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Microsoft Dynamics AX

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AX 2020
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5 — 2250
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Microsoft Dynamics AX
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Microsoft Dynamics AX Overview

Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) Overview:

Designed for midsize and larger companies, Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) is a multilingual and multicurrency enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite with core strengths in manufacturing and e‑business that also provides powerful functionality for the service and wholesale industries.

With complete end-to-end scalability and flexibility, Microsoft Dynamics AX provides multinational companies a significant advantage to take control of operations and promote growth.

Microsoft Dynamics AX seamlessly merges with Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server, BizTalk Server, Microsoft SharePoint, and Windows to connect customers, vendors, and employees by integrating all business processes.

The features within Microsoft Dynamics AX are designed to raise productivity and ensure relevant insight with the automation of critical business operations. Full integration of business applications within Microsoft Dynamics AX for financial management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, human resource management, inventory management, project management, and analytics help to foster collaboration, increase performance, and lower costs across business applications.

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for Manufacturing Business Processes

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system can be tailored to support the specific needs of manufacturing businesses while delivering a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Microsoft Dynamics AX supports build-to-order, engineer-to-order, and build-to-forecast supply chain models across both discrete and batch-process manufacturing modes and is particularly suited for mixed-mode manufacturing environments.

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for Globalization

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system can help drive global enterprises as it supports high transaction rates and thousands of users across multiple sites. With built-in languages, currencies, and legal requirements for more than 30 countries, Microsoft Dynamics AX simplifies and optimizes the workflows for international business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP and Financial Management

Dynamics AX ERP software delivers a range of financial capabilities and expense management tools to help consolidate accounts with subsidiaries or distribution centers worldwide. Employees can access accounts receivable and payable, reporting, invoicing, and detailed analysis according to customized security credentials, all from within the Microsoft Dynamics suite.

Customization of Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP can be fully customized to aid in collaborating more effectively with customers, partners, employees, and suppliers. Within the MorphX development environment, developers can design, edit, compile, and debug — all within a single screen. This all-in-one scalable solution offers capabilities at a customizable rate and provides a simpler way to optimize the system’s modules according to individual business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Advantages

Familiar Microsoft User Interface

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP is a robust, adaptable, and scalable ERP solution that looks and works like other Microsoft products. The familiar environment within Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning software means less training and development and a faster return on investment (ROI).

Plus, Microsoft Dynamics AX is the foundational technology behind the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations software solutions, making transitions between the two products notably smooth.

The task-based, individualized user experience of the Microsoft Dynamics suite provides industry-specific operational business processes that support user involvement and innovation. Obtain business intelligence insights via a RoleTailored user experience that supplies easy access to relevant information and procedures.

Manage growth and market fluctuations effortlessly with adjustable processes for new product launches, mergers, and acquisitions. Perform the complexities of competing globally with standardized business processes while staying current with changes in local regulations.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is equipped with built-in, country-specific regulation and legal requirements for 36 countries, which enables streamlined global business practices.

Create strong connections with employees, customers, and vendors using integrated and unified communication and collaboration tools with the Microsoft Dynamics suite.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Technology

Built on Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software (previously Axapta) is built on Microsoft Azure to deliver a cloud-first, mobile-first platform that offers a simplified production environment reducing the need for backup servers while maintaining a strong emphasis on security.

Azure is suitable for both private and public cloud deployments as well as on-premises, providing users with a​“what they need when they need it” approach.

Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates with such widely familiar business apps as Microsoft SQL Server, Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, and BizTalk Server, creating a user-friendly experience within a powerful business management solution.

Finally, Microsoft Dynamics AX is equipped with ERP-as-a-service and gives the option to rent servers on Azure, dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Microsoft Dynamics AX Modules

Materials Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Inventory Management Controls Module

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution provides the logistical flexibility needed for effective inventory management. The Inventory Controls module supports forecasting, purchasing, classifying, and tracking. Highly intuitive, Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning software exchanges information with other modules within the solution, including production, trade, master planning, finance, and customer relationship management (CRM) for seamless integration and coordination of business processes.

Optimize inventory levels by matching supply with customer demand and improve materials requirement planning with versatile options for managing Bills of Materials (BOMs). Improve inventory management with comprehensive views into tracked items using batch and serial numbers.

The Inventory Control module within Microsoft Dynamics AX provides detailed inventory insights, such as stock dimensions for classifying inventory according to storage and item characteristics. Direct access to information regarding item use and location is readily available; view documents related to any item using simple graphics from anywhere in the system. 

The following capabilities are available in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Inventory Controls module:

  • Set up cycle counting thresholds, create cycle counting plans, and schedule plans with inventory counting.
  • Create and manage BOMs quickly and easily using the graphical BOM designer.
  • Control layout at the aisle, rack, shelf, and bin position levels.
  • Monitor item arrivals of inbound receivables and registrations with journal processing.
  • Utilize direct put-away of items into bulk locations of flowing picking locations.
  • Utilize direct replenishment of fixed-item picking locations.
  • Track movement of inventory on hand between different locations via transfer journal.
  • Define inventory counting with such guidelines as a periodic, minimum, zero stock, or manual handling.
  • Ensure inventory accuracy with history tracking.

Manufacturing Capabilities Module

The manufacturing capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) enterprise resource planning system are designed to optimize production flow with effective planning capabilities, resource utilization, and streamlined business processes to help drive accurate delivery performance. 

