  • Generate call lists, automate phone calls, and log call details.

  • Use the questionnaire functionality to create call scripts.

Sales Management Module

The Sales Management module within Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning system is tightly integrated with the Sales and Marketing module to provide efficient collaboration between sales and marketing managers and sales teams. The Sales Management module delivers a detailed view into the sales pipeline offering the ability to view and analyze activities and performances of individuals, teams, and entire sales organizations.

The user-friendly tools within the Sales Management ERP solution provide graphical views of key sales-related information and marketing efforts simplifying pipeline management. Graphical views have the ability to represent large amounts of data presented in an easy-to-read format. Gain a better understanding of the sales pipeline. Advanced tools are available for detailed sales activity analytics.

The Sales Management module within the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system includes the following features:

  • Manage views of large amounts of Microsoft Dynamics AX data. Gain a panoramic perspective of sales data stored in the database based on personalized criteria. Sort data by specified values for greater insight into sales activities. Monitor ongoing sales processes while providing a graphical overview of sales statistics and forecast sales opportunities.

  • Establish sales targets and view performance. Set up and monitor sales goals for each sales member in the Sales Target window. Gain an instant overview of sales targets for individuals and teams. Graphical charts can be created to show actual sales and quotes compared with sales targets.

  • Manage sales data. Quickly identify sales opportunities by analyzing stored data based on personalized values. Gain real-time insight into all sales activities based on customized criteria such as average sales orders, activities of sales personnel, the number of campaign participants, time frames, and more. The transaction log records changes made by users for real-time viewing in graphical form. View data from multiple angles including costs, margins, revenue, discounts, and highest and lowest values. 

  • Establish and maintain sales pipelines. View the data of the entire sales pipeline with a variety of default graphs. Viewing options include probabilities, sales phases, target sales vs. actual and possible sales, and purchase frequency. Compare and analyze data from any period of sales history. 

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