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Alert System

Alerts in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution is designed to help users increase workflow efficiency by tracking essential events. Stay informed of such critical events as order status changes, deliveries, vendor activities, and project statuses. The alert notification feature is system-wide; it functions across all modules of the system. The flexible functionality of the alert system allows users to create personalized alert rules unique to the user’s needs.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Alert System has the ability to create tailored alerts based on three different types of events: create- and delete-type events for when records are created and deleted; update-type events, which has eight different alert options; and there are three different options for due date-type events. Create alert templates and define conditions for delivery designed for individual users. Set up rules defining which events to monitor and how to receive them. Alerts can be delivered as pop-up windows within the solution, via email messages through Microsoft Office Outlook, or through the system’s Enterprise Portal. 

Alerts in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution includes the following features:

  • Retry Schedule Form allows users to define how often and at what intervals reminder messages are sent.
  • User-specific Configuration permits users with administrative rights to create, edit, and delete alert rules as needed.
  • User-friendly Rules Set-up fosters easy rule set-up by right clicking within any Microsoft Dynamics AX record to access the Alert Rule Form.
  • Templates give users with administrative rights the ability to merge alert data into email messages.
  • Conditions Filtering offers an intuitive Inquiry Form that allows alerts to appear only when certain criteria have been met.
  • Remote Access Capabilities permit users with appropriate rights to access alerts from any location using the Enterprise Portal.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system offers an out-of-the-box Business Intelligence (BI) solution that provides the reporting tools needed to reveal insights and predict trends. Utilize the BI reporting capabilities to identify opportunities and mitigate risk. View risks and opportunities at a glance by transforming data into dynamic visuals via the solution’s user-friendly reporting tools. 

The enhanced reporting tools in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP BI reporting offer deeper insights into the daily processes to help improve efficiency in sales, finance, and inventory. Gain real-time views into the business to better identify sales opportunities, monitor inventory, and determine profit projections. Improve customer relationships with the ability to see and access customer data, and to track correspondence and activity in real time. Identify best sales opportunities with comprehensive sales analytics. Measure different parts of the sales process against one another to help determine opportunities.

The following tools are built into Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Business Intelligence solution:

  • Role Centers provide personalized dashboards with 32 different default home pages designed to deliver relevant data and insights to users efficiently.
  • Pre-defined Analysis Cubes provide access to finance, manufacturing, supply chain, service, and business process data.
  • Over 150 Analytic Reports enable in-depth data analysis to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services offer full integration with the solution to provide extensible reporting tools.
  • One-click Sync ensures clean and up-to-the-moment data information for users company-wide.
  • Device Mobility allows access from multiple devices for full flexibility and accessibility.

Compliance Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Compliance Management module helps to increase control of operations while cost-effectively simplifying compliance processes. The Compliance Management module features provide a user-friendly system designed for users to manage internal controls and business process content while improving efficiency. Better prepare to meet customer mandates and the financial, legal, and environmental compliance requirements necessary across multiple countries and jurisdictions. 

The Compliance Management module offers a single location to view and manage procedures and policies, reports, process documents, charts, database logs, and key risk indicators. The enterprise resource planning solution delivers complete transparency and a thorough view into compliance activities and corporate governance. Reduce the costs of risk and compliance processes with out-of-the-box features and the automation of standard practices to ensure organizational efficiency. Gain stronger internal controls and easily define business rules using workflows. Create customized policies and configure workflow approval processes based on predefined templates available within the module.

Determine the environmental impact of business with the environmental sustainability dashboard. Easily track incoming raw materials and energy consumption to evaluate the current impact of manufacturing on the environment and to identify opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint. Maintain preferred status with customers by implementing and reporting the flow of sustainable practices. Gain insight into cost-effective ways to enforce compliance adoption without compromising growth. Effortlessly track and manage compliance histories and statuses to confidently determine whether changes need to be made to the workflow.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Compliance Management module contains the following features:

  • Effortlessly comply with national and international regulations.
  • Use workflow-related reports to help ensure the segregation of duties.
  • Enforce Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Maintain better internal controls with workflows.
  • Track and trace transactions.
  • Verify and approve activities and transactions with electronic signature capability.
  • Actively manage data changes with alerts.
  • Reduce risk with enhanced security settings.
  • Improve compliance awareness and training.
  • Automate auditing with audit rules and policies.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management (HRM) capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution offer the strategic tools necessary to develop human resources within the organization. The human resource management module helps to meet the potential of employees while minimizing the complexities and costs associated with employee administration. Gain deeper insight into individual employees and a broad overview of the entire business.

The recruiting functionality of the enterprise resource planning software offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface to track and monitor organizational changes. Efficiently create and manage the entire recruitment process from initial application to employment or rejection. 

The Human Resources Management module fully integrates with other modules within the solution such as Payroll, Project Management, Sales and Marketing, General Ledger, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft SQL Server Report Services to streamline all HRM processes.

The Human Resources Management features in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution include the following abilities:

  • Core Human Resource Management helps to maintain and manage comprehensive employee information from one location.
  • Organization Management offers the ability to oversee and control organizational structures including formal and informal hierarchies and position management.
  • Recruitment Management automates the recruitment process including recruitment initiatives, correspondence, screening, and development.
  • Absence Management helps to monitor absences and identify trends with a broad range of variables such as dates and types of absences.
  • Competence Management aids in maintaining a catalog of relevant skills for current requirements and future needs. Graphical tools offer analysis of employee skill strength and weaknesses for effective placement.
  • Employee Development offers development planning capabilities to help employees meet career goals that reflect the needs of the organization.
  • Course Administration aids in conducting training courses by specifying target groups, course identification, participants, and certification.

Service Management

Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution for manufacturing promotes maximum efficiency for all service management needs. Plan, track, and analyze service operations with ease. Establish service subscriptions and agreements, manage service orders and customer inquiries, and analyze service deliveries. Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers enhanced flexibility that helps to effectively manage costs, track resource consumption, and analyze use. 

Meet customer demands with the ability to create and maintain a broad range of service agreements. Create agreements based on customer needs with the capability to access contract details, service orders, and repair histories for quick response to customer inquiries. 

Tight integration with the Microsoft Dynamics AX Project Accounting module allows for more efficient management of financials. Improve profitability with a thorough overview of revenue and costs. Track costs for service orders and monitor and manage invoices with ease. Automated planning helps to optimize resource usage. 

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution’s Service Management module includes the following features:

  • Tailor service agreements to meet a wide range of customer needs, prices, and payment arrangements with flexible templates. Quickly create detailed, multilevel agreements; define tasks; and schedule service calls. Link agreements with Project Accounting.
  • Register objects to be serviced. Link object forms with service agreements. Access detailed object records for the lifetime of the agreement.
  • Establish accurate tracking for parts replacement using Bill of Materials (BOM) templates for object subcomponents.
  • Create service orders manually or automatically from a service agreement. Track service requests, employee hours, expenses, items consumed, and fixed fees.
  • Register and track needed repairs from the point of initial complaint through resolution with repair management. Evaluate histories and identify faulty products.
  • Create service appointments and tasks within Microsoft Outlook to enable remote access. Information automatically updates across the solution.
  • Receive, process, and dispatch service requests directly from customers via the Enterprise Portal.
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