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Process Manufacturing ERP

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Process Manufacturing ERP
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Process Manufacturing ERP Overview

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP provides full manufacturing, inventory and financial capabilities – a complete system from beginning sales order entry through the production and accounting process. The software solves the critical needs of process manufacturers, including full forward and backward lot traceability, quality control, and the management of complex formulas and recipes.

Process Manufacturing ERP Advantages

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP knows your industry and your unique needs. Our depth of experience and expertise drive product direction to ensure the solution is supporting your specific demands. 

Process Manufacturing ERP Modules

Materials Management for Process Manufacturing ERP

Integrated MRP functionality allows for more efficient and effective use of resources by factoring in all supply, demand, and forecasting requirements of your business to help you plan production, purchasing, and available-to-promise. 

Formula and Recipe Management

Maintain and develop formulas and recipes, including physical property, versions and revisions, production notes, set up instructions, and QC tests. View costs for labor, material and overhead and generate Certificates of Analysis (CofA) from one software solution.

Manufacturing Execution

Manage and prioritize the manufacturing floor at the batch and work order level, accounting for organics, allergens and other attributes, line loss and efficiency, by-products and co-products, and all aspects of an efficiently run operation.

Production Scheduling

Simplify production scheduling with automated schedule generation, color coding for work order status, and drag and drop rescheduling. Multiple batches can be selected and rescheduled simultaneously and all route steps can be seen within the schedule.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

Manage the performance of both emergency and scheduled/preventative machine maintenance. Includes MRO inventory, work order generations, scheduling, and historical tracking of work performed.

Field Service

If your business provides customers with on-site services in conjunction with your products, Field Service Software can automate scheduling, invoicing, and reporting for those tasks that take place in the field.

Sales & Order Management for Process Manufacturing ERP

Purchase Orders

Linked to DRP, Purchase Order Software features real-time tracking, automatic updating of vendors and inventory account balances, and extensive reporting capabilities. Along with the use of preventative controls for managing purchases from approved suppliers.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control Software automatically tracks inventory balances, serial numbers, lots, and product line information. All balances are updated in real-time for up-to-the-minute, on-screen access. Extensive reporting to analyze and control inventory is available.

Lot Traceability

Instantly see lot number genealogy of all raw materials, intermediates, and finished goods from receipt through final shipped sales orders and back again. Generate mock and actual recall information on demand. Meet all your audit and recall needs.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Increase efficiency and improve data accuracy for receipts, movements, transfers, issues and returns, pallet tracking, and sales order shipments. WMS provides real-time inventory transactions through bar code scanning on a WiFi network.

Dock Scheduling

Schedule inbound and outbound shipments across different docks and locations. Drag and drop SOs or POs to schedule and track carriers, seals, and other information.

Shipping Integration

Easily integrate shipping information between UPS and FedEx shipping system and ProcessPro.


The kitting solution allows the ordering, selling, and shipping of pre-defined groups of products, and streamlines your business as it relates to commonly bundled products.

Financial Management for Process Manufacturing ERP

General Ledger

Advanced financial reporting capabilities designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses. Post to current, previous, and future periods and lock them from posting. Flexible reporting provides comprehensive financial, comparative, and audit trail options.

Accounts Payable

Track credits, discounts, payments, and recurring obligations. Create checks and generate warnings to help prevent losses. Manage business expenses effectively.

Accounts Receivable

A complete billing and accounts receivable system. Instantly display and print customer sales histories and graphs, and updates customer and inventory records in real-time.

Electronic Banking

Manage all electronic transfers such as direct deposit, electronic funds transfer (EFT), and automated clearing house (ACH) transactions from within your financial system.

Project Costing

Project Costing allows you to budget and track costs to a specific project or capital expenditure. Cost and revenue are captured from other modules at a transaction level and project status and profitability reports can be automatically generated.

Fixed Assets

Gives you the power to analyze the tax and cash flow implications of assets and track their valuation and depreciation. Stay up-to-date using IRS-supplied depreciation tables, as well as MACRS, ACRS, straight line, and other recovery methods.


Allows transactions to be performed and maintained in multiple currencies with user-defined exchange rates.

Payroll and Human Resources

Track hourly and salaried employee wages, print checks, manage sick time and vacation accruals, and produce timely W‑2 reports. Manage HR record keeping and government reporting. Options include Enhanced Payroll Tax Reporting with ACA.

Production Management for Process Manufacturing ERP

Quality Control

Quality Control Software is a necessity for most process manufacturers, due to cGMP and other quality regulations. ProcessPro’s QC features are easy to use and has the flexibility needed for in-process and customer-specific testing. Custom Certificates of Analysis (CofA) can be easily generated and be specific to individual customers.

FDA Validation

ProcessPro provides you a head start in your SOP documentation and validation process. This function includes test scripts for Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ).

FDA Compliance

ProcessPro provides electronic signatures, approvals and audit trails that help you comply with the FDA, including validation efforts and 21 CFR Part 11.

Supply Chain Management for Process Manufacturing ERP

Dock Scheduling

The Dock Scheduling application is designed to schedule and manage inbound and outbound shipments. It provides visibility that allows the user to identify additional capacity that may be available.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange is a generic term for computer-to-computer transmission. EDI is the transmission, in a standard syntax, of unambiguous information of a business or strategic significance between computers of independent organizations in many different industries. EDI users do not have to change their internal databases. EDI is the common language” used to get information from one computer system to another. Users must translate this information to or from their own computer systems, but this translation software has to be prepared only once. 

Customer Relationship Management for Process Manufacturing ERP

The CRM solution provides enterprise-wide access to vital customer information — anytime, anywhere. CRM integrates sales, marketing, and customer service functions making it easier for everyone inside your company to work together and share critical information.

Services & Support for Process Manufacturing ERP

Cloud Hosting

If you are considering taking your business software to the cloud, Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP provides one-stop cloud hosting services. We offer robust and secure Microsoft Cloud based hosting, managed by our team of certified system engineers. Spend time serving your customers instead of maintaining your servers, while at the same time significantly lowering your IT costs. If you’re looking for a flexible, cost-effective and mobile solution, we’re here for you.

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