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Plex Manufacturing Cloud
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Plex Manufacturing Cloud Overview

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The Plex Advantage

Plex powers modern manufacturing with the first ERP cloud built from the plant floor up. Businesses that use Plex run smarter, leaner, more efficiently and are always ready for what’s next.

ERP for the always-on” world

We live in a fast-paced world – always on, always moving, always changing. Legacy systems were born in a bygone area. Manufacturers need technology to manage all aspects of plant operations – systems that automatically improve alongside their business to meet current and future challenges. The bottom line is the legacy ERP systems are the asbestos of the enterprise software world. They’re too dangerous to rip out and need to be contained so they don’t any more damage than they already have done. With Plex, the most complete cloud ERP, manufacturers deliver at the pace of customer demand.

We are what’s next

Nearly 400 companies run their manufacturing operations on the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. From camshafts to craft beers, from high-performance diesel engines to aircraft parts, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud helps companies automate the shop floor and inform the top floor. We designed our ERP solutions literally from the ground up to connect suppliers, manage materials, control machines and deliver the accounting and business intelligence manufacturing organizations need. Whether your goal is to be more competitive, drive efficiencies, introduce innovation, or be more responsive to customer needs, Plex can help you deliver what’s next.

ERP from the cloud means you avoid disruptive updates and the hassle of version control. You’ll better manage and streamline your operations and realize key achievements such as:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced inventories
  • Reduced scrap
  • Reduced lead time
  • Full compliance with ISO, QS-9000, TS-16949, Honda and other mandates
  • Improved decision-making through timely and accurate information

Integrated Manufacturing Software

Easily and automatically collect and fully integrate plant floor data such as production scheduling, real-time inventory control, tool tracking, production tracking, and part genealogy, and more with enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions, customer relationship management (CRM), manufacturing execution systems (MES), and supply chain management (SCM) functions such as supplier quality and traceability. Manufacturing data is collected as it happens and flows throughout the solution for streamlined operations, reduced costs, and better decision-making.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud does away with the traditional waterfall” development schedule (version 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, etc.) in favor of an agile development methodology or rapid application development” methodology. This means that Plex users never face the hassles of an upgrade. Users always access the most current version.

Plex Manufacturing Cloud Advantages

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with comprehensive manufacturing ERP software functions that cover the total manufacturing enterprise.

Manufacturers need only a web browser to securely access all of the analysis and management functions of a full-featured manufacturing ERP system designed to meet the requirements of all departments within a quality-driven manufacturer. No hardware or software installations are required.

Manufacturers are no longer burdened with the time-consuming and costly tasks of managing an enterprise-class application infrastructure: no more backups, no more patches, no more software upgrades, and no more purchases of additional disk space and CPU power.

Lastly, Plex Systems doesn’t simply view the cloud as a technology option but as a fundamentally different business. Plex users vote with their dollars every time they renew, so Plex has developed an unyielding passion for customer success.

Plex Systems even includes customer support as part of the subscription, unlike legacy vendors that charge upward of 20% of the license fee every year. Plex only succeeds when our customers succeed, not when the check is cashed.

Key Advantages

Leading manufacturers benefit from Plex ERP software

  • Rapidly evolving, automatically updated versions and features
  • No costly hardware, complex version control
  • No large capital outlay
  • Affordable subscription fee (with included base support)
  • Industry-leading security and reliability
  • The ability to project and scale as your business grows

Plex Manufacturing Cloud Technology

Over the last decade, the innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model has evolved to let you move beyond traditional methods such as​“client-server architectures” for enterprise resource planning software.

This approach lets manufacturers

  • Avoid costly licenses, complex hardware and software infrastructures 
  • Use the Internet to access systems once deployed and maintained off-premises
  • Enjoy industry-leading security and connectivity

Focus on driving your business rather than babysitting software

Plex Systems is a pioneer of this innovative model and is not just a cloud provider but a 100% pure cloud company.

Today, the terms​“Software as a Service” (SaaS) and​“On-Demand” describe software as delivered over the Internet from a single application instance that is shared across all clients. 

  • You need only a web browser for access, eliminating the need to install or maintain software or hardware.
  • You enjoy a long-term partnership based on predictable monthly fees — a subscription-based service relationship

For manufacturers, a flexible web-based enterprise resource planning solution gives you access to application functionality as an integrated Web service, with the ability to manage and monitor entire business operations — including the plant floor — from anywhere, at any time.

The benefits of a long-term client relationship mean you gain up-to-the-minute functionality and rapid application development cycles.

Plex Systems offers manufacturers

  • cost-effective implementation, integration, and deployments 
  • rapid on-boarding and flexible feature development 
  • the assurance of using the most recent version of the application, avoiding the cost of software, hardware, support, backups, infrastructure, and the disruptions caused by upgrading to new versions 

Plex Manufacturing Cloud Modules

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