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a scalable, robust, and functionally rich ERP solution that offers real-time insights into business processes and supply chain information, including production, warehouse, and inventory data. Multi-site capabilities promote effective planning from inventory levels to delivery routing with flexibility and control. 

Manage production based on demand and forecasting. View real-time work-in-progress (WIP) to avoid potential cost overruns or delays. Specialized Role Centers enhance process efficiencies to help organize information, tools, and tasks in a personalized view format offering a streamlined workflow environment. Designed with flexibility in mind, Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software helps to reduce time to market while meeting changing customer demands. 

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers the following manufacturing capabilities:

  • Finite and Infinite Capacity and Materials Planning allows for tightly controlled scheduling using finite or infinite capacity scheduling practices for maximum flexibility and offers the ability to support multiple plans to simulate material and capacity requirements based on varied scenarios.
  • Job Scheduling and Sequencing facilitate detailed capacity planning and have the ability to separate each operation into individual tasks. Job scheduling allows for the synchronization of a production order’s other jobs with the flexibility to specify start and finish times.
  • Resource Management helps to identify long-term staffing requirements by providing a skills library for tracking employee skills, experience, certifications, and other distinctions. A search tool within the module matches employee skills with availability offering best-fit scheduling options.
  • Shop Floor Management gives detailed insight into the production environment by automating the collection of employee schedule information and production data.
  • Work Order Management with Job Costing aids in developing more flexible business structures by specifying crucial cost-saving opportunities.
  • Production Configuration allows for multiple attributes and rules in product building to create a custom BOM with each order.
  • Quality Management helps to manage turnaround time when dealing with nonconforming products and links diagnostic results to correction tasks to rectify problems and prevent future recurrences.
  • Lean Manufacturing combines various supply, sourcing, and production strategies in a mixed-mode manufacturing environment, such as production orders, purchase orders, batch orders, and transfer orders.
  • Forecast Scheduling enables long-term planning of materials and capacity by calculating gross requirements based on forecasts.

Material Planning Module

Optimize material usage with Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning solution’s Master Planning module. Master Planning facilitates effective material planning, scheduling, and production. Finite material and capacity scheduling can be fulfilled simultaneously to enhance production flow. 

Master Planning exchanges information with other modules within Microsoft Dynamics AX solution, including production, logistics, trade, and CRM, to streamline manufacturing business processes and supply chain efficiency. Boost production flow and foster on-time product delivery with reliable scheduling procedures for purchase, production, and transfer orders.

Run material and production planning in a fast, net-change mode to view up-to-the-moment data of net requirements as often as needed. Seamlessly source materials from multiple warehouses; Microsoft Dynamics AX coordinates with multiple warehouses to automatically generate transfer orders to fulfill inventory requirements while enabling quick responses to changes in material and capacity demand. 

The following Material Planning features are built into Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Master Planning offers two different levels of scheduling: operations scheduling and jobs scheduling. Scheduling options include finite or infinite materials scheduling, backward or forward scheduling, and detailed scheduling by days, hours, and minutes.
  • Multiple Forecast and Master Plans support multiple plans with forecast and master scheduling. Use multiple plans to simulate material and capacity requirements based on different scenarios.
  • Master Scheduling provides an overview of long-term purchase, resource, and production requirements.
  • Forecast Scheduling provides an overview of short-term purchase, resource, and production requirements based on existing orders.
  • Planned Orders allow for planned purchase, production, and transfer orders to be modified, deleted, accepted, and approved.
  • Future Messages flags orders that cannot be delivered by the requested date based on materials and capacity requirements.
  • Net Requirements offers access to the entire master scheduling requirements, viewed by day, week, or month.
  • ATP/CTP offers the ability to break down a BOM item to calculate the earliest possible delivery date. Available-To-Promise (ATP) calculates the delivery date based on current production orders and available inventory; Capable-to-Promise (CTP) calculates the delivery date based on available materials and production capacity.

Warehouse Management Module

The Warehouse Management module within Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution offers the flexibility and control needed to optimize warehouse business processes according to individual requirements. The functionality in the Warehouse Management module provides thorough and efficient monitoring and automation of warehouse procedures for manufacturing and distribution businesses to assist in boosting inventory insights, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

Increase warehouse efficiency and accuracy with automation tools that help to allocate warehouse space by identifying optimal storage locations for inventory based on item characteristics and warehouse zones. Journals record all warehouse activities providing a complete history of actions via an audit trail. The option of either barcoding or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can be utilized to increase the accuracy and speed of picking and stocking items.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Warehouse Management offers the flexibility to define warehouse layout according to need and demand for enhanced warehouse efficiency. Designate warehouse zones to accommodate particular storage needs, such as turnover rates or temperature requirements. Specify warehouse locations on five levels: warehouse, aisle, rack, shelf, and bin; further define each location based on parameters such as pallet style and space. 

The Warehouse Management module within Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning software includes the following components:

  • Placement and Storage provide improved accuracy with RFID capabilities and allow for the specification of locations and storage policies at both the warehouse level and item level.
  • Inventory Dimensions allow inventory items to be identified by physical location (warehouse, location, and pallet); item origin (serial number and batch number); and characteristics (configuration, size, and color).
  • Serial and Batch Number Control stamps a single item or group of items with a unique tracking number.
  • Random Location Storage determines storage location based on rules such as size and volume. Storage is allocated based on the priority of picking locations first, then buffer locations.
  • Arrival Journals simplify item registration with the options of either manual or automatic put-away location suggestions. Items become available immediately after posting in Arrival Journals.
  • RFID and Barcoding register and monitor pallets and inventory items throughout the supply chain. Offers the ability to print barcoded pallet labels, location labels, and bill of lading labels.

