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Materials Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Inventory Controls Module

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution provides the logistical flexibility needed for effective inventory management. The Inventory Controls module supports forecasting, purchasing, classifying, and tracking. Highly intuitive, Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning software exchanges information with other modules within the solution including production, trade, master planning, finance, and customer relationship management (CRM) for seamless integration and coordination. 

Optimize inventory levels by matching supply with customer demand and improve materials requirement planning with versatile options for managing Bills of Materials (BOMs). Improve inventory management with comprehensive views into tracked items using batch and serial numbers. The Inventory Control module provides detailed inventory insights such as stock dimensions for classifying inventory according to storage and item characteristics. Direct access to information regarding item use and location is readily available; view documents related to any item using simple graphics from anywhere in the system. 

The following capabilities are available in Microsoft Dynamics AX Inventory Controls module:

  • Set up cycle counting thresholds, create cycle counting plans and schedule plans with inventory counting.
  • Create and manage BOMs quickly and easily using the graphical BOM designer.
  • Control layout at the aisle, rack, shelf, and bin position levels.
  • Monitor item arrivals of inbound receivables and registrations with journal processing.
  • Utilize direct put-away of items into bulk locations of flowing picking locations.
  • Utilize direct replenishment of fixed-item picking locations.
  • Track movement of inventory on-hand between different locations via transfer journal.
  • Define inventory counting with such guidelines as periodic, minimum, zero stock, or manual handling.
  • Ensure inventory accuracy with history tracking.

Manufacturing Capabilities Module

The manufacturing capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) enterprise resource planning system are designed to optimize production flow with effective planning capabilities, resource utilization, and streamlined business processes to help drive accurate delivery performance. 

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a scalable, robust, and functionally rich ERP solution that offers real-time insights into business and supply chain information including production, warehouse, and inventory data. Multi-site capabilities promote effective planning from inventory levels to delivery routing with flexibility and control. 

Manage production based on demand and forecasting. View real-time work-in-progress (WIP) to avoid potential cost overruns or delays. Specialized Role Centers enhance process efficiencies to help organize information, tools, and tasks in a personalized view format offering a streamlined workflow environment. Designed with flexibility in mind, Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software helps to reduce time to market while meeting changing customer demands. 

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers the following manufacturing capabilities:

  • Finite and Infinite Capacity and Materials Planning allows for tightly controlled scheduling using finite or infinite capacity scheduling practices for maximum flexibility and offers the ability to support multiple plans to simulate material and capacity requirements based on varied scenarios.
  • Job Scheduling and Sequencing facilitates detailed capacity planning and has the ability to separate each operation into individual tasks. Job scheduling allows for the synchronization of a production order’s other jobs with the flexibility to specify start and finish times.
  • Resource Management helps to identify long-term staffing requirements by providing a skills library for tracking employee skills, experience, certifications, and other distinctions. A search tool within the module matches employee skills with availability offering best-fit scheduling options.
  • Shop Floor Management gives detailed insight into the production environment by automating the collection of employee schedule information and production data.
  • Work Order Management with Job Costing aids in developing more flexible business structures by specifying crucial cost-saving opportunities.
  • Production Configuration allows for multiple attributes and rules in product building to create a custom BOM with each order.
  • Quality Management helps to manage turnaround time when dealing with nonconforming products and links diagnostic results to correction tasks to rectify problems and prevent future recurrences.
  • Lean Manufacturing combines various supply, sourcing, and production strategies in a mixed-mode manufacturing environment such as production orders, purchase orders, batch orders, and transfer orders.
  • Forecast Scheduling enables long-term planning of materials and capacity by calculating gross requirements based on forecasts.

Material Planning Module

Optimize material usage with Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning solution’s Master Planning module. Master Planning facilitates effective material planning, scheduling, and production. Finite material and capacity scheduling can be fulfilled simultaneously to enhance production flow. 

Master Planning exchanges information with other modules within Microsoft Dynamics AX solution including production, logistics, trade, and CRM to streamline manufacturing processes and supply chain efficiency. Boost production flow and foster on-time product delivery with reliable scheduling procedures for purchase, production, and transfer orders.

Run material and production planning in a fast, net-change mode to view up-to-the-moment data of net requirements as often as needed. Seamlessly source materials from multiple warehouses; Microsoft Dynamics AX coordinates with multiple warehouses to automatically generate transfer orders to fulfill inventory requirements while enabling quick responses to changes in material and capacity demand. 

The following Material Planning features are built into Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Master Planning offers two different levels of scheduling: operations scheduling and jobs scheduling. Scheduling options include finite or infinite materials scheduling, backward or forward scheduling, and detailed scheduling by days, hours, and minutes.
  • Multiple Forecast and Master Plan supports multiple plans with forecast and master scheduling. Use multiple plans to simulate material and capacity requirements based on different scenarios.
  • Master Scheduling provides an overview of long-term purchase, resource, and production requirements.
  • Forecast Scheduling provides an overview of short-term purchase, resource, and production requirements based on existing orders.
  • Planned Orders allows for planned purchase, production, and transfer orders to be modified, deleted, accepted, and approved.
  • Future Messages flags orders that cannot be delivered by requested date based on materials and capacity requirements.
  • Net Requirements offers access to the entire master scheduling requirements; view by day, week, or month.
  • ATP/CTP offers the ability to break down a BOM item to calculate an earliest possible delivery date. Available-To-Promise (ATP) calculates delivery date based on current production orders and available inventory; Capable-to-Promise (CTP) calculates delivery date based on available materials and production capacity.

Warehouse Management Module

The Warehouse Management module within Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution offers the flexibility and control needed to optimize warehouse processes according to individual requirements. The functionality in the Warehouse Management module provides thorough and efficient monitoring and automation of warehouse procedures for manufacturing and distribution businesses to assist in boosting inventory insights, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

Increase warehouse efficiency and accuracy with automation tools that help to allocate warehouse space by identifying optimal storage locations for inventory based on item characteristics and warehouse zones. Journals record all warehouse activities providing a complete history of actions via an audit trail. The option of either barcoding or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can be utilized to increase accuracy and speed of picking and stocking items.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Warehouse Management offers the flexibility to define warehouse layout according to need and demand for enhanced warehouse efficiency. Designate warehouse zones to accommodate particular storage needs such as turnover rates or temperature requirements. Specify warehouse locations on five levels: warehouse, aisle, rack, shelf, and bin; further define each location based on parameters such as pallet style and space. 

The Warehouse Management module within Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning software includes the following components:

  • Placement and Storage provide improved accuracy with RFID capabilities and allow for the specification of locations and storage policies at both the warehouse level and item level.
  • Inventory Dimensions allow inventory items to be identified by physical location (warehouse, location, and pallet); item origin (serial number and batch number); and characteristics (configuration, size, and color).
  • Serial and Batch Number Control stamps a single item or group of items with a unique tracking number.
  • Random Location Storage determines storage location based on rules such as size and volume. Storage is allocated based on the priority of picking locations first, then buffer locations.
  • Arrival Journals simplify item registration with the options of either manual or automatic put-away location suggestions. Items become available immediately after posting in Arrival Journals.
  • RFID and Barcoding register and monitor pallets and inventory items throughout the supply chain. Offers the ability to print barcoded pallet labels, location labels, and bill of lading labels.
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