Microsoft Dynamics AX | Inventory Controls

Inventory Controls

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution provides the logistical flexibility needed for effective inventory management. The Inventory Controls module supports forecasting, purchasing, classifying, and tracking. Highly intuitive, Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning software exchanges information with other modules within the solution including production, trade, master planning, finance, and customer relationship management (CRM) for seamless integration and coordination.

Optimize inventory levels by matching supply with customer demand and improve materials requirement planning with versatile options for managing Bills of Materials (BOMs). Improve inventory management with comprehensive views into tracked items using batch and serial numbers. The Inventory Control module provides detailed inventory insights such as stock dimensions for classifying inventory according to storage and item characteristics. Direct access to information regarding item use and location is readily available; view documents related to any item using simple graphics from anywhere in the system.

The following capabilities are available in Microsoft Dynamics AX Inventory Controls module:

  • Set up cycle counting thresholds, create cycle counting plans and schedule plans with inventory counting.

  • Create and manage BOMs quickly and easily using the graphical BOM designer.

  • Control layout at the aisle, rack, shelf, and bin position levels.

  • Monitor item arrivals of inbound receivables and registrations with journal processing.

  • Utilize direct put-away of items into bulk locations of flowing picking locations.

  • Utilize direct replenishment of fixed-item picking locations.

  • Track movement of inventory on-hand between different locations via transfer journal.

  • Define inventory counting with such guidelines as periodic, minimum, zero stock, or manual handling.

  • Ensure inventory accuracy with history tracking.