Plex Manufacturing Cloud | Supply Chain Overview

Supply Chain Overview
Because Plex Online is an Internet-based application, it provides a powerful suite of tools for Supply Chain Management in all of its many forms. Plex Online connects the manufacturer with its customer and suppliers through an online database of information, providing paperless, real-time communication between trading partners. Our Supply Chain Management includes electronic kanban, online releases, EDI, electronic invoices and shipment notifications, online supplier quality management, cross-company inventory traceability, cross-company quality and production data, and much more.
Customer Module  
This module establishes a master list of Customers, including various Ship To and Bill To addresses, and maintains all customer-related data. A basic requirement for most systems.

Supplier List  
This module establishes a master list of suppliers, and maintains all supplier-related data. A basic requirement for most systems.

Online Order Entry & Tracking  
The Order Tracking module is used to enter, track, and fulfill customer orders. Key data is stored for each order, such as Customer, Due Date, Part Numbers and Quantities. Also provides links to Job Tracking and Inventory in order to monitor the detailed status of an order.

Online Order Inquiry  
This module allows customers to login to the system and view the real-time status of orders.

Inventory Tracking  
This Inventory module provides the ability to track individual containers or individual parts on the shop floor. It is designed for manufacturing facilities, especially part manufacturers, tool shops and other situations where detailed, real-time tracking is required. Each container or part is bar coded with a unique serial number used for tracking and traceability. Each inventory record includes Serial No, Part Number, Location, Status and other pertinent data. Inventory records can be seached and summarized for as required to provide real-time inventory reports. The inventory module is the foundation for many other modules, including Production Tracking, Heat/Lot Traceability, Tool Life Tracking, and Scheduling.

Subcontract Shipping/Receiving  
This module is used to ship inventory out to processors, track its processing, then receive it back in to the building. Highly integrated with Inventory and Supplier Modules.

Building List  
This module establishes a master list of buildings, and maintains all supplier-related building data. A basic requirement for most systems.

Traceability & Cross Company Integration  
A set of features that allow one Plex Customer to seemlessly integrate with a diffent Plex Customer. This has been configured for container tracability and automatic release creation.

Online Releases to Suppliers  
This modules provides the ability to publish purchase orders and releases to suppliers via the Internet. Suppliers login, commit to the delivery date, print bar codes, and handle other order fulfillment tasks. This system provides highly-flexible, real-time, paperless, bi-directional communication between the company and its suppliers. Highly integrated with Purchasing and Supplier Modules. We support outbound 830's, outbound 850's, outbound 860's, inbound 856's. The inbound 856's load receipts in the system to receive inventory against. The outbound 830's are releases provided to the suppliers. The outbound 850's are purchase orders to the suppliers and 860's are purchase order changes.

Online Tool Releases  
This module provides Web-based communication of releases to Tool Suppliers. Suppliers view the online releases screen to see the releases that have been issued to them. They then commit or reject those release dates/quantities. When they are ready to ship the tools, they use Plex to print out a bar coded shipper ahead of time, which is then delivered and received with the tools. This module facilitates a high-level of real-time communication with your tooling suppliers. This is a very fast and simple way to replace the need for paper releases, EDI, and constant phone calls to the supplier. It also streamlines your receiving process. Because the incoming shipper is bar coded and pre-received, the receiving process is very fast and accurate.

Supplier Quality Management  
This module provides the ability to manage supplier quality, including Supplier Status, Certification Level, Problem History, Quality Performance and more. Often used with E-Communication, to allow suppliers to review and interact with their performance over time. Integrated with Supplier Module, Problem Control, Purchasing and Shipping/Receiving.

Online Supplier PPAP  
A system for issuing and managing online requests for PPAP from suppliers. (PPAP = Production Part Approval Process) A PPAP is a Production Part Approval Process, which was established by the AIAG and is a QS/TS requirement. The system prints the final Part Submission Warrant (PSW) form.

Online Supplier Scorecard  
The Plex Online Supplier Scorecard module is a flexible system for tracking supplier performance against a set of key measurables, such as Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Technology.

Online Problem Control  
Also known as Problem Reporting and Resolution (PR/R), Corrective Action, Customer Concern Log, and a variety of other names. This module is used to record, track, follow-up on, resolve and report upon problems and concerns within the company. It includes forms for the 8-Disciplines of Problem Solving, Corrective Action, Supplier PR/R, Customer Concern, and more. This module provides the ability to assign one or more actions for Containment, Correction, and Prevention of problems. Problem Control is a requirement of ISO/QS-9000. This system is often used in E-Communication, to assign problems to suppliers, who then use the system online to respond to those problems.

Charge Back System / Online Cost Recovery  
This module, which is usually used in conjunction with the Problem Control System, is used to issue and track charge backs to suppliers when problems occur.

Online Document Control System  
The Document Control module provides the ability to store, edit, track and view documents on line. Includes full electronic approval and revision tracking system ideal for ISO/TS 16949. Supports many file types, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, PDF, HTML, and more. This module is usually used to control the Quality Manual, Procedures and Work Instructions. It is also used for the Employee Handbook, Supplier Handbook, and Technical Documentation.

EDI System  
EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. The EDI module provides a base system for setting up, sending and receiving EDI documents following industry standard formats and protocols. The EDI system supports AIAG, X.12, EDIFACT, and all other EDI protocols. Plex personnel provide EDI expertise to help you setup and test with your various trading partners.