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Striven Overview

Industry 4.0 has arrived, and Striven is here to meet the most modern challenges and opportunities manufacturers face. Striven is a fully cloud-based, mobile responsive ERP starting at $20/user. Striven leverages intelligent design strategies in collaboration with the manufacturing companies that use it to provide an affordable, agile solution to you.

Speed, data management, customization, and ease-of-use comprise Striven’s four pillars. With these advantages in mind, Striven ensures your success even before deployment. Striven’s team of analysts, industry experts, and support staff will guide you seamlessly through adoption, acting as your proud technology partner every step of the way. Their customer service team is 100% in-house and U.S.-based— when you need service, it’s always available.

Striven is fully scalable and natively integrated and designed to work for small, mid-size, and growing enterprises whose needs vary by their size and specialization. Striven provides the way to automate, simplify, and unify your manufacturing processes. 

Striven Advantages

From make to take,” manufacturing is about the people and systems that work together. Striven has optimized each step of the process, with special attention to how people and technology can both be successful. Its core advantages include:

  • Value: At Striven, value is defined as a combination of painless adoption, unparalleled affordability, and ROI upon deployment. Having studied why many ERP adoptions fail or fail to deliver on their promises, Striven is committed to providing the best value to their customers. 
  • Customer Service: 100% in-house, U.S.-based support to all of our customers. With excellent rapid response and resolution times. Beyond support, Striven offers priority development options and source feature requests directly from their subscribers. Overall, a direct line of communication from you to the customer success teams is ensured.
  • Financial Stability: Striven is developed by a company with deep roots in B2B technology services. For over 23 years, Miles Technologies has been helping customers accomplish more. Unlike many software products in the current tech landscape, Striven is supported by a privately held, revenue-positive company with a high growth rate. As a result, they exist to serve customers, not investors or shareholders— now and in the future.

Striven Technology

Striven is developed on a unified platform and hosted securely in the cloud. Their SaaS model not only meets the requirements of an industry 4.0 solution— it anticipates the future of cloud computing for manufacturers.

  • Native integrations: while many ERP systems rely on outside integrations for core functionality. Striven is a completely native solution for Manufacturing, Distribution, Accounting, CRM, Recruiting & HR, Projects & Production, Inventory, Operations, and more.
  • Responsiveness: Striven’s web-based architecture provides a dynamic, adaptable experience right from your browser. To meet the need for versatility in the office, warehouse, shop floor, field, or anywhere else you work, Striven is fully functional on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices and committed to providing and maintaining page load times <1 second.
  • Security: Striven adheres to the highest security standards. They engage in an annual SOC 2 Type II audit for controls relevant to confidentiality, security, and accessibility of the systems hosted within. The data center responsible for hosting the Striven application platform is protected from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks via upstream Threat Mitigation Platforms” applied at each of the Internet Service Providers that provide a handoff. Additionally, anomaly-based endpoint protection is employed throughout the enterprise. When applicable, sensitive data is protected via various controls to prevent accidental or intentional leakage during storage or communication. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) exists at every layer from the hosting platform through the Striven application itself. Periodically, Striven undergoes external and internal vulnerability scanning exercises to determine any residual risk from present vulnerabilities.

Striven Modules

Materials Management for Striven

Materials Management Module

Bin Management

Striven ensures that your inventory can be stored in the right place and easily picked. Bin management capabilities improve inventory in the warehouse. Bin management allows for inventory to be received at the warehouse and put-away into preferred bins within the rack system of the warehouse for easy picking later during the order fulfillment process.

Inventory Commitment

Striven gives your sales team real-time visibility into inventory availability when quoting and creating orders increasing service levels with accurate order promising. You can commit sales orders and automatically fulfill backorders for inventory directly from what you have on hand. You can also easily reallocate inventory to another sales order. 


Striven has advanced, customizable tools to help you manage every aspect of your inventory, no matter how unique or complex your needs are. Included: multi-location and multiple UOM, kits and assemblies, lot tracking, bar coding, serialized inventory and specific costing.

Real Time System

Striven provides accessibility and visibility in real time for any data set. Run your business and get reports directly from visual dashboards in order to audit processes, resolve bottlenecks, and make more insightful decisions.

Sales & Order Management for Striven

Sales & Order Management Module

Automated Order Process

Real-time inventory management

Customer and Partner Relationships

Striven’s comprehensive CRM system lets you manage current customers, prospects, partners, clients, and any other type of contact your business has.

