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Kamco Plastics

Location Schaumburg, Illinois USA
Plex Manufacturing Cloud Case Study - Kamco Plastics

Kamco Plastics Case Study by Plex Manufacturing ERP

The Company: About Kamco Plastics

When an injection molder managed inventory using time-consuming physical counts and manual spreadsheets, the methods resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in material cost discrepancies. This meant the company could not accurately account for costly materials in their production processes. In addition, stand-alone quality, production planning, shipping labels, time tracking, and other mission-critical systems were a burden for the company to support and manage. Now, an integrated ERP solution has improved monthly material cost discrepancies by over 92%. The system reduces the inventory tracking process from six days per month to just a few hours. Data flows seamlessly from purchasing and receiving to production, giving the company real-time visibility and better control of its entire enterprise.

The Situation: Manual Processing

In past years, KAMCO maintained a variety of stand-alone IT solutions and spreadsheets to manage business and production operations such as quality management, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), product labeling, employee time tracking, inventory control, and other mission-critical functions.

None of the separate systems interfaced with the others efficiently, and it was a challenge to maintain and support the patchwork of IT solutions – many of which necessitated manual processing or double data entry with spreadsheets and databases.

  • A stamping company implements ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud in under six months with no disruptions to production or customer deliveries.
  • The stamper replaces a dozen systems with one integrated solution, providing real-time information.
  • The company no longer needs internal systems maintenance, redeploying 50 percent of IT staff to more strategic activities.
  • Integrated traceability enables users to accomplish in a few mouse clicks what once involved 30 minutes of work.
  • Plex Cloud ERP reduces energy consumption and monthly IT maintenance costs by 15 percent.

The Solution: Plex Manufacturing Cloud ERP

KAMCO achieved cost improvements due to the stable, lower inventory level of Raw Materials and Finished Goods, along with improved visibility of consumption on the shop floor. In fact, KAMCO improved its monthly material cost discrepancies by over 92%. Month-end closing is now accurate, automated, and efficient.

Productivity is also markedly improved. Plex Online Job Requirement Planning and Work Center production reporting reduce downtime due to mold or tool changes and provide more accurate Work in Progress metrics. This means the company has stable inventory levels, which lessens the chance of running out of materials, improves the flow of inventory, and reduces total overhead costs.

There is no longer a need for full-time data entry clerks or label printing associates since real-time Production Reporting and Inventory seamlessly integrate with customer shipping EDI requirements and other enterprise planning methods.

Line side labels are automatically generated at the production work centers, which has helped the KAMCO team improve Honda label accuracy by over 95%.

The Results: Plex Manufacturing Cloud Implementation Benefits

Concludes Brown, The automated operations now possible with Plex Online improve every part of our operations. Benefits cut across integrated modules like Maintenance Module with built-in work request and supply parts tracking; Time and Attendance; Human Resources; Safety; tracking training; and other modules like electronic document control system and document approval workflow within Plex Online.”

We look forward to achieving additional improvements with Plex Online Advanced Supplier Quality Module and Program Management for Engineering, and hopefully someday implementing the system at our parent company in Japan.”

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