Sales & Order Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Sales and Marketing Module

The Sales and Marketing module within Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system delivers powerful integrated sales and marketing management capabilities to increase sales and to help build and strengthen customer relationships within global enterprises. Improve customer relationships with a real-time view of customer data — track phone logs, correspondence, and automatically generated activities to identify customer needs. Make crucial sales and marketing decisions with confidence. 

The Sales and Marketing module fosters increased sales by continuously collecting information on customer purchasing patterns helping to identify and target cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Increase marketing effectiveness and increase revenue by identifying and qualifying new prospects. Simplify campaign planning and execution.

Manage statistical feedback and measure marketing campaign success by leveraging rich ERP data. Monitor return on investment (ROI) in real-time by linking projects with campaigns.

Utilize the Sales and Marketing solution within Microsoft Dynamics AX to manage the sales performance of personnel. Monitor individual sales personnel, sales teams, and the entire sales department. Associate revenue and expenses with every transaction at any level of detail. Gain the ability to establish person-to-person contact with customers, create sales quotes, and follow up on marketing initiatives. 

The Sales and Marketing module within Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning solution consists of four components that fully integrate with the entire ERP system:

Sales Force Automation

  • Manage all business relationships, including customers, personnel, vendors, partners, leads, members, subscribers, etc. 
  • Access a real-time overview of all financial and logistical information.
  • Analyze actual sales against budgets.
  • Allow access to customer information to the entire sales force with individualized permissions.
  • Evaluate customer activity against customer profitability.
  • Forecast and plan future revenue.
  • Helps global enterprises organize communications with groups through multiple modes.

Sales Management

  • Monitor and manage personnel performance and activities.
  • Generate sales reports and graphs.
  • Analyze all sales-related activities.
  • Measure sales revenue against target sales. 
  • Perform opportunity management and pipeline analysis. 
  • Budget future activities based on real-time data.
  • Simplify expense management procedures

Marketing Automation

  • Create marketing campaigns for any group utilizing existing data in the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system.
  • Organize campaign administration and distribution.
  • Link campaigns, surveys, projects, and responses for increased business opportunities.
  • Engage customers by automatically syncing follow-up marketing activities with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Monitor ROI by linking campaigns to projects.
  • Publicize campaigns via email, text, fax, call lists, and the Internet.


  • Map out daily activities.
  • Generate call lists, automate phone calls, and log call details.
  • Use the questionnaire functionality to create call scripts.

Sales Management Module

The Sales Management module within Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning system is tightly integrated with the Sales and Marketing module to provide efficient collaboration between sales and marketing managers and sales teams. The Sales Management module delivers a detailed view into the sales pipeline offering the ability to view and analyze activities and performances of individuals, teams, and entire sales organizations.

The user-friendly tools within the Sales Management ERP solution provide graphical views of key sales-related information and marketing efforts simplifying pipeline management. Graphical views have the ability to represent large amounts of data presented in an easy-to-read format. Gain a better understanding of the sales pipeline. Advanced tools are available for detailed sales activity analytics.

The Sales Management module within the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system includes the following features:

  • Manage views of large amounts of Microsoft Dynamics AX data. Gain a panoramic perspective of sales data and operational costs stored in the database based on personalized criteria. Sort all the data by specified values for greater insight into sales activities. Monitor ongoing sales processes while providing a graphical overview of sales statistics and forecast sales opportunities.
  • Establish sales targets and view performance. Set up and monitor sales goals for each sales member in the Sales Target window. Gain an instant overview of sales targets for individuals and teams. Graphical charts can be created to show actual sales and quotes compared with sales targets.
  • Manage sales data. Quickly identify sales opportunities by analyzing stored data based on personalized values. Gain real-time insight into all sales activities based on customized criteria such as average sales orders, activities of sales personnel, the number of campaign participants, time frames, and more. The transaction log records changes made by users for real-time viewing in graphical form. View data from multiple angles, including costs, margins, revenue, discounts, and highest and lowest values, with predictive analytics. 
  • Establish and maintain sales pipelines. View all the data of the entire sales pipeline with a variety of default graphs. Viewing options include probabilities, sales phases, target sales vs. actual and possible sales, and purchase frequency. Compare and analyze data from any period of sales history to help foresee new business opportunities.

Financial Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Financial Management Module

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution facilitates effective financial operations management with a comprehensive view of financial data across the entire organization. The financial management capabilities provide flexible processes that adapt to the specific needs of manufacturing businesses. Purchase and activate additional functionality as needed.

Increase revenue and improve strategic planning with a 360-degree view of business performance. Access real-time information with user-friendly inquiry tools to foster robust analysis and reporting capabilities. Manage revenue, payables, receivables, and cash flow efficiently. 

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial Management module fully integrates with other functionalities within the enterprise resource planning system, such as logistics, project finance and operations, trade, production, etc. Register financial data in the ledger in real time for accurate and fast financial reporting that reflects the actual business flow. Connectivity between modules allows transactions to be traced to their origin for immediate verification and analysis. Ensure the security of critical data by enabling access based on personalized criteria.