Use marketing campaigns, lead forms, and multi-touch strategies to reach your partners. Segment campaigns to target specific groups at the right times.

Sales Order Management

One system to manage all orders.

Assess customer profitability and uncover opportunities for cross-selling.

Turn estimates into orders without multiple clicks or navigation.

Get updated the moment an order is placed, sent, or received.

Self Service Portals

Customers, vendors, and contractors get full access and visibility into their orders, project status, payment history, and more.

With Striven’s VendorPortal, you can provide your vendors with direct access to purchase orders, accounts payable data, and other key documents.

Integrated Messaging

Striven has an internal messaging and chat system in addition to key integrations with external messaging services.

Opportunity Management

Manage your entire sales pipeline from first look” to close. Striven gives a complete 360 picture of all your opportunities.

Shipping Integration

For a fully automated experience, Striven integrates with ShipStation, which links to all major shippers including FedEx® Shipping Integration, UPS OnLine® Tools, and USPS integration giving customers, suppliers and employees the ability to track packages anytime and anywhere.

Financial Management for Striven

Financial Management Module

Upgrading from QuickBooks

Many manufacturers come to Striven to upgrade their accounting and inventory functionality, having outgrown QuickBooks.

Striven is an end-to-end accounting solution that’s built to scale: we offer a full suite of business management applications with complete functionality for accounting, financials, sales and purchasing, inventory management. Unlike desktop and online versions of QuickBooks, Striven provides unlimited users and categories.

Striven is built and hosted in the cloud: it provides real-time business data and requires no additional IT infrastructure.

Advanced Billing

Striven’s billing system helps you customize billing conditions for customers who pay you either regularly or irregularly. With the customer portal, you can set autopay, issue payment reminders, and improve your cash flow.

Financials Summary

Make more insightful decisions with complete financial reports, completely customizable to your needs.

General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Gain full financial visibility into your payables and receivables with real-time access to outstanding invoices and bills. Generate sales orders with a single click.

Multi-Currency Transactions and Reporting

Striven automates currency revaluation, reflecting changes in exchange rates— You can also price your items in multiple currencies.

Project Accounting

Striven’s Project Accounting works for all service industries to manage projects more effectively. We provide full job tracking, reporting, profitability analysis, and more. With multiple ways to look at projects (Gantt chart, Kanban, list view), your entire team can stay on top of all their tasks. Striven’s customizable dashboards reflect task efficiency by team or individual.

Take a more proactive approach: with Striven’s portals, you can give your clients real-time access to updated project status.

Production Management for Striven

Production Management Module

Build Management

Optimize your process with our build planning and management tools. Striven has full features for components and multi-level builds.

Supply Chain Management for Striven

Supply Chain Management Module

Supply Chain Overview

Get the visibility you need to track inventory effectively and make better buying decisions.

Striven’s bin management capabilities improve inventory management in the warehouse.

Track any data (sales orders, quotes, adjustments, certifications, notes, expirations) for inventory status in real-time. Striven is a complete inventory documentation system designed for 100% accuracy.

Striven automatically generates purchase orders after suggestions are approved.

Streamlined Receiving

Give your warehouse the ability to receive orders in multiple ways: auto-receipt, by line, or by line number. Striven automatically updates inventory levels and fills backorders.

Additional Capabilities for Striven

Additional Capabilities Module

Real Time Dashboards

View KPIs, compare data, and get real-time status reports on every metric your company tracks, including worker orders, BOM items, finished products, and more.

Striven has role-based widgets that display exactly what your employees need to know and monitor. Widgets within Striven are highly customizable and can be created for individuals, teams, or company-wide data.

Get real-time visibility to quotes, work orders, and support requests.

Create saved searches in Striven that allow you to access your preferred, filtered data with single clicks. 


Striven adheres to the highest security standards for any SaaS provider. We issue full security documentation for companies that request it— data security is our top priority.

Striven is hosted in multiple locations with redundancy that prevents disruption of any form of localized or larger disaster event.

Services & Support for Striven

Services & Support Module

Onboarding and Support

Striven’s in-house team of advisors, analysts and consultants will ensure streamlined onboarding, ongoing support, and total success.

We are committed to meeting your timeline and budget requirements. When new factors influence onboarding, our team will work to ensure that you’re up-and-running on the schedule that works best for you.

We provide an extensive library of training materials, including videos and full documentation.

We also offer a concierge service for new customers that can significantly offset implementation costs.

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