The Financial Management module in Microsoft Dynamics AX helps to automate business-critical financial procedures and offers the power to perform fast and reliable accounting, financial reporting, and analysis. Effectively manage cash flow by analyzing liquidity with cash flow forecasts using the Financial Management tools in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software. 

The following features are available in the Financial Management module within the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution:

  • Bank Management within Microsoft Dynamics AX helps to reconcile accounts; monitor and report deposits, payments, and balances; and format and customize paper checks. The electronic payment option can automatically import customer payments into journals and make vendor payments.
  • Specialized Role Centers present relevant tasks and information via a personalized view allowing individuals and teams to work smarter and faster. Effortlessly access activity stacks, charts, and alerts to monitor trends and performance. Users can drill down into pertinent accounting processes and create custom workflows, such as automated approvals for selected financial journals. 
  • Global Functionality supports multiple currencies and languages and manages fluctuating exchange rates. 
  • Financial Dimensions deepen analytical capabilities without complicating account charts. Multiple financial dimensions break data into categories for more detailed analysis. Analyze and measure financial information across departments, cost centers, product lines, regions, and other customizable aspects. 
  • Advanced Reporting Tools in Microsoft Dynamics AX, a cloud-hosted application, offer multiple import and export options for generating financial reports, including XBRL and hardcopy. Aggregate figures into a framework for strategic analysis. Analyze actual results against multiple budgets to manage cash flow effectively. Create graphical displays and reports. Conduct targeted analyses of detailed information to make strategic, informed decisions. 

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Module

The Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules within Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution are integrated with each other to create a seamless and user-friendly accounting system. 

The Accounts Payable module allows tracking of all purchases and expenses. Set up vendor groups and payment options. Define cost parameters relating to vendors, purchase orders, discounts, supplementary items, deliveries, etc. Settle invoices, create and manage purchase orders, and planned purchase orders with various journals.

The following Accounts Payable features are available in the Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning system:

  • Bridge accounts with three-way matching.
  • Allow for and set up price variances.
  • Support flexible terms of payment and cash discounts for advanced payment schedules, promissory notes, and multiple payments.
  • Use multiple invoice entry options for separate handling of approved and unapproved invoices.
  • Match invoices to physical deliveries.
  • Create import and export formats for electronic payments.

The Accounts Receivable within Microsoft Dynamics AX module allows tracking of all sales and incoming payments from customers. Set up customer groups and payment options. Create interest notes and collection letters.

Define parameters relating to customers, sales orders, prices, discounts, supplementary items, deliveries, etc. Settle customer invoices and make inquiries from all available data in the Accounts Receivable module.

The following Accounts Receivable features are available in the Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning system:

  • Manage and collect overdue transactions with a centralized collection management functionality.
  • Calculate interest and generate collection letters.
  • Define flexible terms of payments and cash discounts.
  • Create payment proposals with adjustable payment options.
  • Set up credit parameters and payment terms; handle prepayments.
  • Authorize credit card payments.
  • Handle multiple currencies with exchange rate adjustments.

Fixed Assets Module

The Fixed Assets module within Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software enables easy set-up, maintenance, and tracking of the valuation of fixed assets such as buildings, land, vehicles, and equipment. The Fixed Asset module in Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates with Accounts Payable, Inventory Management, and General Ledger, allowing for multiple methods of input of assets. Employ different depreciation methods and conventions to track multiple valuations for the same fixed asset. Workflow and budget controls can be set to ensure the accuracy and monitoring of procedures. A thorough audit trail is maintained between fixed asset transactions and corresponding General Ledger entries.

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers multiple ways for users to take full advantage of and record acquisitions of assets: Acquisitions can be recorded when recording vendor invoices, in a vendor invoice journal, a general journal, or in an asset journal. Depreciation proposals, adjustments, and revaluations can also be recorded in a fixed asset journal. Flexible forecasting allows the forecast of fixed asset acquisitions and depreciations to be recorded in a fixed asset budget journal entry, which can then update the ledger budget register. 

Other functionalities of the Fixed Asset module in Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning solution include the following:

  • Detailed documentation of company assets.
  • Simplified tracking of depreciation.
  • Allowance for acquisition and disposal of assets.
  • Calculated write-ups or write-downs.
  • Implements transaction reversals, additional asset groups and attributes, and asset adjustment reason codes.
  • Quickly updates replacement cost and insured value for selected assets.
  • Easily forecast and monitor the entire lifecycle of fixed assets.
  • New features allow for the accounting of assets for tax preparation.

General Ledger Module

Microsoft Dynamics AX General Ledger delivers a robust, secure, and flexible foundation for accounting systems. The ERP solution’s intuitive transaction processing, powerful budgeting, and sophisticated reporting capabilities provide the necessary tools for confident financial management. Comparative analysis and graphical support enhance the financial analysis functionality of this enterprise resource planning software.

Microsoft Dynamics AX General Ledger enhances the ability to capture and analyze vital financial data. Gain a detailed view of accounting transactions and perform deep analysis with hierarchically organized data for multi-level reporting. Significantly reduce time spent on accounting tasks and increase accuracy with the extensive automation capabilities of General Ledger. Streamline transactions with general, recurring, and auto-reversing entries while maintaining full audit control. 

The ample flexibility in General Ledger facilitates simplified customization of account structures. Set up multiple sub-journals for posting recurring transactions and add accounts as needed during transaction entry. Post financials into multiple ledgers to create separate books for different reporting purposes, such as taxes and cash flow analysis. Clear subsidiary accounts as needed.

The following features are available in Microsoft Dynamics AX General Ledger:

  • Maintain up to 54 fiscal periods per year.
  • Create an unlimited number of accounts to track historical balances and monitor the current budget.
  • Design a chart of accounts with personalized categories for easy recognition.
  • Enter complex transactions using fully supported variable and fixed allocation accounts.
  • Generate preliminary budgets and perform​“what if” scenarios.
  • Maintain a current view of all accounts with real-time posting capabilities.
  • Create cash flow forecasts to anticipate cash requirements and liquidity.

International Capabilities Module

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a multi-currency, multi-language, global manufacturing enterprise resource planning solution designed to meet the complex needs of multinational organizations and to aid in increasing new business opportunities. Conduct business across geographic borders with ease.

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system supports multiple languages and currencies. Better manage end-to-end global processes with accessible views of inventory across multi-international locations. 

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers more than 50 localized versions to support international business growth. The ERP solution provides a simple integration solution for international branch locations. KPIs consolidate in real-time at the headquarters level. The familiar, globally recognized user interface of Microsoft Dynamics AX makes it easy to learn and has a high user acceptance rate.

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software offers the following International Capabilities:

  • Multi-language support with user-specific language selection.
  • Multiple currency support allows for transactions in any currency for increased business opportunities.
  • Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger transactions adjust to current exchange rates.
  • Expanded functionality complies with country-specific regulations.
  • Unicode support.
  • Ability to apply specific corporate rules as needed.
  • Allows for an unlimited number of companies (legal entities) to be created.

Project Accounting Module

The user-friendly Project Accounting module in the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system delivers a robust platform that aids in managing project finances. Its wide-range functionality enables manufacturing businesses to meet the challenges of growth and provides the necessary insights to compete in a global environment. The Project Accounting solution can support the accounting needs of multiple projects, including fixed price, time, materials, and internal projects such as investment and cost and time projects. Project Accounting helps to avoid cost overruns by quickly identifying and addressing production delays. 

The enterprise resource planning solution enables improved productivity and cash flow management by fostering tighter control of project accounting. Manage daily administrative and financial tasks and anticipate possible delays with the ability to record completion percentage activities online in real-time with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Manage costs for internal and investment projects. 

The Project Accounting module within Microsoft Dynamics AX helps to obtain tactical business insight by offering full financial overviews and controls with real-time integration across the entire solution. Define new projects quickly by accessing data from the central Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP database.

An integrated view of all current and planned projects helps to anticipate bottlenecks in advance. Gain detailed analysis by using account categories to map projects to General Ledger accounts and run detailed reports without complicating the chart of accounts. Project tasks can be categorized by individual properties such as start or end date, capacity load, or by the relationship between tasks.

The Project Accounting module in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software offers the following features:

  • Customize menus, forms, and reports with a user-friendly interface that provides built-in help and an intuitive structure.
  • Post and track employee work hours, the status of purchase and sales orders, and deliveries online.
  • Create a project hierarchy for maximum efficiency.
  • Post expenses, items, and fee transactions in journals.
  • Streamlined invoicing allows for proposal edits before final invoicing; compare the actual project status with the original quotation.
  • Tight integration with General Ledger and supply chain management tools facilitate efficiency and transparency.
  • Create reports for specified periods of time with graphical visuals and see the project hierarchy structure using Gantt charts.
  • Manage long-term contracts with milestone-plan invoicing; control costs of Work in Progress (WIP) by progress based on a completed percentage or completed contract.
  • Evaluate vendor invoices against project budgets.
  • Integrate Project Accounting with Microsoft Project Server for enhanced flexibility in project planning.

Production Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Bill of Materials Module

The Bill of Materials (BOM) module in the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system features a graphical BOM designer for creating and managing BOMs quickly and easily. The enterprise resource planning solution’s familiar, user-friendly environment based on Microsoft’s drag-and-drop technology simplifies BOM construction by offering a graphical tree structure that displays all levels of components. Bill of Materials fully integrates with Master Planning in Microsoft Dynamics AX, providing a more accurate lead time in production scheduling. 

Obtain the most accurate costing and materials requirements information for flexible and efficient management of BOMs with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Calculate the consumption of raw materials with component-specific formulas. Perform price calculations based on cost price on each BOM level for comprehensive and accurate pricing information; calculation results are then updated throughout the system.

The Bill of Materials module in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution offers the following features:

  • Complete integration with the entire Microsoft Dynamics AX solution.
  • Drag and drop relevant items from the inventory table into the BOM with the BOM Designer.
  • Effectively manage 40 BOM levels.
  • Access and reuse previous BOM versions.
  • Phase out and replace components as needed with Version Control.
  • Create quantity-dependent BOMs for end products that require different quantities.
  • Produce sub-BOMs at multiple sites.
  • Create phantom BOMs to calculate materials requirements and simplify BOM setup and maintenance.
  • Include services and items on BOMs.

Key Production Features Module

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software for manufacturing helps to provide users with the ability to monitor, streamline, and control the entire production cycle for component, subassembly, and whole-system manufacturing. Boost control of procedures and reduce project time. Real-time insights into production processes help to reduce time to market and facilitate quick responses to meet changing customer demands. Optimize production flow with effective planning, maximize resource utilization, and provide expedient delivery performance with the enterprise resource planning solution. Better manage and plan production to meet tight schedules and delivery demands in a demand-driven environment.

Key features of the Production module in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution include the following:

  • Fully integrates with the entire Microsoft Dynamics AX solution.
  • Generates production of specific Bills of Material (BOMs) for each configured item.
  • Models complex products.
  • Helps to organize relevant tasks, tools, and information in a personalized format with specialized Role Centers.
  • Delivers real-time, integrated Work in Progress (WIP) views of actual costs.
  • Offers immediate item configuration based on customer input.
  • Provides configuration details on printed order documents with the Axapta Document Handling feature.
  • Generates item numbers based on model variables.
  • Allows flexible price calculations based on percentages, fixed amounts, or specific variables.
  • Offers the ability to select a preferred language in the user-dialogue setup window.
  • Allows data to be reused from previous configurations to streamline project management.
  • Helps to minimize delays with drag-and-drop rescheduling options.
  • Delivers tight control over every aspect of the production floor with Bottleneck Scheduling.
  • Offers maximum flexibility with finite or infinite capacity scheduling.
  • Overall improved business processes and project management.

Product Builder Module

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Product Builder streamlines the ordering, planning, and production of customized products for more efficient project and expense management. Items can be configured based on a sales order, sales quotation, project quotation, purchase order, production order, item requirement, or a set of predefined modeling variables for each item. Customers and employees can configure complex products online or via a Microsoft Windows client. 

Drag-and-drop technology of the enterprise resource planning solution’s interface simplifies project management and the product manufacturing process. Configurable options can be defined according to such variables as size, color, materials, or customer’s individual requirements. 

Product Builder integrates with other modules in the solution, such as Master Planning, Production Planning, and Sales and Purchasing, to help deliver customized products faster and more cost-effectively. Product Builder helps to efficiently manage product specifications by automatically defining BOMs during product configuration with real-time updates.

The Product Builder module in the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution includes the following features:

  • Solution-wide integration for real-time pricing and delivery calculations.
  • Immediate item configuration based on user input.
  • Drag-and-drop interface functionality.
  • Wizard technology with menus and options for user-friendly product building.
  • 247 access for customer product configuration.
  • Up-to-the-moment pricing and delivery information are automatically reflected during configuration.

Supply Chain Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Supply Chain Management Module

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system’s Supply Chain Management module for manufacturing connects sales and purchasing with production and warehouse management to provide integrated, real-time visibility throughout the supply chain. View real-time data via a user-friendly interface for quick access to essential business intelligence (BI), such as custom reports and key performance indicators (KPIs). Role Centers organize relevant tasks, tools, and information in personalized views. RoleTailored reports and custom data cubes offer deep insight into supplier and customer account data, inventory, pricing, and trade agreements.

Powerful management tools help control and streamline inventory, improve forecasting and planning, and match supply with demand. Reduce costs with enhanced supply chain management processes. Improve supply and demand planning, optimize inventory levels, and increase reliability rates of production and delivery. Create sales and purchasing forecasts based on specified items and time periods.

Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning solution contains the following key Supply Chain features:

  • Demand Forecasting allows users to predict demand based on historical data.

  • Intercompany Trade offers the flexibility needed to handle intercompany trade transactions between legal entities within the organization.

  • Inventory Management helps to improve turnover and lower costs by providing real-time views and multiple cycle counting strategies.

  • Distribution Planning supports the changing business demands related to transportation planning, freight rates, and route management.

  • Multisite Warehouse Management offers the option to configure a multisite hierarchy of operational sites, warehouses, and distribution centers.

  • RFID-enabled Device Capability delivers scanning precision and improved performance in the picking and put-away process.

  • Advanced Picking and Put-Away strategies enhance tracking and tracing via serial number registration and batch number support.

  • Vendor Self-Service Portal allows direct vendor and customer interaction based on assigned user roles.

  • Procurement Management offers the ability to evaluate, score, and rank bids based on user-defined evaluation criteria to support solicitation management.

Customer Relationship Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Marketing Automation Module

Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system is part of the Sales and Marketing module. It provides the necessary insight needed to plan, design, and produce targeted and powerful marketing campaigns. A user-friendly campaign window consolidates all the functionality and information needed to communicate successfully via call centers, direct sales, email, fax, and the Internet. 

Create Web-based questionnaires to obtain customer feedback and build more effective and personalized campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Instantly gather and distribute questionnaire responses for immediate marketing use and to help with planning based on future demands. Segment target audiences into useful profiles to create personalized campaigns to better engage customers. 

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Marketing Automation abilities include the following:

  • Measure campaign profitability by linking a campaign with a project: Leverage rich ERP data to monitor the return on investment (ROI), view revenue and costs of each marketing effort, and compare campaign cost with the revenue generated from it. 
  • Improve customer relationships with the ability to define relationships, track correspondence, and automatically generated activities with access to real-time views of customer and prospect data, all within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Plan effective campaigns by leveraging valuable ERP data to simplify campaign planning, execution, and analysis of specific target groups.
  • Increase sales force productivity with real-time access to integrated sales information. Evaluate sales activity against the profitability of each campaign and increase closure rates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Obtain insight into customer needs and optimize sales with the ability to manage sales and marketing activities together.
  • Meet customer expectations with complete integration of data to connect sales, marketing, and customer service.
  • Obtain more effective outreach to engage customers with the ability to view relationships between multiple marketing efforts in an organized, hierarchical structure available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Collaboration tools provide a wider scope of information with a marketing encyclopedia where all information is kept and accessible to multiple departments.
  • Produce more impactful campaign planning by quickly identifying customers and prospects for increased business opportunities.
  • Increase marketing campaign value with built-in integration of the entire Microsoft Dynamics AX database.

Sales Force Automation Module

Sales Force Automation in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution contains the tools necessary to track opportunities, manage accounts, organize contact information, and monitor the sales pipeline.

The automation of manual, repetitive administrative tasks increases productivity and allows more time to be spent making sales and building relationships with customers. Gain the insights needed to make optimal sales and marketing decisions with confidence and to manage customer relations more effectively. 

The embedded Microsoft Office capabilities combined with the familiar, user-friendly interface help boost sales productivity, streamline sales cycles, and automate lead management.

Sales Force Automation offers an intuitive layout and structure with user-adjustable menus, forms, and reports for increased effectiveness and productivity. Document sharing and handling are streamlined with full integration between Microsoft Outlook and Sales Force Automation.

An efficient, single-window format within Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows access to all information related to sales flow, including sales orders, offers, forecast data, business relationships, customers, competitors, and vendors.

Quickly access the information needed for sales orders, quotations, projects, and marketing activities for each contact. Access to real-time workbooks and planners facilitates efficiency by offering the ability to synchronize appointments, tasks, and contacts companywide. 

Easily view and manage the sales pipeline to identify new opportunities and make confident quotations based on customer purchasing history, stock availability, and delivery dates. Sales Force Automation integrates with other modules in Microsoft Dynamics AX to give companywide, real-time insights to customer-facing employees as well as back-office staff to allow quick accessibility to customer information.

Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning software for manufacturing offers the following Sales Force Automation benefits: 

  • Improve sales planning and management with the ability to set up territories and teams for maximum organizational efficiency. Create price lists, unit groups, and discounts to enhance offer management.
  • Capture and track all lead details in one system with lead system automation. Easily create data segments to generate leads from the customer base. Automatically assign leads with tasks to boost conversion.
  • Establish an organization-wide process for lead development with opportunity management tools with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Ability to view and access real-time data in the opportunity pipeline aids in effective decision-making. 
  • Keep all sales literature, such as product information, brochures, white papers, price lists, annual reports, etc., in a readily accessible central sales literature repository for viewing and editing. 
  • Establish best practices for sales reps to better manage time, create consistent processes and boost sales productivity with enhanced business process flow.
  • Allow customer data to be accessed and utilized from any device with mobility-optimized forms. Rich offline reporting facilitates robust sales status analysis.

Additional Capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Alert System

Alerts in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution are designed to help users increase workflow efficiency by tracking essential events. Stay informed of such critical events as the order status changes, deliveries, vendor activities, and project statuses.

The alert notification feature is system-wide; for other users, it functions across all modules of the system. The flexible functionality of the alert system allows users to create personalized alert rules unique to the user’s needs.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Alert System has the ability to create tailored alerts based on three different types of events: create- and delete-type events for when records are created and deleted; update-type events, which have eight different alert options; and there are three different options for due date-type events.

Create alert templates and define conditions for delivery designed for individual users. Set up rules defining which events to monitor and how to receive them. Alerts can be delivered as pop-up windows within the solution via email messages through Microsoft Office Outlook or through the system’s Enterprise Portal. 

Alerts in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution include the following features:

  • Retry Schedule Form allows users to define how often and at what intervals reminder messages are sent.
  • User-specific Configuration permits users with administrative rights to create, edit, and delete alert rules as needed.
  • User-friendly Rules Set-up fosters easy rule set-up by right-clicking within any Microsoft Dynamics AX record to access the Alert Rule Form.
  • Templates give users with administrative rights the ability to merge alert data into email messages.
  • Conditions Filtering offers an intuitive Inquiry Form that allows alerts to appear only when certain criteria have been met.
  • Remote Access Capabilities permit users with appropriate rights to access alerts from any location using the Enterprise Portal.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system offers an out-of-the-box Business Intelligence (BI) solution that provides the reporting tools needed to reveal insights and predict trends. Utilize the BI reporting capabilities to identify opportunities and mitigate risk.

View risks and opportunities at a glance by transforming data into dynamic visuals via the user-friendly reporting tools within Microsoft Dynamics AX

The enhanced reporting tools in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP BI reporting offer deeper insights into the daily processes to help improve efficiency in sales, finance, and operations, and inventory. Gain real-time views into the business to better identify sales opportunities, monitor inventory, and determine profit projections. Improve customer relationships with the ability to see and access customer data and track correspondence and activity in real time. Identify the best sales opportunities with comprehensive sales analytics. Measure different parts of the sales process against one another to help determine opportunities.

The following tools are built into Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Business Intelligence solution:

  • Role Centers provide personalized dashboards with 32 different default home pages designed to deliver relevant data and insights to users efficiently.
  • Pre-defined Analysis Cubes provide access to finance, manufacturing, supply chain, service, and business process data.
  • Over 150 Analytic Reports enable in-depth data analysis to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services offer full integration with the solution to provide extensible reporting tools.
  • One-click Sync ensures clean and up-to-the-moment data information for users company-wide.
  • Device Mobility allows access from multiple devices for full flexibility and accessibility.

Compliance Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Compliance Management module helps to increase control of operations while cost-effectively simplifying compliance processes. The Compliance Management module features provide a user-friendly system designed for users to manage internal controls and business process content while improving efficiency. Better prepare to meet customer mandates and the financial, legal, and environmental compliance requirements necessary across multiple countries and jurisdictions. 

The Compliance Management module within Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a single location to view and manage procedures and policies, reports, process documents, charts, database logs, and key risk indicators. The enterprise resource planning solution delivers complete transparency and a thorough view of compliance activities and corporate governance. Reduce the costs of risk and compliance processes with out-of-the-box features and the automation of standard practices to ensure organizational efficiency. Gain stronger internal controls and easily define business rules using workflows. Create customized policies and configure workflow approval processes based on predefined templates available within the module.

Determine the environmental impact of business with the environmental sustainability dashboard. Easily track incoming raw materials and energy consumption to evaluate the current impact of manufacturing on the environment and to identify opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint. Maintain preferred status with customers by implementing and reporting the flow of sustainable practices. Gain insight into cost-effective ways to enforce compliance adoption without compromising growth. Effortlessly track and manage compliance histories and statuses to confidently determine whether changes need to be made to the workflow.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Compliance Management module contains the following features:

  • Effortlessly comply with national and international regulations.
  • Use workflow-related reports to help ensure the segregation of duties.
  • Enforce Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Maintain better internal controls with workflows.
  • Track and trace transactions.
  • Verify and approve activities and transactions with electronic signature capability.
  • Actively manage data changes with alerts.
  • Reduce risk with enhanced security settings.
  • Improve compliance awareness and training.
  • Automate auditing with audit rules and policies.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management (HRM) capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution offer the strategic tools necessary to develop human resources within the organization. The human resource management module helps to meet the potential of employees while minimizing the complexities and costs associated with employee administration. Gain deeper insight into individual employees and a broad overview of the entire business.

The recruiting functionality of the enterprise resource planning software offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface to track and monitor organizational changes. Efficiently create and manage the entire recruitment process from initial application to employment or rejection. 

The Human Resources Management module fully integrates with other modules within the solution, such as Payroll, Project Management, Sales and Marketing, General Ledger, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft SQL Server Report Services to streamline all HRM processes.

The Human Resources Management features in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution include the following abilities:

  • Core Human Resource Management helps to maintain and manage comprehensive employee information from one location.
  • Organization Management offers the ability to oversee and control organizational structures, including formal and informal hierarchies and position management.
  • Recruitment Management automates the recruitment process, including recruitment initiatives, correspondence, screening, and development.
  • Absence Management helps to monitor absences and identify trends with a broad range of variables such as dates and types of absences.
  • Competence Management aids in maintaining a catalog of relevant skills for current requirements and future needs. Graphical tools offer analysis of employee skill strengths and weaknesses for effective placement.
  • Employee Development offers development planning capabilities to help employees meet career goals that reflect the needs of the organization.
  • Course Administration aids in conducting training courses by specifying target groups, course identification, participants, and certification.

Service Management

Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution for manufacturing promotes maximum efficiency for all service management needs. Plan, track, and analyze service operations with ease. Establish service subscriptions and agreements, manage service orders and customer inquiries, and analyze service deliveries. Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers enhanced flexibility that helps to effectively manage costs, track resource consumption, and analyze use. 

Meet customer demands with the ability to create and maintain a broad range of service agreements. Create agreements based on customer needs with the capability to access contract details, service orders, and repair histories for quick responses to customer inquiries. 

Tight integration with the Microsoft Dynamics AX Project Accounting module allows for more efficient management of financials. Improve profitability with a thorough overview of revenue and costs. Track costs for service orders and monitor and manage invoices with ease. Automated planning helps to optimize resource usage. 

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution’s Service Management module includes the following features:

  • Tailor service agreements to meet a wide range of customer needs, prices, and payment arrangements with flexible templates. Quickly create detailed, multilevel agreements; define tasks; and schedule service calls. Link agreements with Project Accounting.
  • Register objects to be serviced. Link object forms with service agreements. Access detailed object records for the lifetime of the agreement.
  • Establish accurate tracking for parts replacement using Bill of Materials (BOM) templates for object subcomponents.
  • Create service orders manually or automatically from a service agreement. Track service requests, employee hours, expenses, items consumed, and fixed fees.
  • Register and track needed repairs from the point of initial complaint through resolution with repair management. Evaluate histories and identify faulty products.
  • Create service appointments and tasks within Microsoft Outlook to enable remote access. Information automatically updates across the solution.
  • Receive, process, and dispatch service requests directly from customers via the Enterprise Portal.

Services & Support for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Support Options

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software service plan benefits range from basic, self-support resources to personalized account management. Tiered plans include multiple support options such as unlimited online training, support calls, access to upgrades and updates, and access to a technical and support portal. When personalized one-to-one support is required, Microsoft Dynamics AX support professionals can handle most requests immediately. And when an immediate solution isn’t available, guaranteed response times ensure that issues are resolved promptly.

Microsoft Dynamics AX support options provide the flexible, industry-leading support required to enable users to quickly address technical issues, expand professional expertise, and maximize return on investment (ROI).

The following features are included in all levels of Microsoft Dynamics AX tiered plans:

  • CustomerSource Access
  • Product Releases
  • Service Packs
  • Hot Fixes
  • Tax and Regulatory Updates
  • Unlimited Online Training
  • Cold Backups for Disaster Recovery
  • Extended Hotfix Support
  • Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services
  • License Mobility

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